Native American Cat Names: A Blend of Exotic Culture and Mysticism

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

The Native American consists of different tribes that are governed by diverse and vibrant cultures. However, all of them share a love and respect for their environment, which includes plants, animals, and other natural features. Since your cat is also a being of nature, it makes sense to pick a name for him/her out of our list of Native American cat names.

Good values and desirable characters are engraved into Native American names. The idea is to exalt good and abhor evil in the society. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with such names? That is where we come in.

We have unearthed the best Native American names to help you match your kitty with the perfect name. Whether your cat is male or female, we’ve got you covered. Look no further for a name that’s not just exotic, but also carries an inspirational meaning and a dash of mysticism.

Female Native American Cat Names

native american female cat

Women are more than just mothers and representations of beauty in the Native American culture.

They’ve earned respect by working in the farms, doing handcrafts, making decisions on where a family should stay, building the houses, and ensuring that the family has enough food stored for a rainy day. Their names, therefore, pay homage to their resilience and importance.

You can tap into that by choosing any of the following names.

  • Abedabun. A name you can borrow from the Chippewa people. It means ‘a sight of the day.’ For a molly with breathtaking eyes. You can shorten the name to Abeda.

  • Abequa. It means ‘stays at home.’ The moniker is used by the Chippewa tribe. It would fit an exclusively indoor cat. It can also be written as Abeque.

  • Abezti. From the Omaha people. It means ‘yellow leaf.’ For a molly with striking yellow eyes or coat.

  • Alameda. It means ‘a grove of cottonwood.’ The name will suit a cat with dense, white fur. The moniker comes from the Natives American of Alameda County in California, US. Find many other naming inspiration for white cats here.

  • Alsoomse. A beautiful-sounding name. In Algonquin, it means ‘independent.’ A name for a dominant and independent molly. Soomse will do as a nickname.

  • Amitola. In Siouan, it means ‘like a rainbow.’ It can also refer to a legendary Indian chief who painted the first colorful picture. It will suit a tortoiseshell cat owing to her multicolor coat.

  • Anemy. A name which means ‘superior.’ The largest or strongest female in a litter will be best served by the moniker.

  • Ankti. The name is associated with the South West Native Indians of the Hopi tribe. It means ‘repeat dance.’ For a cat who can’t sit still.

  • Bena. It means ‘pheasant.’ It will suit a molly who loves to chase or watch birds.

  • Bly. It means ‘tall.’

  • Catori. A word used by the Hopi people to refer to ‘spirit.’ A name that taps into the mystical nature associated with cats. Find many other cat names with a magical nuance here.

  • Charisa. The name means ‘elk’ in Hopi. The moniker will suit a molly who is animal-friendly or one who still has some ‘wild’ left in her.

  • Chepi. It means ‘fairy.’ The moniker is used by the Algonquin tribe to refer to the mythical creatures. If you are into folktales, then this will work for your molly.

  • Chilam. It means ‘snowbird’ in some Native American languages.

  • Galilahi. Among the Cherokee people, this moniker is used to refer to an attractive person. A name for a beautiful molly. Feel free to shorten it to Gali and make it cute.

  • Honovi. It means ‘bear’ in Miwok. A name for a large and cuddly molly.

  • Hurit. It means ‘beautiful’ in Algonquian.

  • Inola. A name that means ‘black fox’ in Cherokee. A perfect name for a black cat.

  • Izusa. Name your cat ‘white stone’ if she is white.

  • Kajika. Give your cat this name if she is a stealth walker. It means ‘walks without a sound.’

  • Kanti. Is your cat chatty in a melodious way? Give her a name that means ‘sings.’

  • Luyu. Means ‘wild dove’. A suitable name for a cat who is still in touch with her wild nature, and yet remains pleasant and pure as a dove.

  • Mahwah. It almost sounds like an exclamation; it means ‘beautiful’ and hence should be given to a cat that deserves it.

  • Manitou. This was believed by the Algonquin tribes to be the spirit contained in all things: From rocks to rivers. The name will do for a feline who brings out the best in others.

  • Nadie. It almost sounds like ‘nerdy,’ and it also means ‘wise.’ A perfect name for an intelligent cat. We’ve also got a whole another article dedicated to nerdy cat names here.

  • Nastas. It means ‘curve like foxtail grass’ in Navajo. For a cat with a thick furry tail.

  • Naveena. Give your ‘new’ best friend this name.

  • Neenah. Means ‘running water’. For a cat that does not like being held or one that rarely settles down.

  • Nita. Means ‘bear.’ It is the perfect name to give a cat that is massive and easily angered.

  • Nokomiss. The Algonquin goddess of the earth. The name is appropriate for a feline who is caring and family-friendly. It can also be given to a molly with excellent maternal instincts. Do you know how to tell for sure if your cat is pregnant, aside from going to the vet? You follow the instructions in this article.

  • Nova. A Hopi name that means ‘chases butterflies.’

  • Onaiwah. This stands for ‘awake’ or ‘alert.’ Look no further for a name if your cat fits the description.

  • Onatha. Iroquois goddess of wheat or agriculture. The name is suitable for a feline who is a good feeder and nurturer.

  • Orida. ‘The expected one.’ A name to give a cat that turns out just the way you expected.

  • Osyka. Simply means ‘eagle.’ You can’t have an eagle as a pet, but perhaps you can give your sharp-eyed cat this name.

  • Salali. The name means ‘squirrel.’

  • Sawni. In Seminole, this name means ‘echo.’ It fits a cat that likes to give you an answering meow every time you talk to her.

  • Shawnee. A Native American tribe in Oklahoma that believes a female spirit sets it apart from other tribes. A name that fits a cat who demands special treatment.

  • Sheshe. Derived from Sheshebens, a name from the Chippewa tribe which means ‘small duck.’ It suits a kitty that loves to play in the water.

  • Sitala. ‘One who remembers’ in the Miwok language. A perfect name for a cat who has a great memory.

  • Spider Woman. The moniker has nothing to do with any superheroine from comic books. To the Pawnee people, she is the spirit of magic and charms. An appropriate name for a sneaky and amusing molly.

  • Talise. This means ‘beautiful water.’ A great name for a cat with deep blue eyes. Find many other name suggestions for cats with blue eyes here.

  • Tallula. Means ‘leaping waters’ in the Choctaw language. Think of waterfalls when choosing this name for your cat.

  • Tandy. Is your kitten as beautiful as a ‘flower’? You’ve got her a befitting name right here.

  • Tayen. It means ‘new moon.’ A good one for a silvery cat that brightens your mood.

  • Tee Tonka. The name means ‘talks too much.’ It suits a vocal cat. You can shorten it to Tee or Tonka.

  • Wenonah. The name is from Algonquin mythology on creation. She is the daughter of the Earth goddess, Nokomiss.

  • Wyanet. Means ‘beautiful.’ The name can be shortened to Wyan.

  • Yamka. A word that stands for ‘blossom’ in Hopi. A good name for a kitty that blossoms fast.

  • Yazhi. A name borrowed from the Navajo tribe. It means ‘little one.’ A perfect one for a small-bodied kitten.

  • Yepa. Another name for ‘snow woman’. A snow white cat would do the name justice.

  • Yiska. Stands for ‘the night has passed.’ It is suitable for an early riser.

  • Zihna. A name that belongs to the Hopi tribe that means ‘spins.’ It suits an active cat.

Male Native American Cat Names

gray cat native american

In the Native American culture, men are charged with providing game meat, security, and leadership for their families and the community at large. Their names, therefore, signify strength, identity, authority, and prowess. Here are several of them for your tomcat.

  • Abooksigun. The name is a bit of a mouthful but can be shortened to Abook. It means ‘wildcat.’ It’s used by the Algonquin tribe.

  • Aborna. A shortened form of the word Abornazine. It’s a name from the Abnaki tribe which means ‘keeper of the flame.’ The moniker will do for a cat with fiery eyes. Nazine will also do as a nickname.

  • Abukcheech. An ironic name to give a cat. It means ‘mouse.’ It’s used by the Algonquin people. It will do for a rat-like cat or one who enjoys getting rid of the vermin. Nicknames include Abuk and Cheech.

  • Adahy. A moniker borrowed from the Cherokee tribe. It means ‘lives in the woods.’ This would suit a cat who loves the outdoors or one who loves climbing trees. Cats are experts at climbing trees, but they often don’t know how to climb down. This article on how to get a cat out of a tree should come in handy.

  • Ahagu. It means ‘he fights’ in the Southwest Indian tribe of Navajo. It will best suit a cat who knows how to stand his ground.

  • Ahanu. A name from the Algonquin language which means ‘he laughs.’ It will do for a playful or a vocal tomcat.

  • Ahote. A name for a forever busy cat. The moniker is borrowed from the Hopi people. It means ‘restless one.’

  • Akacheta. A name that means ‘fighter’ in the Siouan language. It is perfect for a strong cat or one that does not shy away from a challenge.

  • Alo. The moniker is borrowed from the native Northeastern Arizona tribe known as Hopi. It means ‘spiritual guide.’ Cats are associated with mysticism, so this name is apt.

  • Anaku. A shortened version of Anakausen. It’s an Algonquin moniker which means ‘worker.’ It will suit a cat who is agile.

  • Bemossed. It means ‘walker.’ The moniker would do for a tomcat who never rests.

  • Bidziil. A name for a dominant and strong male. It is borrowed from the Navajo language of the Southwest Native Indian tribe. It means ‘strong.’ Bid and Zid will do as nicknames.

  • Bilagaana. The name can be shortened to Bila. It is used by Navajo speakers to refer to a ‘white person.’ This will suit a tomcat with a white coat.

  • Bisahalani. It will suit a ‘talkative’ cat or one who meows a lot.

  • Bodaway. A name that means ‘fire maker.’ If your cat is the kind that knows how to stir trouble, then look no further.

  • Born. A name derived from the word Bornbazine. It means ‘the flame keeper.’ For a male kitten who is restless and knows how to keep you on your toes.

  • Canowi. A shortened version of Canowicakte. This is a Siouan name which means ‘forest hunter.’ It will suit a male cat who loves the outdoors.

  • Chaska. It refers to the firstborn child of a Siouan family. The name will as well do for the firstborn male in a litter.

  • Chatima. The Hopi people use this word when they want to refer to someone as ‘the caller.’ A name for that cat who meows to wake you up.

  • Cheasequah. A name you can borrow from the Cherokee tribe. It means ‘red bird.’ The name can be shortened to Chease.

  • Chesmu. It’s used in reference to an abrasive and witty person. A cat who is intelligent and a little ‘rough on the edges’ will do the name justice.

  • Cheta. A name borrowed from the word Akacheta. This Siouan name means ‘fighter.’ It will suit a resilient male kitty. Do you often wonder if your cat is just playing or if he is really fighting? Learn how to tell for sure by reading this article.

  • Cheuka. It means ‘clay’ in Hopi language. A name for a pale-coated cat.

  • Chevoyo. The Hopi tribe use this word to refer to a ‘spirit warrior.’ It will suit a mysterious and fearsome tomcat.

  • Chitto. This moniker comes from the Muskogean language, and it means ‘brave.’

  • Coyote. A creature revered and detested in equal measures by the Native American tribes. Name your adorable cat after this dog-like animal. The name will do for a mischievous feline since coyotes are known to be excellent tricksters.

  • Dakotah. This is a tribal name which means ‘ally’ or ‘friend.’ The epithet will do for a people-friendly cat.

  • Elki. It means ‘draping over.’ For a tomcat who loves to roll over furniture. If you want to know how to keep cats off furniture, here’s an article for you.

  • Enapay. A name for ‘a brave person’ in the Siouan language. It’s a simple and a catchy name for a tomcat.

  • Enli. It means ‘I saw a dog.’ A name for a dog-like cat or one who doesn’t mind the company of canines.

  • Ezhno. It means ‘solitary’ or ‘he walks alone.’ The name will suit a cat who keeps to himself; a shy cat.

  • Gaagii. It means ‘raven’ in the Navajo language. It will do for a long-clawed black cat.

  • Hakan. It means ‘fire.’ For a kitten with yellow eyes or a reddish-brown coat like the Somali.

  • Halian. A Zuni name which means ‘youthful’ or ‘young.’ It befits an energetic cat.

  • Hanhee. A name for a tomcat who is always on your lap pleading for treats or attention. It means ‘beggar.’

  • Hania. A ‘spirit warrior’ of the Hopi people. It will suit a temperamental cat.

  • Hekli. It means ‘touch’ in the Miwok language. A name for a kitten who enjoys petting.

  • Helaku. For a cat who enjoys sunbathing or loves being in the outdoors. It means ‘full of the sun.’

  • Hiamovi. The high chief of the Cheyenne tribe. A name for a superior cat.

  • Hino. Hino was to the Native Americans as Zeus was to Ancient Greeks. The difference being he used fire arrows to vanquish his enemies instead of thunderbolts. This Iroquois god of the sky is man’s protector. The name will befit a protective and strong tomcat.

  • Hinto. The word for ‘blue’ in the Siouan language.

  • Hokee. It means ‘abandoned’ in the Southern Athabaskan language of the Navajo tribe. A name for a rescued stray.

  • Hosa. An Arapaho word which means a ‘small crow.’ A name for a black cat with a white spot on his chest.

  • Jacy. Means ‘moon’. A name that suits a cat with a silvery coat.

  • Jalon. A name for a mysterious black cat. The moniker means ‘valley of the dead oaks.’

  • Kitchi. It means brave in Algonquian. A name for an independent and dominant cat.

  • Koi. A Native American panther. The name is just perfect for a black cat.

  • Koko. Native American for ‘night.’ Another wonderful name for a black cat.

  • Len. A Hopi name that means ‘flute.’ It is great for a cat that loves music. Lenny sounds even more endearing.

  • Lootah. It is ‘red’ in Siouan language. It fits a reddish-brown tortoiseshell. For more tortoiseshell cat names, check out this article.

  • Mahkah. A name for a brown cat. The moniker means ‘earth’ in the Siouan language.

  • Mahpee. Means ‘sky’. It would be great for a blue-eyed cat.

  • Makya. Name your furry friend after the ‘eagle hunters’ of the Hopi people.

  • Maralah. It means ‘born during an earthquake.’ Being out there in harsh conditions may feel just like that. The name suits an adopted stray or a feral kitten. Mara would make a beautiful nickname.

  • Maska. A name that means ‘strong’ in a few Native American dialects.

  • Meturato. For a cat with a dark coat. It means ‘black kettle’ in the Cheyenne language.

  • Mingan. It means ‘grey wolf.’ Perfect for a Lykoi cat.

  • Mojag. A name for an annoying and fussy feline. The moniker means ‘never silent.’

  • Napi. A name for an elderly cat. You could just have adopted a senior stray and looking for a name. It means ‘old man’ in Native Indian languages. How long do cats live anyway? Outdoor cats and indoor cats have different life expectancies. Check out this article to learn more.

  • Nayati. If you have a cat that likes to fight, give him this name that means ‘he who wrestles.’

  • Pakwa. A ‘frog’ in the Hopi language. A name for a jumpy cat.

  • Quanah. A name that means ‘fragrance’ or ‘specific odor.’

  • Takoda. Siouan for ‘friend to everyone.’ A wonderful name for a cat that fits the personality.

  • Tullis. A name that means ‘the mountain peak.’ You may not be taking your kitty for a hike, but he can remind you of the cold mountaintops.

  • Viktor. A name from the Cheyenne tribe that means ‘chief.’ It suits a superior tomcat.

  • Wyn. A nickname for both Wynono and Wynona. The former means ‘male firstborn’ while the latter means ‘female firstborn’.

  • Yank. A name that suits a cat from an English breed because it means ‘English man.’ You can spice it up to Yankee.

  • Yas. It means ‘snow’ in Navajo. A great name for a white male cat.

  • Yuma. ‘Son of a chief.’ A name for a princely cat.

  • Zaltana. A name that means ‘high mountain.’ For a male cat that likes perching in high places. Want to see your Zaltana very happy and excited? Check out our article on how to build a DIY cat bridge.

Wrap Up

cat enjoying nature

Native American cat names carry the rich culture of the people that they represent. One thing that stands out from Native American cat names is the people’s respect and love for nature.

Also deeply rooted in the names are the appraised behavioral and personality traits. Female monikers are often a representation of beauty, hard work, and their nurturing ability. Male names, on the other hand, stand for identity, strength, and dominance. The men are also rewarded with names that show their prowess in providing game meat, security, and leadership.

Regardless of your cat’s personality, origin, or physical traits, you are sure to find something that he/she and the Native Americans have in common.

Which name did you settle on? What makes it the perfect one for your cat? Do you know of any other exotic and meaningful Native American names? Share this and any other feedback with us below. If you haven’t found the perfect name just yet, do check out our article on exotic Asian cat names.

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