Nature Cat Names: A Breath of Fresh Air

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Steve Corelli
Written by Steve Corelli

The beauties of nature always find ways to make us calm, relaxed, and filled with incredible joy and a sense of peace. Most pet parents will agree that their cats have a similar calming effect on them, so it comes as no surprise that nature cat names are gaining more and more ground these days.

If your new kitty has a therapeutic effect on you, then one of our many nature-inspired cat names will fit him/her like a glove. Every time you call your cat by his/her name, you will be able to envision those particular natural phenomena, and you will immediately feel relaxed and happier. We’ve got so many bright and colorful nature-related cat names on this list that you will surely find one that describes your cat’s personality.

In this article, you will find male and female cat names inspired by all things nature. We used the names of trees, flowers, stones, and natural phenomena as our inspiration. When choosing the right name for a new cat, we suggest that you pick a short name that is easy to remember and to consider your cat’s character traits.

Male Nature Cat Names

cat hiding in fern

In this list, you will find unique nature-inspired names that will set your kitty apart from all neighboring cats and make him the focus of every conversation and not just because of his adorable looks. So scroll down to find a splendid name for your lively feline companion.

  • Aloe: A genus that contains over 500 species of flowering plants. It is known for its healing powers and can be a unique name for cats that have a soothing effect on their owners.

  • Anemone: Perfect for cats that have a colorful personality since this is a genus of plants with a variety of beautifully-colored flowers.

  • Aster: Meaning “star”; this is a kind of flowering plant that is easily recognized because of its star-shaped flower that comes in many colors.

  • Avalanche: Also called snow slide, this is a natural phenomenon of rapid snow fall down a sloping surface. This can be a suitable name for mischievous cats that are full of surprises.

  • Breeze: A suitable name for cats that are easy going and have a light, soundless step.

  • Cactus: A large genus of spiny plants that thrive in warm, dry, and waterless places. This can be a great choice for a kitty that is calm and tender most of the time but isn’t afraid to show his claws when threatened.

  • Cedar: A name of a very big and solid tree that grows all over the world and has many uses. This can be a good name for strong male cats that aren’t afraid of anyone.

  • Clove: A fragrant flower bud from a tree that has an aromatic scent and is used in many recipes. Find many other food-inspired cat names here.

  • Coal: Fossilized fuel that forms when dead plant matter is transformed into peat. This is a fairly uncommon cat name and can be given to black cats, to describe their appearance.

  • Ebony: A dense hardwood that has a beautiful black color and is valued as an ornamental wood. That makes this name perfect for black cats that and are very lovable and treasured.

  • Emerald: Precious gemstone that has a dazzling verdant green color and can be a suitable name for a precious green-eyed cat that is loved and cherished.

  • Fennel: An edible flowering plant in the carrot family. It is a hardy plant that has adapted to be able to thrive in many parts of the world, so if you have a highly adaptable cat that isn’t demanding, you can consider this name.

  • Fern: A non-flowering vascular plant that reproduces via spores and is one of the oldest plant groups existing on the Earth. This is a suitable name for cats that can adapt and thrive in various conditions.

  • Fir: An evergreen tree that grows on the mountains and is known for its incredible size. If your kitty takes every opportunity to climb the tallest possible tree, then this is a perfect name for him. You may want to learn how to get a cat out of a tree, though, just in case he can’t climb back down.

  • Gentian: A part of a large flowering plant family that contains more than 400 plants. It is recognizable for its large trumpet-shaped flowers that are often intense blue in color.

  • Gravity: A natural phenomenon by which all things gravitate towards one another. Gravity can be a nice name choice if you think that you were destined to meet your new cat.

  • Hematite: A mineral form of iron oxide and can be found in rocks and soil. Since it is black, this can be a suitable name for black cats.

  • Hops: The flowers of the Hop plant are used as a flavoring agent in beer. Find many other intoxicating alcohol cat names here.

  • Jade: Mineral that comes in a variety of green pigments. Jade is said to bring good luck.

  • Meteor: A small rock that comes from the outer space and when it enters Earth’s atmosphere, it heats up and appears like a streak of light. This can be a nice name for unpredictable, incredibly fast cats that fill your life with joy.

  • Midnight: The moment when one day transitions to another and the dates change. For cats whose arrival signifies a new beginning in your life.

  • Opal: A form of silica and classified as mineraloid that is considered to be a gemstone. It comes in a variety of colors that have a feminine and gentle feel to them like pink, blue, white, purple, etc.

  • Pebble: A small stone that is made smooth and round by the forces of water and sand.

  • Sand: A naturally occurring granular material that is made from fine rock particulars.

  • Saturn: The 6th planet from the Sun and the second largest in the solar system. This can be a great name for large and muscular male cats that like to fight with other cats for dominance.

  • Star: A big ball of exploding gas. The energy, when released, travels to outer space and that’s why we can see that light in the sky. Space names for cats are undeniably cool and impactful.

  • Storm: A weather condition that is accompanied by strong winds, rain, thunder, and lightning. If you have a cat that is impulsive, then Storm is the right name.

  • Thunder: A loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after the lightning, and is a great name for mischievous cats that are very vocal and prone to breaking things around the house.

  • Topaz: A silicate mineral that is considered to be a gemstone that can be found in a variety of different colors.

  • Willow: Also known as sallows and osiers. This is a species of trees and shrubs that like growing in moist soil.

  • Wind: A noticeable movement of the air and can be a great name for cats that like to run fast around the house.

Female Nature Cat Names

orange cat sitting among red tulips

Nature is filled with beautiful, wondrous things, just like your awe-inspiring female feline friend. Looking for a name that befits such an enchanting creature? You’re in luck then, because we have plenty to offer:

  • Acacia: Also known as wattles or acacias. This is a large family of trees and shrubs. Some species have beautiful yellow flowers.

  • Agate: A type of rock that is made from several things including quartz and is characterized by a variety of color. It is classified as volcanic rock, so this can be a suitable name for unpredictable cats.

  • Amaranth: A kind of annual plants that have several uses. Some produce grains, leafy vegetables, or can be used as ornamental plants.

  • Aurora: Sometimes referred to as northern lights or Aurora Borealis. This is a natural light display in the sky. This can be a name for one of a kind, beautiful cat that is always the center of attention.

  • Autumn: Also known as fall, this is one of the four temperate seasons. Fall can be a suitable cat name if it is your favorite season, or for cats that have a brownish coat color.

  • Azalea: A flowering plant with a variety of different-colored flowers, so it can be a suitable name for a luminous cat with a tender personality.

  • Barberry: A large genus of shrubby plants that have many healing properties. A cat’s purr is said to have healing properties. Here’s an article for you if you want to learn more about how cats purr.

  • Begonia: The name of a large family of flowering plants that can be kept indoors and outdoors. This is a unique-sounding cat name for a gentle and vibrant cat that loves lounging in your lap.

  • Berry: A small, pulpy, delicious fruit. It can be a suitable name for cute and sweet felines that are very likable.

  • Blossom: Can be a great name for a kitty that will grow into an elegant and royal-looking beauty.

  • Clover: A name for a large family of leguminous pea plants. Four leaf clover is considered to be a bringer of luck, so this can be a great name for cats that change your life for the better.

  • Dahlia: Falls into a family of bushy plants that have breathtaking flowers. They come in several colors, and this is a great name for gentle and gorgeous cats.

  • Daisy: A commonly seen plant that grows in the wild and has a small white flower.

  • Freesia: A beautiful flowering plant that has an amazing scent and looks delicate and elegant. If you have a graceful and striking cat, you can name her Freesia.

  • Garnet: A silicate mineral used since the Bronze ages as a gemstone and abrasive. It has a deep red color and can be a suitable name for a precious female cat.

  • Iris: A nice-smelling and gentle-looking flowering plant that can have a variety of gorgeous flowers. It is a good name for a tender and friendly female cat that is in most cases quiet and calm.

  • Ivy: Also known as Hedera. This is an evergreen climbing or ground-creeping plant that is durable and thrives everywhere. It is a short and nature-inspired name for cats that like to climb and creep behind you to catch you off guard.

  • Jasmine: A plant that belongs to the olive family. It is recognizable because of its gorgeous white flower and mesmerizing scent. So if you have a kitty that always smells nice and spends hours grooming her white fur, Jasmine is a great moniker for her.

  • Laurel: An evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region and is used in cooking because of its fragrant smell.

  • Lilac: A flowering tree from the olive family and comes in purple, blue, and white colors. It possesses an intense fragrance.

  • Lily: A flowering plant that grows in bulbs and is mostly recognizable because of its large, mesmerizing flowers. This is a short and nice-sounding name for regal looking cats that know how to steal the show.

  • Luna: A Roman name for the Earth’s natural satellite, the moon. A nice name for white cats.

  • Maple: Also known as Acer. This is a family of trees and shrubs, and the most distinctive members have bright red leaves.

  • Peony: A flowering plant that has big and richly petaled flowers that come in a variety of colors. This can be a suitable name for fluffy cats that are gorgeous-looking. We have a whole another article dedicated to recommending fluffy cat names.

  • Pyxie: A creeping or bushy evergreen plant that has many small star-shaped white flowers. It prefers living in the wild.

  • Rainbow: A natural phenomenon that is caused by the reflection of light in water droplets that results in the creation of a spectrum of light in the sky in the shape of an arch. This can be a name for a cat with a happy and shiny personality that can make your day better.

  • Rose: A well-known plant that has thorns and the most beautiful and fragrant of flowers. This is a perfect name for regal-looking cats that are a sight for sore eyes.

  • Snowflake: A single ice crystal that falls on Earth as snow. All of them have unique and beautiful shapes, so this is a great name for a kitty that is gorgeous and stands out amongst other neighboring cats. It can also be a good name for cats with snow white fluffy fur.

  • Tulip: A plant from a family of spring-blooming plants and has brightly and showy flowers.

  • Venus: The second planet from the sun. It was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. So if you have a tender cat that isn’t shy about showing affection, you can consider naming her Venus.

  • Zinnia: A genus of plants from the sunflower family that has bright and lively flowers.

  • Zizia: A genus of flowering plants from the parsley family that produces many small yellow flowers.

Wrap Up

white cat enjoying nature

Both cats and nature have the ability to lighten our mood, so why not showcase your kitty’s abilities with one of our many nature-inspired cat names? It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country since your cat’s new name will be like a breath of fresh air every time you call him/her.

There are so many nature-related things that our list of names can go forever, and if in fact, we didn’t list the perfect name for your kitty, at least we were able to inspire you to come up with the right one.

Did you find the perfect nature-inspired name from the list above? If not, please tell us what kind of name you’re looking for in the comments section below so we can help you brainstorm! Or, you can check out our list of hippie cat names to see if the perfect name is waiting for you there.

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