Nerdy Cat Names: Express Your Cool Interests

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

If you’re into computers and tech, you love science, or you prefer spending weekends reading your favorite comic books, and you don’t know how to name your new kitty, why don’t you consider one of the relatively uncommon nerdy cat names?

This can be a great way of letting people know what you’re into, and although this type of names is gaining popularity, they are still fairly unique. We are here to give you some ideas. If you already went through the average list of nerdy names and found that none of them is right for your new cat, we are here to help.

With so many things to consider, like your cat’s temperament, looks, unique traits, behaviors, and don’t forget your interests, it can be hard finding a perfect fit. To make the search for the perfect nerdy cat name easier, we list the suggestions by gender. We will include both male and female cat names inspired by computers and technology, science and math, as well as video games and comic books. With so many different options, we are certain that you will find the right nerdy name for your cat.

Science and Math Cat Names

cat practicing math

If you like science and like to keep up with new discoveries, then this is the list for you. If you love math, equations, and numbers, then you may also find some of these names perfect for your cat.

#1: Male Names

  • Aristotle: This can be used as a name for very clever cats, or you can choose it because you admire the work of this great philosopher.
  • Bunsen: Can be a name for a curious cat that likes to explore and find out about new things.
  • Copernicus: A name for a cat that is really smart and can easily learn various tricks. To help these cats reach their full potential, be sure you know how to teach a cat tricks.
  • Edison: This can be a name for a cat that discovered alternative ways to keep himself occupied when you’re not at home. It can also be a choice if you admire the work of this inventor.
  • Fractal: Can be a nice choice for calm and friendly cats that can spend time alone without causing trouble. Although, be sure you know how long a cat can be left alone, so you don’t cross the line.
  • Galileo: If you admire the work done by this great scientist, you can name your cat Galileo. Maybe your kitten will start to show signs of greatness in no time.
  • Isotope: Can be a great science-inspired name for calm, affectionate, and attention-seeking cats.
  • Newton: Isaac Newton was one of the most famous scientists of all time, and if you have a particular interest in physics, this is a great name.
  • Pi: This is a cool and unique choice for a cat name, especially if you’re a math fan.
  • Shell: A global group of energy and petrochemical companies. We think it is a suitable name for always-active cats that have an endless supply of energy and can play for hours.

#2: Female Names

white spotty cat with calculator

  • Axis: Can be a great choice for female cats that are always active and in motion. This type of cat will be playful as ever in her senior years.
  • Clara: Inspired by German chemist Clara Immerwahr—the first woman to be awarded a doctorate. Can be a suitable name for a calm and intelligent cat that likes to be helpful.
  • Elizabeth: Inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell—the first woman who received a medical degree in the U.S. This can be a good and feminine choice for a very intelligent cat that is friendly and well behaved from a young age.
  • Fission: A good choice for energetic cats that like to run, jump, and climb up to high places. This cat is always moving and isn’t difficult to entertain. Although, if she starts climbing trees, she may not know how to get back down. We’ve got tips on how to help her here.
  • Lumen: Can be a great choice for a graceful girl cat that always keeps her coat spotless.

Computer and Technology Cat Names

siamese cat playing computer

For all of you who are interested in technology and follow all new discoveries and developments or like to tweak your computers alone and know what are you doing, maybe you’ll find a perfect name in this list.

#1: Male Name

  • Ajax: Used in programming as a method of exchanging data without reloading the whole page. And since it provides fast, responsive, and user-friendly experience, it can be used as a name for obedient and calm cats that will be well behaved even when you’re not around.
  • Apache: An open source and free cross-platform server created for public good. And because of that, we think it’s a cool pick for friendly and easy going cats that like to hang out with other pets and people. Apache will show his devotion by rubbing against your legs every time you get home.
  • Bit: Can be a name for a very intelligent cat that is curious and always in pursuit of new adventures.
  • Byte: Is a good choice for cats with big personalities. Cats named Byte are friendly, playful, adventurous, mischievous, and very active.
  • Chip: Can be a good choice for small males that are always active and like to spend hours playing with you. Chip will grow up to be a house jester who will fill your life with laughter and joy.
  • Cisco: Can be a great name for a top cat that likes to be in charge and always searches for ways to compete with other pets in the household. If you’d like your pets to be friendlier with each other, try our article on how to get a cat and a dog to get along.
  • Codex: Refers to the suite of sensing tools that will track code-related activities in diverse programming environments. This can be a suitable name for cats that like to explore and are curious to learn about new things.
  • Cyber: A name for a cat that acts like a dog and thinks he’s there to keep you safe. This cat likes to meet all of your guests by the front door and size them up. Does your cat belong to one of those dog-like cat breeds?
  • Giga: Can be a name for fat or sturdily-built cat.
  • Linux: A suitable name for a calm and assertive cat that doesn’t mind spending time alone. But when you’re home Linux will curl up next to you and treat you with purrs of delight. You can learn more about the science of a cat’s purr here.
  • Woz: Refers to Steve Wozniak, American inventor, programmer, electronics engineer, and co-founder of Apple, who is also known as Woz. We think this can be a nice choice for curious cats that are interested in everything and have great potential.

#2: Female Names

gray fluffy cat sitting in front of the laptop

  • Apple: This can be a suitable name for a social and people-loving cat that likes to be the center of attention. Generally, this is a calm girl, but she can have periods of high activity.
  • Beta: Is a nice sounding name for loving and devoted kitty cats that like to lay curled in your lap.
  • Bug: Bug is a mischievous and sometimes naughty cat that likes to watch what you are doing.
  • Grace: Refers to Grace Brewster Murray Hopper who was a pioneer in computer programming and United States Navy’s rear admiral. This is a nice-sounding feminine name that can be used for clever cats that are lively and fun to be around.
  • Cloud: Can be a perfect fit for a fluffy white cat that is soft as a cloud. This is an obedient and devoted cat that likes to be cuddled. For other white cat names, visit this page.
  • Cookie: A suitable choice for a very cute cat that loves to spend time with you and finds it difficult to be left alone at home. Cookie also likes to be groomed and enjoys flaunting ribbons and bejeweled collars.
  • Dot: Can be a name for a small girl that is shy and has a quiet personality. She can be so calm that it is easy to forget that she is in the same room.
  • Mac: A suitable name for interesting and funny cats that are outgoing and can sometimes act like dogs. Mac will greet all the guests at the front door and then give them her toys so everyone can play together.
  • Nano: Will fit with an adventurous and active female cat that likes to explore and play with everything.
  • Ruby: A dynamic open source programming language that focuses on simplicity and productivity. Described as a programmer’s best friend, we find it suitable for friendly cats that like spending time in your lap and won’t ever cause any inconvenience.
  • Siri: A good fit for an easy going female cat that is uncomplicated to keep and won’t cause troubles but will serve as a support system and your best friend.

Video Games Cat Names

tabby gray cat playing video game

Perhaps you like playing video games, so you and your friends often have game nights. Games provide an endless supply of nerdy cat names, and we’ve listed some of them here, but you can always use your favorite game as inspiration.

#1: Male Names

  • Banjo: From the video game Banjo-Kazooie which features a Bear Banjo and a Bird Kazooie and their adventures to prevent the schemes of an evil witch. Banjo can be a good choice for a playful cat that has a happy personality and is friendly.
  • Drake: From the game Uncharted, he is a treasure hunter that searches for El Dorado. Drake can be a nice choice for cats that are great hunters and very independent, but still calm and affectionate.
  • Duke: The main character from Duke Nukem game is a hero that has to defeat Dr. Proton. We think this is a suitable name for top male cats that are strong and don’t like being challenged.
  • Ganon: A character from The Legend of Zelda, and he is a crooked and complex thief but is also sometimes good. His traits are shared with so many cats, so this can be an appropriate name.
  • Kirby: Can be a nice name for a cat that likes adventures but is calm, friendly, and attention seeking. Kirby will love to play with you and sleep in your bed.
  • Mario: From Super Mario, this can be a suitable choice for a funny and playful cat that likes adventures and activities.
  • Sonic: Can be a name for funny, adventurous cats that like to be in motion and be stimulated. Sonic is also a friendly and curious cat that likes to be surrounded by people.

#2: Female Names

gray kitten sleeping on gamepad

  • Eve: An online game that offers a number of in-game activities and professions. We think it’s a good choice for active female cats that love adventure and exploring both the indoors and the outdoors.
  • Jade: From Beyond Evil & Good is a photo-journalist that saves orphans and exposes governmental corruption. This can be a great choice for good cats that like to lounge around but are always ready for some action.
  • Lara: A character from Tomb Raider and a nice pick for a strong and active cat that likes to play and jump around the house. Most of the time you will find Lara observing everything from the highest shelf in your home.
  • Peach: From Super Princess Peach is a female character that needs to save two other characters, Mario and Luigi. This can be a name for a brave cat that is also gentle and tender and a real girl at heart.
  • Princess Daisy: A cheerful and often the damsel in distress character from the Mario series. This one is perfect for spoiled cats that are pampered every day and accustomed to being a cherished member of the family.
  • Xena: From Warrior Princess is a good and tough female character that needs to defeat all the villains. This can be a nice fit for a top female cat who will challenge all the other cats for dominance.
  • Zelda: A princess from the game The Legends of Zelda that is usually in trouble and needs to be saved. This is a nice choice for gentle cats that love to spend time with you.

Comic Book Cat Names

cat superman with a globe

Comic books can provide endless inspiration for nerdy cat names. With a host of colorful characters and different personalities, many names inspired by comic book characters will be a great fit for your cat.

#1: Male Names

  • Akira: A character from a Japanese manga series and he has godlike powers but physically looks small and normal. This can be a great name for a cat that is shy and shows his funny personality only to you. You may want to learn how to socialize a cat so Akira will open up a bit and let others know how awesome he really is.
  • Alfred: From Batman, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s butler. This can be a great name for a cat that likes to be helpful and will follow you around the house.
  • Clark: Aka Clark Kent from Superman. This is a great name for well-behaved and gentle cats that like be of service. This cat will likely jump to help on the first sign of trouble.
  • Deadpool: A character from the comic book Deadpool, he is famous for being unpredictable and very talkative. This can be a suitable choice for active cats that run through the house in unpredictable patterns and ones that are very vocal, and always have something to say.
  • Flash: From The Flash comic book is a superhero that can move, think and react at light speeds. This can be a nice choice for swift cats that are very intelligent and love to play.
  • Hawkeye: Makes his first appearance in the Tales of Suspense and he is a great acrobat, fencer, and marksmen. This can translate into a very active cat that learns tricks quickly and can catch a meal for himself.
  • Loki: Appears first in Venus 6 and was originally the adopted son of Odin. He was then exiled from Asgard because of his mischievous behavior. This is a great name for mischievous cats that don’t get along with their brothers and like laying all the blame on them. Otherwise, this is a funny and playful cat that will always make you laugh.
  • Thor: Asgardian god of thunder that appears first in Marvel’s comic Journey into Mystery. This name can be used for very strong cats, or as a funny name for a little kitten.

#2: Female Names

  • Bumblebee: A character from Teen Titans. She has a suit that gives her incredible speed, stamina, and reflexes. This can be a suitable name for a cat that is always in motion and spends a good part of the day running through the house. She also enjoys hiding and then jumping out and scaring her owners.
  • Mystique: Made her first appearance in Ms. Marvel comic book and she is a shapeshifter. This can be a suitable name for a cat that blends well with the environment and is invisible when she wants to be.
  • Pepper: A character from Tales of Suspense and she has a suit that gives her superpowers like enhanced speed and strength. Since she is a redhead, this can be a good name for orange cats or always playful females that love to run after toys. For many other orange cat names, visit this page.
  • Raven: From Teen Titans, Raven has the powers of empathy. This can be a good choice for a cat that can sense your moods and will offer support when you’re feeling blue.

Wrap Up

Gray nerdy cat with books

Finding a great name for your new cat can sometimes be hard, and hopefully, our list of nerdy cat names have given you some good options. With so many cool, nerdy name options, we are sure that you will find the one that will not only fit your cat perfectly but also show people that you aren’t ashamed of your interests. And you never know; maybe your cat will pick up some nerdy habits from you and will start fiddling with your computer.

If you didn’t find the right name for your cat, we hope that at least we gave you an idea of where to search for unique and interesting names. Welcoming a new kitty home is a joyous and exciting period, and you should have a fun time finding the right name for your adorable feline.

Do you have more suggestions for nerdy cat names? If so, please share them in the comments section below. We’d also like to know if you picked any good name from the lists above. If your interest leans more towards the occult, check out our article on Wiccan cat names.

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