Norwegian Cat Names: Names from the Land of the Midnight Sun

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Martha Harvey
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Norway, a beautiful country, is famous for its scenic fjords, the famous Norse gods and goddesses, and, of course, the Skogkatt or the Norwegian Forest cat. Semi-longhaired and large, Skogkatts are adorable sociable cats. If you’re thinking of getting one, you might be thinking of Norwegian cat names for your prospective pet. Whether your pet is a Skogkatt or not, don’t Norwegian cat names just sound cool and exotic?

If you’re looking for unique and yet trendy names for your cat, a Norwegian pet name will just be perfect. You can give your pet a strong and charismatic-sounding name like Thor, or you can choose a delicate and pretty name like Freya. No matter what your feline pet’s personality is like, you’ll surely find a fitting name for your pet.

We’ll start with Norse mythological figures and we’ll look at the gods and goddesses first. Then we’ll also take a look at famous dwarves and elves in Norse mythology, as well as those that inspired many characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels. We’ll also list the giants, Valkyries, and other creatures in Norse mythology. Finally, we’ll take a look at modern popular Norwegian names.

Cat Names Based on Norse Mythology: Gods and Goddesses

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There are so many deities and creatures in Norse mythology you’ll have trouble choosing just one for your pet’s name, but there are two important clans of gods and goddesses in the Norse mythology. These are the Aesir who make up the main pantheon and the Vanir who are associated with fertility and cultivation.

Take a look at this list of awe-inspiring gods and goddesses and see if you can find inspiration for your pet’s name.

  • Aegir: Norse god of the sea.

  • Balder: a gentle god, he is the god of innocence and beauty; Balder is the son of Odin and Frigg; also called Baldr.

  • Bolverk: one of Odin’s aliases.

  • Bor: father of the three gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve.

  • Bragi: one of the sons of Odin, he is the Norse god of poetry; also called the Bard.

  • Buri: the ancestor of Norse gods.

  • Day: son of Night and Delling.

  • Earth: daughter of Night and Annar.

  • Eir: Norse goddess of healing. Did you know that a cat’s purr has a healing effect on humans? Want to know how cats purr?

  • Fjorgyn: another name for Earth, the mother of Thor and Odin’s lover.

  • Forseti: the Norse god of justice.

  • Freyja: the most important goddess of the Vanir; sister of Freyr and daughter of Njord.

  • Freyr: brother of Freyja, one of the most important gods of the Vanir.

  • Frigga: Odin’s wife and the most important goddess of the Vanir; also called Frigg.

  • Fulla: Frigga’s servant.

  • Gangnrad: one of Odin’s aliases, used when he visits Vafthrudnir.

  • Gefion: a fertility goddess.

  • Grimnir: one of Odin’s aliases, used when he goes to Geirrod, King of the Goths and one of Odin’s foster sons.

  • Harbard: one of Odin’s aliases, used when Odin is disguised as a ferryman.

  • Heimdall: watchman of the Norse gods, he is the owner of the horn Gjal.

  • Hel: she rules the realm of the dead called Helheim.

  • Hermod: one of Odin’s sons, he was the one who tried to rescue Balder from Helheim.

  • Hermóðr: he serves as Odin’s messenger.

  • Hod: a blind god and one of Odin’s sons, he accidentally killed his brother Balder.

  • Honir (Hœnir): an indecisive god.

  • Idun: the wife of Bragi and the guardian of the golden apples; goddess of youth and death; she’s also the goddess of spring and immortality.

  • Kvasir: the wisest god.

  • Loki: also called the Sly One and the Shape Changer, he is a trickster god who becomes increasingly evil.

  • Magni: a product of Thor’s union with the giantess Jarnsaxa.

  • Mimir: the god of knowledge; a wise Aesir god who was killed by the Vanir.

  • Modi: brother of Magni, one of Thor’s sons with Jarnsaxa.

  • Moon: the god who guides the moon.

  • Narvi (Nari): one of Loki and Sigyn’s sons; he was killed by Vali, his brother.

  • Night: the mother of Day, Night rides her horse Hrimfaxi and goes around the earth.

  • Njord: father of Freyja and Freyr; Vanir god of the wind and the sea.

  • Odin: chief god of the Aesir and the King of the Norse gods. Find many other royal cat name recommendations here.

  • Rind: one of Odin’s lovers; Vali’s mother.

  • Saga: a goddess who is Odin’s drinking companion.

  • Sif: golden-haired and beautiful, she is Thor’s wife.

  • Sigyn: Loki’s wife.

  • Sjofn: the goddess of human passion.

  • Skadi: goddess of the hunt; also considered as the goddess of winter.

  • Sun: she guides the sun on its course

  • Syn: goddess of the accused who is on trial.

  • Thor: god of sky and thunder and fertility; guardian and defender of the Norse gods.

  • Thrud: Thor’s daughter; she was promised to the dwarf Alvis.

  • Tyr: Odin’s son and the war god; a one-handed and self-sacrificing god.

  • Ull: the god of archery; he is a hunter, archer, and tracker.

  • Vali: Odin’s son with Rind; a good shot, he is also known as the avenger as he was conceived to avenge the death of Balder.

  • Var: goddess of marriage oaths.

  • Ve: brother of Odin and Vili; he gave men speech. This is a great name for talkative cats. Perhaps you’ll be interested in learning more about how many sounds a cat can make.

  • Vidar: Odin’s son with Grid; the god of silence and stealth; he is also the god of revenge.

  • Vili: brother of Odin and Ve; Vili gave men feelings and thoughts.

  • Vor: the goddess who knows everything; she serves as a seeress in Frigga’s court.

Cat Names Based on Norse Mythology: Elves and Dwarves

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If you’ve heard of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, you might be surprised to find that some of the character names in his novel were taken from Norse mythology dwarves and elves.

In Norse mythology, elves are beautiful creatures closely associated with the gods although they have less power. Elves were said to live in Alfheim which was ruled by the Vanir god Freyr.

Dwarves, on the other hand, were said to be closer to men as some of them lived in Midgard, which was the realm of men.

  • Alf or Alfr: old Norse meaning “elf.”

  • Alfrik: a son of Mimir, Alfrik or Algfrig is an artistic dwarf.

  • Althiolf: a dwarf’s name meaning “mighty thief.”

  • Alvis: the dwarf who was supposed to marry Thor’s daughter.

  • Andvari: the dwarf who stood guard over the gods’ treasures; he is a shape-shifter.

  • Aridva: a rock-dwelling dwarf.

  • Austri: a dwarf who is one of the four supporters of heaven; he is in the east corner.

  • Bari: a dwarf who played an important role in the construction of Lyr or Mengloth’s Hall.

  • Berling: one of the four dwarves who forged Freya’s Brising necklace.

  • Bifur: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions, cousin of Bofur.

  • Bofur: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions, cousin of Bifur.

  • Brokk: a dwarf and son of Ivaldi, he is a master smith and jeweler.

  • Dain: in Tolkien’s novels, Dain Ironfoot is the dwarf king of Erebor.

  • Delling: the Red Elf of the dawn, father of Day and lover of Nott (Night).

  • Dori: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions; he belonged to Durin’s house, cousin of Nori and Ori.

  • Dvalin: a powerful ruler of the dwarves; he took part in the forging of the Brising necklace and the magic sword Tyrfing.

  • Dwalin: name derived from Dvalin; in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions; he was of Durin’s royal line.

  • Eikinskialdi: a dwarf’s name meaning “oak shield.”

  • Fili: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s nephews and twelve companions.

  • Gandalf: the name literally means “wand elf” in Old Norse; it is also the name of one of the main characters in Tolkien’s novels. Find many other epic cat name recommendations here.

  • Gloin: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions, a direct descendant of Durin.

  • Kili: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s nephews and twelve companions; brother of Fili.

  • Modvitnir: a dwarf’s name meaning “mead wolf.”

  • Nordri: a dwarf who is one of the four supporters of heaven; he is in the north corner.

  • Nori: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions.

  • Oin: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions, a direct descendant of Durin and younger brother of Gloin.

  • Ori: in Tolkien’s novels, he is one of Thorin’s twelve companions.

  • Radsvinn: a dwarf name meaning “swift in counsel.”

  • Sindri: meaning small; the dwarf who manufactured magical items used by gods.

  • Sudri: a dwarf who was one of the four supporters of heaven; he is in the south corner.

  • Thorin: in Tolkien’s novels, Thorin Oakenshield is the dwarf King Under The Mountains.

  • Thror: in Tolkien’s novels, he is the grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield.

  • Vestri: a dwarf who is one of the four supporters of heaven; he is in the west corner.

  • Vindalf: a dwarf name meaning “wind elf.”

Cat Names Based on Norse Mythology: Giants, Valkyries, and Other Mythic Entities

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Norse mythology is full of interesting creatures. Giants and giantesses play important roles in the lives and schemes of the gods. Valkyries are noble maidens and female warrior deities who apportion death and survival to men in battle. They choose from among the fallen and take their chosen ones to Odin’s court in Valhalla.

In this list, you’ll find many other mythic creatures, some of them bad and scary, others cute and noble. You’ll surely be able to find a name that will suit your feline pet from the many choices below.

  • Angerboda: mother of Hel, Fenrir, and Jörmungand.

  • Bergelmer: the ancestor of the new race of frost-giants after the gods killed Ymir.

  • Bestla: the giantess who became the wife of Bor; Odin’s mother.

  • Brynhildr: a Valkyrie whose name means “bright battle.”

  • Draugar: also called draug, draugur, or draugen; these are undead creatures from Norse mythology.

  • Fenrir or Fenris: a giant wolf; son of Loki and Angrboda, brother of Hel. A great name for a Lykoi cat.

  • Fossegrimen: the grim, for short; a water spirit or troll who is an exceptionally talented fiddler.

  • Geirdriful: a Valkyrie whose name means “spear-flinger.”

  • Geirrod: the name means “spear-rider”; a frost giant who tried to kill Thor together with his two daughters.

  • Gerd: a giantess who became the wife of the Vanir god Freyr.

  • Gialp: the name means “yelper”; one of Geirrod’s giantess daughters.

  • Greip: the name means “gripper”; one of Geirrod’s giantess daughters.

  • Grid: a friendly giantess who lent her magic weaponry to Thor.

  • Gullfaxi: the name means “golden mane”; a horse that is the fastest in Giantland.

  • Gunnlod: the giantess who was the Keeper of the Mead of Poetry.

  • Göll: a Valkyrie whose name means “tumult or battle noise.”

  • Göndul: a Valkyrie whose name means “wand-wielder.”

  • Herj: a Valkyrie whose name means “devastate.”

  • Hildr: a Valkyrie whose name means “battle.”

  • Hrimthurs: owner of Svadilfari; he was the giant who built the walls surrounding Asgard.

  • Hrund: a Valkyrie whose name means “pricker.”

  • Hrungnir: the strongest giant, he comes from Griotunagardar.

  • Hymir: a frost giant; is said to be the father of the war-god Tyr.

  • Jarnsaxa or Iarnsaxa: a giantess who became Thor’s lover.

  • Jormungand: means “huge monster”; refers to the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent—a serpent so large, it surrounds the earth while grasping its tail with its mouth.

  • Jötunn or Jötnar: refers to giants in Norse mythology; these are nature spirits with superhuman strengths.

  • Kraken: popularized by the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, the Kraken is a mythic creature in Norse mythology.

  • Kára: a Valkyrie whose name means “stormy one or curly one.” A great name for a Devon Rex.

  • Randgrid: a Valkyrie whose name means “shield-destroyer.”

  • Ratatoskr: in old Norse, the name means “bore tooth”; this is a squirrel who runs up and down the world tree carrying messages for the mythic animals living under the tree or perched on it

  • Sigrdrifa: a Valkyrie whose name means “victory-urger.”

  • Sigrun: a Valkyrie whose name means “victory rune.”

  • Skadi: a beautiful frost giantess; she became the goddess of mountains and skiing.

  • Skögul: a Valkyrie whose name means “high-towering.”

  • Sleipnir: an eight-legged stallion who traveled between the worlds; is said to be the son of Loki when he was disguised as a mare and mated with the stallion Svadilfari.

  • Surt: a fire giant living in Muspelheim.

  • Svava: a Valkyrie whose name means “sleep maker.” Ever wondered how much do cats sleep?

  • Thiassi: a rich frost giant who had the ability to transform himself into an eagle.

  • Thrym: the ruler of giants in Jotunheim; he stole Thor’s hammer.

  • Vafthrudnir: son of the giant Im; the wisest of giants.

  • Ymir: also called Aurgelmir; he was the first primeval giant, the first creature in the universe.

Modern Norwegian Cat Names

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Although it’s nice to name your pet after a mythical entity such as a god, a goddess, or an elf, it’s also good to look at these modern Norwegian names so you can compare between the ancient and the modernistic.

Hopefully, you will be able to find a trendy name that might suit your pet perfectly.

  • Ansfrid: a male name meaning “protected by God.”

  • Arild: a male name meaning “war chief”; perfect for your brave cat.

  • Arwed: a male name meaning “clear-minded”; great for intelligent pets.

  • Audny: a female name meaning “new prosperity”; perfect for the pet that brings you luck and prosperity.

  • Beorhtel: a male name meaning “shining with a bright light”; a charming name for cats with twinkling eyes.

  • Beret: a female name meaning “bright individual”; perfect for your smart female feline.

  • Berrant: a male name meaning “strong like a bear”; a cute name for a huge and strong cat.

  • Borre: a male name meaning “a great help.”

  • Bugga or Bugge: a male name meaning “a powerful man”; a charismatic name for your male alpha cat.

  • Eiel: a male name referring to “someone who inspires fright”; a cute name for a terrifying cat, or just for fun, you can use this name for your scaredy-cat

  • Eivind: a male name meaning “happy warrior”; great for cats that are fierce and yet cheerful.

  • Erix: a male name meaning “eternal ruler”; a unique name for your king-like cat.

  • Eskil: a male name referring to “a god or divinity”; perfect for male cats that act like they’re gods.

  • Estrith: a female name referring to “a royal person”; perfect for cats that act like queens.

  • Finnigan: a male name referring to “the descendants of the fair ones”; a perfect name for a handsome cat.

  • Gydda: a female name meaning “aggressive or destructive”; perfect for your mischievous female feline.

  • Lulla: a female name referring to “a legendary female warrior”; great for your warrior-like female feline.

  • Olef: a male name meaning “God’s kindness.”

  • Reidar: a male name meaning “warrior fighting for his home”; great for cats that are aggressively territorial.

  • Reka: a girl name meaning “distinguished person”; perfect for the aloof yet elegant cat.

  • Sindre: a male name meaning “one who is small.”

  • Skule: a male name meaning “one who likes to remain hidden.” Want to know how to get a cat out of hiding?

  • Snefrid: a female name referring to “one who loves snow”; perfect for a winter-born cat.

  • Solfrid: a female name meaning “as beautiful as the sun”; a pretty name for your pretty cat.

  • Svanhild: a female name referring to “one who is as elegant as a swan.”

  • Trygg: a male name meaning “shield.”

  • Tuva: a female name referring to “a charming lady”; a pretty name for an adorable cat.

Wrap Up

Norwegian cat sitting in the forest

Norwegian names for cats are not only distinctive and rare, but they are also very meaningful and full of historical associations. It can’t be denied that Norse mythology has inspired so many stories and even movies; just think of the mighty and handsome Thor and the mischievous and deceptive Loki.

It’s just natural that cat parents can also be inspired to name their pets after Norse characters, especially when their cats have personalities just like the Norse mythological entities. And even modern Norwegian names are full of charm, too.

Overall, Norwegian names for cats are great naming options for your beloved and unique pet. Hopefully, you found one that inspired you.

If you’re looking for other Norwegian pet names or have some ideas for names that should be included in this list, please feel free to let us know by leaving your comments and suggestions below. You may also be interested in reading our article on British cat names.

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