Old Man Names for Cats: Monikers With a Bit of History, Character, and Eccentricity

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Old man names have stood the test of time. It is not clear whether it is because of the way they sound, their uniqueness, their meanings, the characters they represent, or a combination of all. Even with the invention of trendier, cooler, and edgier names, you have to agree that old man names are not going anywhere anytime soon. Would you like to pick one for your cat? There are numerous old man names for cats available to you.

We can never exhaust the numerous old man names available. However, we have managed to compile a list that you are sure to like. You might have heard of most of the name in our list but do you know their meaning or origin? This is where we come in. We have gone into the archives and found this out. You will be amazed by what some of the famous names represent.

Some of these names are actually cute, but what comes to your mind when you hear of old men is probably their adorable grumpiness. We have names that resonate with those characteristics, and last but not least, the media has not been left behind. We have several names that are inspired by old man characters.

Cute Names

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It is rare to associate men with cute, but when it comes to fur babies, exceptions can be made. Here are several cute names for your cute tom.

  • Arthur. Despite the popularity of the name owing to the Arthurian legends, it has been shunned by the young generation. The name is derived from Old Celtic words which mean ‘bear king.’ The author of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle was a famous bearer of the moniker.

  • Bryce. The moniker is derived from Celtic elements that mean ‘force or strength.’ St. Bryce of Tours, a 4th century Frenchman, was one of the name’s earliest known possessors. It will suit a zealous and strong cat.

  • Calvin. Is your four-legged friend a hairless one? If so, then you have a winner. This old-fashioned name is of French origin and is derived from the word for ‘bald or hairless.’ Among the famous bearers of the name is American fashion designer Calvin Klein. Hence it can do for an intelligent and fashionable cat.

  • Chester. The moniker originated as a name given to Roman-occupied England. The moniker is a Latin word which stands for ‘the camp of legions or fort.’ You can also be inspired by Chester A. Arthur. He was the 21st President of America who had a mustache and a matching beard that completed the old-man look.

  • Eric. The moniker is derived from an Old Norse word which translates to ‘eternal ruler.’ Among its famous bearers was Eric the Red, an English explorer who discovered Greenland. The name will do for a purposeful and resilient fur baby.

  • Ethan. This is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘strong and long-lived.’ In the Christian Bible, Ethan was a wise man whose intellect is only comparable to that of King Solomon. The name will do for a headstrong and smart tom. If you’ve got a smart cat, you may sometimes wonder how long is a cat’s memory.

  • Homer. This name was common in Ancient Greek-speaking world. It means ‘blind or hostage.’ Most of the known Greek mythology was written by an author who went by the moniker. It will do for an intelligent fur-son.

  • Louis. Name your cat after one of the most famous French monarchy monikers. It’s derived from an old Germanic name which means ‘famous warrior.’ In the recent past, American singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong was a renowned bearer of the name.

  • Oscar. The name originates from Ireland, and it means ‘champion warrior or God’s spear.’ This grandpa name used to be popular in the early 19th century. It will do for a powerful cat.

  • Otis. This is an American name which originated from German-speaking immigrants. It means ‘wealthy’ and was used in the past to refer to the higher society men. The name will do for a valuable and precious kitten.

  • Ralph. This is an English name derived from a Germanic word which means ‘wolf counsel.’ Suitable nicknames for the moniker include Raphie and Rafe. It’s perfect if you have a Lykoi, a wolf-like cat.

  • Sidney. This is an Old English name from the word ‘sidian’ which means ‘wide island.’ You can shorten it to Sid for a cute nickname. One of its famous bearers was the 16th century English poet and statesman Philip Sidney. The name will do for an intelligent and resolute tom.

  • Theo. The moniker is a tweaked version of Theodore. It’s a Greek name which means ‘gift of God.’ Theodore Roosevelt was the US president at the beginning of the 19th century. The name has made a comeback with films like “The Chipmunks” featuring characters bearing the name.

  • Victor. This old man name has been making a comeback in the 21st century. It is a Roman moniker which means ‘victor or conqueror’ in Latin. It was common with the early Christians. In the recent past, Victor Hugo, the author of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” was a famous bearer of the moniker.

  • Wallace. The name originated from the Celtic language. It was used to refer to foreigners or strangers. The moniker was mostly directed at people from Wales. In the early 1990s, it made a comeback in honor of the protagonist of the American epic film “Bravehearts.”

  • Walter. Name your strong and bullish feline Walter. This old man moniker is of Germanic origin, and it means ‘army ruler.’ One of its famous bearers was the flashy looking English poet and soldier Sir Walter Raleigh.

Unique Names

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If you think of your cat as unique, then something must make him stand out from the rest. Find out if any of these names echoes that.

  • Albert. This is an English name which was once a favorite among the nobles. Among those notable nobles was Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. You can also take inspiration from one of the most intelligent men of the 20th century, Albert Einstein. It will suit a humble and intelligent fur-son.

  • Archibald. The name is a bit of a mouthful but can be shortened to Archie. It is a medieval Germanic name that means ‘genuine and bald.’ It was famous in the early 19th century but has since lost its appeal.

  • Bernard. The moniker is derived from Old English and Germanic words that translate to ‘bear, brave, and hard.’ It will be a distinct name for a headstrong kitty.

  • Charles. The name is derived from a common Germanic word which means ‘free man.’ Some of its variants are Cearl, Karl, Karoli, and Carolus. The name has been borne by loyalty and clergy alike albeit in the years gone.

  • Clifford. This grandpa moniker originates from an Old English name. It means ‘near the ford by the cliff.’ It was popular in the middle ages. Among its famous bearers was American jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. Nicknames include Clef and Cliff.

  • Desmond. The moniker originated as a Gaelic name. It was common with the Irish nobles from back in the 17th century.

  • Dudley. The moniker is derived from an English name. It is a noble name from the Peerage of UK. The title was introduced in the early 14th century. The moniker will do as both an old man and noble cat name. It’s also the name of Harry Potter’s annoying cousin. If you like Harry Potter names, check out this article.

  • Edwin. The moniker has lost popularity in the recent past. It was, however, an excellent choice in the 19th century. It’s derived from Old English elements that stand for ‘wealthy friend.’

  • Ernest. Name your cat after this Germanic moniker that is derived from a word meaning ‘serious or determined.’ The name came to be introduced into the English speaking world in the 18th century. Ernie will be a sweet nickname for your fur baby.

  • Finley. The name is derived from Old Norse elements that mean ‘battle, hero, or warrior.’ It can also be spelled as Finlay. Fin will be a cute nickname for your fur baby.

  • Francis. The moniker was used in English speaking regions in reference to Frenchmen. St Francis of Assisi was a renowned bearer of the name. He founded the Franciscan order in 1209. You can go with its more hip variant Frank for a nickname.

  • George. The name comes from a Greek word which means ‘tiller of the soil or farmer.’ The moniker is popular with English nobles. King George IV, the first leader of The Commonwealth, was a famous bearer of the name.

  • Gerald. The moniker is derived from Old Germanic words that stand for ‘ruler and spear.’ Its popularity faded in the 20th century. The 38th president of America, Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., was one of its famous bearers.

  • Gilbert. A Germanic masculine name which stands for ‘shining pledge.’ The moniker was common in England during the middle ages. Suitable nicknames include Gil, Gibby, and Bert.

  • Harold. Before Harry and Hank became famous, Harold was the common variant. It’s derived from an Old English name which means ‘powerful ruler.’ Among its famous possessors was King Harold II who was the English monarch at the turn of the 11th century. The name will be suitable for a strong and elegant feline.

  • Leonard. A strong, bold, and kingly name; does that sound like your cat? It’s an old-fashioned English moniker derived from the Latin word for lion, Leo. It means lion-hearted’ or ‘strong as a lion.’ Lenny will do as a cute nickname.

  • Nathaniel. The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘gift of God’. Nathaniel, the follower of Jesus, is one of the earliest known bearers of the moniker. Nicknames: Nate, Natty, and Nat.

  • Norman. The name is a collective term for people who settled in Normandy. These were Vikings who invaded France and made the coast their home. The moniker will do for a fur son who is bullish and strong.

  • Phineas. It’s a Hebrew biblical name which means ‘oracle.’ The name was popular in the 17th century, but it’s slowly making a comeback thanks to shows like “Phineas and Herb.” Nicknames that will work for your cat include Finn and Prune.

  • Wilfred. You can borrow this old-fashioned Germanic name which means ‘desiring peace.’ It’s common among men born in the mid and early 20th century. It will suit a peaceful and collected male kitty. Variants of the name include Winfrith, Vinfred, and Wilfredo. Fred will do as a cute nickname.

Grumpy Names

grumpy cat

Not all old men age gracefully; some become grumpy and have terrible attitudes. Such behaviors can make them very unpleasant to be around. They appear ready to go off on the slightest provocation. However, grumpiness also makes them adorable.

Below are some grumpy names that may well suit your cat.

  • Crabby. Old people can seem to be crabby all the time. The moniker will do for a cat who is always in a terrible and disagreeable mood.

  • Curmudgeon. This is an old-fashioned word used to refer to a bad-tempered old man. It’s borrowed from a Gaelic translation for a ‘disagreeable person.’

  • Gramps. A name got from tweaking ‘grandpa.’ It will do for a kitten who acts old and weak or one who enjoys being taken care of at all times.

  • Griper. Borrow a moniker from this informal noun which refers to a person who complains over little things. Gripy and Grippers will do as fun nicknames for your tom.

  • Grumpus. A name derived from a play of words on Grumpy. The moniker will fit a huge tom who is easily annoyed. You can also go with Groucho which is a fun name. It was also the nickname of one of America’s greatest comedian of the 20th century, Julius Henry ‘Groucho’ Marx

  • Pettish. With age, one’s behavior tends to mirror that of a child. The name will do for a kitty who is easily irritated by the smallest things.

  • Senior. Get your cat a moniker which is both a sign of respect and a title. It refers to a high ranking person in an organization. It is derived from a Latin word which stands for ‘older man.’ The Spanish translation, Major, can also be a befitting name.

  • Snarky. Old men can be very critical of every issue that comes their way. They will make harsh remarks and have an opinion on everything, even in situations which are none of their business. The moniker will do for a kitten who pokes his nose into your business with complete disregard of your disapproval.

  • Sulky. The word is defined as being bad-tempered, resentful, or uncooperative. Does that sound like your cat? If he is the kind that spends the day sulking over nothing then, look no further for a name. You might want to check out our article on how to make a cat happy so he won’t sulk so much.

  • Surly. The moniker will do for a cat with a bad temper—a tom who is unfriendly towards everyone be it people or other pets.

Names Inspired by Old Characters in the Media

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The media has depicted old men in a mix of characters. From grumpy and insensitive old men to funny, jovial grandpas, there are so many names to borrow from. Make your choice below.

  • Albus. The name refers to the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Wizardry in the Harry Potter universe. The character has a long beard and a sense of humor that can only befit that of an old man. The moniker will do for a cat with long white fur.

  • Archie Bunker. The character appeared in All in the Family TV show which aired in the 1970s. He is a hard working World War II veteran who lives with his loving family. He is ill-tempered and gets irritated quite easily. The moniker will do for a fun and grumpy kitten.

  • Emmett Brown. This character appears in the Back to the Future films. He is an Einstein-like old man who is an eccentric genius but can be absent-minded. The moniker will suit a feline with long fur and one who has a happy-go-lucky attitude.

  • Fischoender. The character features in a recurring role in the animated TV series Bob’s Burgers. He is an old landlord who keeps on meddling with the Belcher family. The name will do for a cat who enjoys interrupting your peace.

  • Fredricksen. Name your kitty after the adorable and shy but downtrodden old man from the film Up. He comes across as a loving and hot-headed gent. The moniker will suit a cranky and hard-to-please tomcat.

  • Freeman. The character appears in “The Boondocks” animated TV series. He is a grumpy old man who has been saddled with taking care of his two unruly grandchildren. He is cross and doesn’t shy away from taking law into his own hands.

  • Joe, Willie, and Albert. If yours is a multi-cat household, then this monikers could lessen the hassle of coming up with suitable names. The trio featured in this heist comedy movie Going in Style are retirees who orchestrate a hilarious bank robbery. The name will do for kitties who tolerate each other’s company.

  • Miyagi. The character is a fictional martial arts master in The Karate Kid. He is the mentor of the film’s protagonist. He comes across as a highly disciplined and unrelenting person. The moniker will do for a highly trainable cat. Check out this article for neat tricks you can teach your cat.

  • Mr. Burns. He is one of the most beloved old man cartoon characters. Monty Burns is a wealthy and insensitive man in The Simpsons animated TV series and films. He uses his wealth to do as he pleases. A cat who is inconsiderate of others and behaves superiorly can be a good possessor of the moniker.

  • Obi-Wan. This Jedi name is one of the most recognizable old man characters on TV. He is Luke Skywalker’s mentor in the Star Wars universe. The name will be suitable for a cool and peaceful feline who knows how to hold his ground.

  • Pennyworth. The character appears in the Batman DC universe. He is the loyal butler of Bruce Wayne. The name will do for a cynical and funny feline.

  • Red. Borrow the nickname of the old man in That ‘70s Show. Reginald Albert Forman is a veteran who lives with his teenage children. The name will do for an insensitive and tough tomcat.

  • Walt Kowalski. The character is played by American actor Clint Eastwood in the Grand Torino film. He is an old Korean war veteran who is battling his own demons. The name will do for a cat who acts grumpy and depressed.

  • Xavier. This name will do for a hairless kitty. The character, also known as Professor X, features in the Marvel Comics, TV shows, and movies as a powerful telepath. He is a mentor to the other X-Men mutants who fight for peaceful co-existence between mutants and non-mutants. A name for a powerful, peace-loving tomcat.

  • Yoda. The character is a Jedi master of the highest order from the Star Wars universe. He is full of wisdom and acts as a mentor and teacher to other Jedi. At an advanced age of 900 years, his name will surely make your cat seem very cool and wise! Check out this article for more cool Star Wars cat names.

Wrap Up

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Regardless of the invention of modern names, old man names will die hard. Every name comes with a meaning, an origin, or inspiration. The names represent different aspects of human life which include royalty, religion, history, desired traits, and many others.

Cats are part of our families, and we like to treat them as independent identities. It is therefore important that the name you choose for your cat tells a little bit more of him as an individual. Another quality of your cat’s name should be the ease to call it out. Go ahead and keep the old man names alive!

Which old man cat name have you chosen? Tell us how you have arrived at your choice. Share this and more with us below. If you need a matching source of cat name inspiration, but for female cats, check out our article on old lady names for cats.

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