Persian Cat Names: Sophisticated Names for Your Persian Royalty

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Stella Noble
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They came from Persia (today known as Iran), and they are one of the oldest and most sophisticated feline breeds. Their velvety beauty and royal charm require a moniker with a regal flair. If you have just adopted a Persian cat and you are in need of a list of exotic, elegant, and delicate Persian cat names, look further.

Persian cats’ distinctive looks and personality mean you only have too many options to choose from when it comes to their names. Persian cats tend to have a serene personality, and they come in a good number of hues—with the most common colors being black, grey, lilac, chocolate, cream, blue, and white.

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Even their eye colors (shades of brown, blue-green, and deep blue) can provide inspiration for the right name. We will help you make a decision by gathering all the best options in one place.

In this article, we are going to present an exhaustive collection of the most suitable names for your cat. We have enlisted both names from Persia and names from other languages that fit the bill. Our list is divided by gender, and we will start with names for female Persian cats. Let’s begin!

Names for Female Persian Cats

White persian cat with blue eyes

Names that indicate physical and behavioral attributes are the trendiest these days. Keeping up with the trends, we are going to compile a comprehensive list of simple yet captivating names fit for your Persian queen.

Since Persian cats, as their names suggest, came from Persia, we will start with a list of exotic Persian names, then move on to some other names that didn’t come from Persia but we believe can still make great names for your queen.

#1: Persian Names

  • Anahita: This name was inspired by the water goddess of Persia. It means ‘immaculate one.’
  • Arezu: This Persian name stands for ‘desire.’
  • Artemisa: A feminine moniker derived from the name of the warrior princess ‘Artemis.’
  • Autena: This beautiful term is of Persian origin, and it stands for ‘God hears me.’
  • Ava: A fairly short Farsi term that means ‘voice.’ Did you ever wonder how many sounds a cat can make?
  • Azura: A beautiful name that would fit a blue-eyed Persian kitty. Azura is a variation of ‘azure.’
  • Babri: This Persian word stands for ‘female tiger’—a perfect match for your feisty little Persian.
  • Bahar: This name sounds a bit masculine, but it’s for females. It stands for ‘spring.’
  • Bala: This Persian word stands for ‘playful’ and ‘mischievous.’ If your cat is playful, perhaps you can spare some time and effort to make DIY cat toys for her.
  • Banu: A Persian term that defines someone as ‘lady-like.’ How about picking this name for your dignified cat?
  • Cyra: In Persian, Cyra stands for someone who was ‘born by the light of the sun.’ If your feline has enlightened your life in any way, you should name her Cyra.
  • Gorbeh: Persian for ‘pussycat.’
  • Miau: Persian for ‘meow.’ A great name if you have a vocal cat, which is rare since Persians are usually calm and regal.
  • Naia: This name means ‘blossom’ or ‘flowing.’
  • Nazy: A name that means ‘cute.’
  • Pambeh: Is your kitty cat always ready to play with a cotton ball? Try this name as Pambeh stands for ‘cotton ball’ in Persian.
  • Peri: In Persian, it stands for ‘a fairy or a beautiful creature.’
  • Roxanna: Of Persian origin, it stands for ‘dawn.’ Your Persian may not be an early bird, but still, you can go with this name.
  • Shiri: A short and tuneful name that stands for ‘lioness.’ The majestic feel of the name is a nice fit for your Persian princess.
  • Shirin: In Persian, this term indicates something as ‘sweet.’ This might prove to be a good name for your sweet friend.
  • Siah: A tuneful name that stands for ‘black’ in Persian. For many other black cat names, visit this article.
  • Talayeh: The perfect moniker for a golden queen; it stands for ‘golden ray of the ’

#2: Non-Persian Names

chocolate brown cat with yellow eyes

  • Alias: Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘happy.’
  • Angel: A perfect name for an angelic Persian cat.
  • Bianca: An endearing Italian family name; it stands for ‘white.’ For many other white cat names, visit this page.
  • Bo: A short and sweet name, the inspiration behind this moniker is none other than the singer ‘Bo Derek.’
  • Buffy: A popular name with an instant appeal; inspired by the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Persian cats don’t usually make good hunters, but if yours is, this name will suit her.
  • Cadbury: Rich and decadent, just like your chocolate brown Persian cat.
  • Chloe: A charming Greek name that means ‘fresh-blooming.’
  • Chrissy: ‘Follower of Christ.’
  • Deina: Of Spanish origin, this word stands for ‘religious holiday.’ Perfect for cats that relax you but make you feel contemplative at the same time.
  • Fluffy: A really cute and apt name for a Persian.
  • Ginger: It would be the perfect match for an orange-brown feline. For many other orange cat names, try this link.
  • Jazz: A name taken from the soul-soothing form of music. For Persian cats whose purrs lower your blood pressure like no other. Did you ever wonder how cats purr?
  • Lynn: A short name that stands for ‘a cascade.’ Since your cat’s whole body features smooth, cascading silky fur, this name is apt.
  • Manya: Of Russian origin, it stands for ‘bitter.’ For cats that tend to sport a bitter expression but are actually really sweet.
  • Miranda: Of Spanish origin, it stands for ‘admirable.’
  • Misty: It means ‘light fog.’ This engaging term would suit a white feline.
  • Noa: A fairly short name, this Hebrew term stands for ‘movement.’ For that rare energetic Persian cat or just to poke at your cat’s lazy nature.
  • Princess: Quite common a name but it would perfectly suit a Persian cat.
  • Rinnah: Of Hebrew origin, this name stands for ‘a joyous song.’
  • Sasha: A unisex name, it is a Slavic word that means ‘defender of mankind.’
  • Sassy: A spunky name that would make a great title for your lively kitty.
  • Shelly: A sweet-sounding name, it stands for ‘from the ledge meadow.’
  • Sierra: Of Irish origin, Sierra is a popular name that stands for ‘dark woman of Ciaran.’ If you think your cat has a darker side, how about visiting our article on evil cat names?
  • Sophie: A name with instant appeal, it was derived from the Greek name Sophia that stands for ‘wisdom’ or ‘skill.’

Names for Male Persian Cats

Persian cat living like a king

Here you will find a list of masculine names for Persian cats.

Like with the female name section, we will start with names directly imported from Persia, then we will move on to more general names that will nonetheless suit your Persian cat perfectly.

#1: Persian Names

  • Ahura: The inspiration behind this name was ‘Ahura Mazda,’ the creator of the earth and the heavens in Persian mythology.
  • Arash: A melodic name from the land of Persia, it stands for ‘bright.’ Pick it for your bright-eyed friend.
  • Arastoo: This is how the Persians refer to Aristotle. As Persian felines are cool and serene by nature, a philosopher’s name can be a good choice.
  • Babr: In Persian, Babr stands for ‘tiger.’ This might suit a kingly pet like your Persian.
  • Firouz: The inspiration for this name was the NASA scientist of Iranian origin ‘Firouz Naderi’.
  • Kian: This is Persian for ‘king.’ It’s an appealing name that would definitely suit an authoritative feline.
  • Kiarad: Of Persian origin, it defines someone as ‘a generous king or king of the hidden paradise.’
  • Kourosh: If your cat acts like the king of the world, just go with this elegant name. It was inspired by the name of a king of Persia. It also stands for ‘sun.’ Those of you who own a golden Persian cat must consider this name.
  • Kyran: This term describes someone as ‘a lord.’
  • Maloos: A catchy name from Persia, it stands for ‘lovable.’ This might be a great choice for your charming Tom.
  • Mirza: This is the Persian term for ‘prince.’
  • Mithra: A catchy term derived from the name of the Persian god of friendship and light. It would be cool to use this name for your all-weather friend.
  • Moosh: A unisex word, this means ‘mouse’ in Farsi. If your Persian boy (or girl) happens to be a mouser, go with this name.
  • Naderi: The last name of the Iranian NASA scientist ‘Firouz Naderi’ also makes a good cat name.
  • Navid: If your frisky friend has brought happiness into your life, handpick this name as it stands for ‘good news.’
  • Niru: From Persia, Niru means ‘power and strength.’
  • Parsa: This Persian word stands for ‘someone pious, virtuous, and faithful.’
  • Rostam: A truly masculine name, it defines someone as ‘heroic or brave.’ Brave cats enjoy experiencing the outdoors, so perhaps you should teach your cat how to walk on a leash.
  • Shir: A short Persian word that means ‘lion.’
  • Xerxes: This name was inspired by the name of the greatest Persian king. His character was also pictured in the famous Hollywood movie ‘300’.

#2: Non-Persian Names

gray persian cat with yellow eyes

  • Blizzard: Why not use this cool name on a white fluff ball with icy blue eyes?
  • Bluebell: There are certain grey Persian cats that reflect a bluish shade. Bluebell might be a cute name for them (it is a unisex name and can be used for both genders). Or, you can try our list of gray cat names.
  • Charlee: An English name that stands for ‘manly.’ The ‘e’ ending makes it easy to roll off your tongue, and it has been proven that cats react to the ‘e’ vowel the best.
  • Figaro: An exotic term inspired by the name of the black and white cat in If your Persian looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo, do try our list of tuxedo cat names.
  • Garfield: It is a common name but still an excellent choice for an orange boy.
  • Gizmo: Persian cats tend to be low energy and difficult to play with, but some of them enjoy playing with cat apps. This name is great for technologically-inclined cats.
  • Indigo: Grey felines who happen to look a little bluish can be named Indigo.
  • Jeffery: This name means ‘peaceful.’ Persian cats, after all, are known for their calm and quiet nature.
  • Koala: A great name for your grey-haired, chubby friend.
  • Mac: A Gaelic word that means ‘son of.’ You can customize this name as you wish.
  • Max: A snappy name of Latin origin, it was derived from popular names like Maximillian and Maxwell.
  • Mocha: Do you have a Persian feline with coffee brown fur? This name can save the day.
  • Nimbus: A tuneful term, it stands for a halo surrounding a saint or a supernatural being. It can be used on a white or grey cat.
  • Noire: A concise name, it stands for a ‘black beast.’ How about using it on a black cat?
  • Nugget: A very special name for orange Persian cats.
  • Oliver: A memorable name that was derived from the ‘olive tree.’ Olive trees symbolize beauty and fruitfulness.
  • Oscar: The glitz and glam appeal of the name makes it a great naming option.
  • Poof: It’s a great name for a poofy cat.
  • Rambo: People would be surprised that you named your Persian cat Rambo since Persian cats are more elegant than macho, but this is a great pick if you like to be different.
  • Raven: It defines someone as ‘wise’ or ‘dark haired.’ If your prince owns any of these attributes, name him Raven.
  • Rex: Of Latin origin, it stands for ‘a king.’
  • Sahara: A great name for a sandy brown Persian cat.
  • Sebastian: Of Latin origin, it means ‘revered.’ This would surely make a cool name for serious felines like the Persians.
  • Simba: Of Swahili origin, it stands for a ‘lion.’ This name might be suitable for a cat with a brown or lion-like coat.
  • Smokey: How about using this name on a grey/silver Persian cat?
  • Snuggles: You can’t go wrong with picking this name for your long-haired snuggle bug.
  • Sparky: They all have a little spark in their eyes, so why not just call them sparky?
  • Thunder: Give this name a try if you own a Persian that can move fast as lightning. Know that your cat is an exception to the rule since Persian cats usually prefer to sleep rather than zip around.

Wrap Up

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As worded by Frank Nuessel, a linguistics professor from the University of Louisville, “People see their pets as companions, so it makes sense that there’s a link between how we name children and how we name animals. The act of naming is such a symbolic thing,”

To sum it up, a term of endearment is something that is going to be ingrained in your and your cat’s lives for years to come. Remember, a name should be indicative of pet’s appearance or behavior. So, take your time and come up with the most appropriate term that defines your cat’s beauty and style purrfectly.

Concluding this article, our collection of Persian cat names is based on the snappiest and most tuneful feline names, both Persian and non-Persian. The addition of a short description to each of them was meant to ensure the best naming experience for you.

How did you find this article? Was it helpful in helping you land on a suitable name? If yes, what name did you handpick? Share your experience in the comment box below. If none of the names above caught your fancy, perhaps you should try our list of creative cat names; you never know what you may find there.

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