Polydactyl Cat Names: The Glamor that Comes with Many Toes

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Among the many factors commonly used to name cats are their physical attributes. These may include coat color and pattern, eye color, body size, and general appearance. Another feature that can make your cat stand out is the possession of more than the normal number of toes and/or exceptionally big paws. If you have such a cat, there are many polydactyl cat names that you can choose from.

The normal nicknames associated with these cats include ‘boxing cats,’ ‘mitten cats,’ and ‘thumb cats.’ That is not much to choose from right? Wait until you go through our list of names. If you read keenly, you will notice that we have carefully selected names that highlight your cat’s uniqueness in a cool manner. The names also incorporate other attributes of your cat to make each a true representation of your cat’s identity.

What kind of a name are you looking for? If you prefer a name that you won’t find with every tom and molly in the neighborhood, we have a list of unique ones for you. We also have some that sound really cute, but if you prefer to say it in a foreign language, we also have you covered. The list cannot end without honoring the polydactyl cats’ aficionado, Ernest Hemmingway. Indulge yourself below.

Cute Polydactyl Cat Name

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Cute names have a nice feel to them. If you are of the same opinion, your polydactyl kitty would appreciate a name form the following list.

  • Boxer. The extra toes make your cat seem like he is wearing boxing gloves. The name will do for a brave tomcat.

  • Conan. A name of Celtic origin. It means ‘little wolf’ or ‘hound.’ It can also mean ‘high’ or ‘wise.’ It will suit a clever feline.

  • Dact. A name got by tweaking the word ‘polydactyl.’ It will do for a tomcat while Poly will suit a molly.

  • Daisy. The extra toes make her paws resemble flower petals. The moniker won’t be far-fetched if you love the blossom. Find many other enchanting flower cat name ideas here.

  • Digits. A cute name that will do for a cat with any number of toes.

  • Dreamcatcher. If you love everything native and Wiccan, then this moniker will do for your cat. These willow hoops were made by the Chippewa tribe of Native Americans. They were considered good luck and protective charms—attributes that polydactyl cats are said to have.

  • Eight. Apart from drawing attention to your cat’s extra toes, the number is a Chinese symbol for luck. Theta will also do as the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet.

  • Fisher. A name that reminds you of the fishing expeditions associated with these cats.

  • Footz. A name to draw attention to your cat’s unique paws. Another variation would be Footzie.

  • Fred. A tomcat who was born in 2011 with 28 toes. He had a sibling, Ned, who was also a poly himself with 28 toes. The names suit sibling cats.

  • Katcha. A made-up name borrowed from ‘catcher.’ The paws of this cat resemble baseball gloves used by the Catcher. The name will do for a cat who is instinctual or a good mouser.

  • Lucky. Among the many attributes of these cats is luck. Voyagers believed they brought good tidings to their ships. They were also said to have better balance in rough waters compared to other cats.

  • Many Toes. A name with a nice ring to it.

  • Mittens. With the illusion of having a thumb on their paws, polydactyl cats look like they are wearing mittens.

  • Mouser. Among other attributes, these cats were preferred in ships for being good mousers. This was important for vermin eradication during long journeys.

  • Poly. A name borrowed from a Greek word which means ‘many’ or ‘much.’ It will be more fun to tweak it to Polycat or Pollycat. It’s a cute name for a molly. Polly will do as well.

  • Puma. A big wildcat. A name for a poly which is a good mouser. Variations of the name: Catamount and Mountain Lion.

  • Sixpack. A name for a cat with six toes per paw. The moniker will suit a cat who is strong or muscular.

  • Slippers. Borrow a name from President Theodore Roosevelt’s poly cat. If you’re a history buff, check out our list of historical cat names.

  • Thumbs. This stems from their extra toes that make their paws look like they have a human thumb.

  • Toes. A name that shifts focus to his unique paws. Toe-ny Will also suit a tomcat.

  • Tom Thumb. Tom is a common name for a cat—why not add a second name that will draw attention to his paws?

  • T-Rex. Name your cat after the dinosaur who was at the top of the food chain. The name would be great for a poly cat who can perform tricks standing on hind legs.

Exotic Polydactyl Cat Names

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There is an authenticity that comes with a foreign language. You can add one more name to your list of foreign vocabulary or better still, let your kitty keep it for you.

  • Aloeus. The father of giants from ancient Greek folklore. A name for a poly tomcat who dominate over his littermates.

  • Anakin. A race of huge beings from the Christian bible.

  • Colossus. A moniker that draws awareness to the larger than normal appearance of a poly’s paw.

  • Da Jiao. If you love exotic names, here is a winner. The moniker refers to the Chinese version of ‘Bigfoot.’ Click here for many other exotic Asian cat names.

  • Daktylos. A Greek word which means ‘digits’ or ‘toes.’

  • Dedun. The Nubian god who was the personification of luck and good fortune. He is depicted as a lion. The name will do for a fearless tomcat.

  • Fortuna. A name for a lucky molly. In ancient Roman mythology, Fortuna was the goddess of fortune. Annonaria is a suitable variation of the name.

  • Godzilla. A pop culture Japanese monster which has huge hind legs. A name that will fit your gigantic-pawed cat. Kajira, Gojira, and Kujira will also do as an exotic name.

  • Hayk. A name from Armenian mythology. Hayk is said to be the father of the Armenia nation. He was a giant and a hero who ruled over others. The moniker will fit a poly cat who is huge and strong.

  • Hecato. A nickname borrowed from ‘Hecatoncheires.’ These were giants from Greek folktales who had 100 arms.

  • Ispolin. A giant from Bulgarian folktales. It is said that they inhabited the world long before humans did. A unique name which has a nice ring to it.

  • Kentaro. A Japanese name which means ‘big boy.’ If you love exotic and rare monikers, this will do for your poly tomcat.

  • Kwatoko. A Native American name for a bird with a big beak. A unique bird just like your poly.

  • Massimo. An Italian word which means ‘the greatest.’ The moniker taps into the uniqueness of your cat.

  • Nanook. A name borrowed from the Inuit religion. Nanook was an alpha bear who determined which hunter became successful or failed. Perfect for a poly cat who’s also a great hunter.

  • Nargis. A Muslim feminine name which means ‘flower.’ This goes show the flower-shaped paws of your special furry friend.

  • Neringa. A giantess from Baltic mythology. The name will do for a female poly cat.

  • Olympus. To complement the huge size of a poly’s feet why not name him after the ‘mountain of gods.’ It’s the highest mountain in Greece.

  • Patty Cat. The big paws of a poly resemble a patty, don’t you think?

  • Paws / Pawlie. Creative names which will make his paws the center of attention.

  • Santa Paws. A play of words on paws and Santa Claus.

  • Titan. Name your big-footed cat after the giant from Greek mythology.

  • Tyche. The daughter of Aphrodite from the Greek mythology. She is a personification of good luck and fortune attributes, just like your cat.

  • Yogi Berra. A moniker borrowed from one of baseball’s greatest player of all times. Yogi was an award-winner catcher for the Yankee and a basketball hall of fame inductee.

Unique Polydactyl Cat Names

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Does your cat stand out from the rest in any other way in addition to being polydactyly? Any of these names will be a great choice.

  • Albatross. A name for a cat who loves bird-watching or chasing. These birds and polydactyl cats were considered good luck animals by sailors. Cats that like to bird-watch will absolutely love it if you build a DIY cat window box for him/her.

  • Amulet. Not only are they magical but amulets also protect their wearers. They bring good luck just like polydactyl cats. Talis will also do for the same reason—from the word talisman.

  • Bigfoot. You probably know the folktale behind this mythical ape-like being. The occasional ‘sighting’ of the Sasquatch generates a lot of media attention. Well, if your cat has bigger feet than others why not give him a moniker that is sure to raise eyebrows. Sassy and Squatch will also do as sweet nicknames.

  • Cheetahs. Borrow a name from this big wildcat. They are known to have hefty paws more like a poly’s. The name will do for a cat who moves swiftly.

  • Clovers. The good luck associated with these cats matches with that of clovers’.

  • Dewclaw. A name that hinges on the fact that a polydactyl cat seems to have a pronounced dewclaw.

  • Dexter. Name your cat after the sailor who gave Mr. Hemingway the famous cat, Snowball.

  • Giant. A moniker from the mythical being who is said to be larger than average human beings. One such being is described in the Christian bible as a Philistine named Goliath.

  • Horseshoe. The name will surely bring attention to his paws. Horseshoes are also said to bring good luck.

  • Hyper. Polydactyly is also known as hyperdactyly. The name will do for a cat with endless energy. A tomcat who is forever busy surely does sound to be ‘hyper.’ Some extra knowledge about how to calm a hyper cat may come in handy for you.

  • Jake. Name your extra-toed cat after a Guinness World Record holder. Jake was a ginger tabby who had 28 toes in total; seven in each paw.

  • Lynx. A vicious poly would do the name justice. Lynxes are medium-sized wildcats with bigger feet than their domestic cousins. Bobcat will also do, them being of the same species as lynxes.

  • Panther. A moniker for a black poly cat. Panthers have big feet. This name will do for a powerful or scary poly cat.

  • Rosebud. This is another name derived from these cats’ paw resembling a flower. The moniker will do for a molly with a distinct pink nose.

  • Sailor. Ship’s captain and their men contributed heavily to the spread of these cats. It would be great to honor them with this moniker.

  • Snowshoe. The big feet make polydactyl cats more adapted to walking on snow. The name will do for a white tomcat.

  • Tyson. A moniker borrowed from a living legend. Mike Tyson is an American boxer who shot to fame after winning the world’s heavyweight title at age 20. Considering a poly cat looks like he/she is wearing boxing gloves, this name will suit your tomcat just fine.

  • Wiccan. Polydactyl cats were believed to be familiar spirits of witches. The cats were prized for their uniqueness and were preferred by dark arts practitioners. The name will do for a black kitty.

Hemingway Cat names

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Ernest Hemmingway’s fascination with polydactyly was outstanding. The following names link back to this. Let your kitty join the list of cats that celebrate him.

  • Al. A hired assassin from ”Indian Camp”. In the short story by Hemingway, he wears a black overcoat, muffler, and gloves. The name will do for a polydactyl cat with a black coat. The moniker is simple and catchy.

  • Bill. A character from ”The End of Something”. He is Nick’s friend and not a very good one at that. He instigates the break-up of Nick and Marjorie. The name will do for a tomcat who is not people-friendly.

  • George. The name will do for a superior cat. In the short story ”The Killers”, George is a diner manager.

  • Grace Kelly. An American actress of the mid-1900s. She later became a princess of Monaco. She is among the many famous actresses after whom Ernest Hemingway named his cats. The name will do for a royal poly female cat. Find many other royal cat name suggestions here.

  • Hemi. For the lovers of literature, here is a name for your tomcat. Ernest Hemingway was given a polydactyl cat by a ship’s captain. His museum now has over 45 cats all descended from that cat: Snowball.

  • Iceberg. Take inspiration from the author’s style of writing. Known as the ‘Iceberg Theory,’ he explained it as focusing on a character’s surface traits while omitting the ‘big picture’ or underlying theme. The name will suit a tom who is secretly vicious but appears mild.

  • Lionel Barrymore. He was an American actor of the early 1900s. He is best remembered for his role as Mr. Potter from ”It’s A Wonderful Life” film by Frank Capra. His was among the names Hemingway gave to his poly kitties.

  • Liz Taylor. Names borrowed from one of 20th century greatest actresses. Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful and phenomenal. The famed author named one of his poly mollies after her.

  • Macomber. A name for a slender and brave tomcat. In the short story ”The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”, the character is an athlete who is a wealthy as he is brave.

  • Margot. The nickname of Macomber’s wife. She is beautiful and controlling. The character is from ”The Short Life of Francis Macomber”. The name will fit a show cat.

  • Marjorie. A character from ”The End of Something”. She is Nick’s romantic interest from the story. She comes across as a strong and determined girl. She feels jilted and leaves after their relationship breaks off. A name for a strong molly.

  • Max. A name for a talkative male cat. It’s borrowed from a character in ”The Killers”. He wears all black and is said to talk a lot.

  • Mrs. Bell. The overbearing landlady from ”The Killers” short story. She is the manager of Hirsh’s Rooming House.

  • Nick. A character in Ernest Hemingway’s ”Indian Camp”. In the short story, he is Dr. Adam’s son who is adventurous, loyal, and loving. A name for a special tomcat.

  • Nicolo. A nickname of Nick Adam’s in the short story, ”A Way You’ll Never Be”. Going by the character’s life, it will do for a brave tomcat. Nicolo is an American soldier in the Second World War.

  • Paravicini. A captain in the First World War. He is a character from ”A Way You’ll Never Be”. He is caring and brave. The name will do for a strong, people-friendly feline.

  • The Major. A name that demands respect. Signor Maggior will do as an exotic name for the champion fencer from ”In Another Country”.

  • Wemedge. Borrow a name from Nick’s nickname from the short story ”The Three-Day Blow”.

Wrap Up

polydactyl gray and white kitten lying

Polydactyly is one of the most conspicuous physical traits of cats. It is associated with big paws, extra toes, and good luck. It is common practice to name cats based on their physical traits. Polydactyly has also not been left behind.

Quite a number of names are available for the owners of these very special cats to choose from. Most of them are unisex, but some are gender specific.

The names have been borrowed from different histories and cultures, but they all revolve around the above-mentioned traits. They also represent unique personality traits in some way. It is easy to find one that blends your cat’s polydactyly with his/her other unique features.

Did you find a befitting name for your cat? Which one is it? Do share your experience with polydactyl cats and your feedback below! We have another article you may be interested in: how to cut cat nails. You don’t want to be nervous while clipping the nails of polydactyl cats, so we have some tips and tricks for you.

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