Punny Cat Names: Incredibly Funny and Goofy Names for Cats

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

Cats are naturally funny, and there is no doubt that they fill our lives with countless comical moments and endless joy. If you are looking for a goofy name that will describe that refreshing part of your newly-adopted kitty’s personality, look no further than this list of punny cat names.

If you are wondering why you should give your cat a punny name…well, why shouldn’t you? Clever and funny wordplays can contribute plenty of options to the name game. Finding a good name for a new cat is hard, but our list will make this task easier with a variety of unique and comical cat names that will capture the purrsonality of your new feline furiend. Stay pawsitive!

In this article, you will find options for both male and female cats. We’ve also prepared unisex names suitable for both genders. We’ve also included punny names inspired by famous people for cats that share some character traits with them. Lastly, we will provide you with coat color-related punny names. Let’s get meowving!

Punny Cat Names by Gender

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All cats, no matter their gender, can rock a punny name, but to make things easier for you, we’ve separated our list of names into those for male cats and those for female cats. If you’re not one to be constrained by such things, rest assured because we’ve also included a separate list of unisex names.

Cat Names by Gender #1: Male

We will start our list with male cat names. If your new kitty is a female, you can skip this part, but we recommend that you keep reading; some of these names are so funny it would be a shame to miss out on them. We will describe each name so you can be sure that it’s suitable for your new bundle of joy.

  • Bonkers: This is a nice choice for always-energetic cats that can’t be still for one moment. Bonkers will hide and then run and make an ambush attack on your legs.
  • Bootsie: This is a children’s toy and a nice name for fluffy and cuddly kittens that will grow up into lap cats. This is the name for an affectionate and calm cat that likes to sleep with you in the bed.
  • Buster: A name for strong tomcats that won a place in your heart and home fair and square.
  • Caticus Finch: A name for attention-seeking and bossy cats. If your feline likes to be in charge, this is a perfectly goofy name for him.
  • Cheshire: There is no better name for a mischievous, silly, unpredictable, and cunning cat.
  • Crookshanks: If you are a fan of Harry Potter films, and your cat is unpredictable, self-assured, with tendencies to ask for cuddles, this is a great name for him.
  • Cuddles: For tender and devoted felines that can’t wait for you to come home to jump in your lap and stay there for hours, there is no better name than this.
  • Figaro: For crafty cats that always know how to make you laugh. Figaro will remain a goofy, playful kitten for the rest of his life.
  • Gizmo: A great name for cute, adorable, innocent, and kind cats that will always be there to cheer you up and make you laugh.
  • Jaspurr: Perfect for a playful, energetic, and mischievous cat who is extremely curious and always in pursuit of a new adventure.
  • Lionel/Leo: A good choice for courageous, fluffy cats that are orange or yellow. As little as this kitty may be, he has the personality of a young lion and will grow up to be the king of the household.
  • Mr. Bigglesworth: This is a good name for a social and intelligent cat that can be curious and prone to mischief.
  • Razzmatazz: Perfect for a curious, noisy, and confident cat. This type of cat will always try to impress you and make you proud.
  • Secret Agent Mittens: If your cat tends to hide and follow you at a safe distance, he was born to be a secret agent. These cats are always on a mission, and nothing you do will distract them. You may want to learn how to get a cat out of hiding when dealing with a Secret Agent Mittens.
  • Sherlock: For extremely intelligent, curious, and smart cats that like to investigate, there is no better detective name. This cat will spend his life investigating every corner of your house.
  • Whispurr: A name for quiet and calm cats that enjoy your company but also like to spend time alone. This is a loving cat who is gentle towards everyone he meets.

Cat Names by Gender #2: Female

egiptian mau lying in the sun

Male cats aren’t the only ones who are capable of making you laugh; girls can also be goofy and have funny personalities. In order to find a suitable name for your quirky kitty, don’t miss out on our list of punny cat names for female cats.

  • Ali Cat: A suitable name for a former alley cat that stole your heart and now has a place to call her home. Interested in adopting a feral, alley cat but don’t know how to tame them? Check out this article.
  • Angelicat: This name speaks for itself. It was made for a nice, calm, devoted cat that always behaves nicely.
  • Catalina: This is a feminine name for a well-behaved and devoted cat. This is a quiet and gentle cat that likes to be cuddled and will show you how much she loves you.
  • Clawdia: A name for a beautiful and adorable cat that acts like a little princess. Clawdia enjoys being pampered with nice toys and sparkly accessories.
  • Empurress: A name fit for a queen. This name goes with cats that are always impeccably groomed and have a royal demeanor. She is always calm and self-assured.
  • Clawopatra: For strong female cats that give off the energy of always being in control. This girl is smart, determined, tender, and devoted to her owners. Best suited for an Egyptian Mau.
  • Hello Kitty: This is a popular choice for always happy and curious but still impeccable-looking girls that love to be decorated with bejeweled collars and nice ribbons.
  • Isabellick: This is a cute name for a cat that is obsessed with grooming.
  • Katnip: A perfect choice for girls that can’t get enough of playing with their catnip-laced toys. This is a funny and laid back cat that loves to be surrounded by people.
  • Madam Meow: If your kitty loves to talk with you, this is a suitable feminine name for her. Figure out what she is saying by reading up on exactly how many sounds a cat can make.
  • Madam X: A name for strong, self-assured, and confident cats. This girl is always in charge and is probably the top cat in your household.
  • Miss Thang: This is a name for a cat that thinks she knows everything and usually won’t listen to anything you have to say. This is a stubborn kitty that will never back down and will be hard to train. If her stubbornness gets dangerous because she keeps chewing on cords, learn how to put your foot down by reading this article.
  • Ravenclaw: This is a suitable name for girl cats that love to sharpen their claws on your furniture. A scratching post isn’t enough for this kitty, so you might want to invest in a durable cat-proof couch.
  • Samantail: This is an active and energetic girl that will wiggle her tail in order to tell you what she wants and how she feels.
  • Twinkle Toes: This is a name for graceful and quiet walkers who can sneak up on you. These are calm and curious cats with a playful spirit.

Cat Names by Gender #3: Unisex

Didn’t find the name you were looking for? No worries! Breaking through the gender barrier, here we bring you some amazing punny unisex cat names:

  • Cameow
  • Catapult
  • Catastrophe
  • Catillac
  • Cat-man-do
  • Catsanova
  • Catsup
  • Cat-titude
  • Catzilla
  • Clawsome
  • Ewok
  • Fuzzinator
  • Battlestar Galacticat
  • Gigabyte
  • iCat
  • Just Kittin
  • KitKat
  • Lickers
  • Meowsical
  • Miraclaw
  • Octopuss
  • Pawssanova
  • Purrfect
  • Purrson
  • Thunder Cat
  • Whisker
  • Winky

Human-Inspired Punny Cat Names

black and white president cat speaking

Naturally, we won’t end this article without giving you a list of puns made by spinning off the names of celebrities and other famous figures across the human history.

#1: Male

For all of you who want to name your male cat with something inspired by famous people, look at this list of funny and unique names.

  • Abraham Lynxin: U.S President
  • Anderson Poper: News Anchor
  • Bing Clawsby: Singer
  • Bob Meowerly: Singer
  • Brad Kitt: Actor
  • Butch Catsidy: Cowboy and bank robber
  • Cartrick Swayze: Actor
  • Catpernicus: Mathematician and astronomer
  • Catsanova: Italian adventurer
  • Chairman Meow: Chinese revolutionary
  • Collin Furrel: Actor
  • Conway Kitty: Singer
  • David Meowie: Singer
  • Fidel Catstro: Cuban leader
  • Hunter Tomcat: Author
  • Jerry Flea Lewis: Singer
  • Jude Paw: Actor
  • Lionel Itchy: Singer
  • Lucifurr: Devil
  • Mr. Meowgi: Character
  • Shakespurr: Playwriter
  • The Great Catsby: Movie/novel
  • Walt Whiskers: Poet
  • Winston Furchill: British Prime Minister

#2: Female

lady cat in pink hat

If you are searching for a people pun name for your female cat, this is the list for you. Maybe you are a fan of some of these ladies, or maybe one of them has a lot in common with your female kitty as far as personality traits go. Either way, here you will find the best punny names for girls.

  • Cat Beneter: Singer
  • Cat Middleton: Princess
  • Cat Winslet: Actress
  • Catalie Portman: Actress
  • Catnip Everdeen: Hunger Games Character
  • Catsy Cline: Singer
  • Catty Griffin: Comedian
  • Cindy Clawford: Model
  • Demi Meowe: Actress
  • Diane Kitten: Actress
  • Drew Hairymore: Actress
  • Emily Lickinson: Author
  • Fleas Witherspoon: Actress
  • Fur-gie: Singer
  • Jennipurr Aniston: Actress
  • JK Meowling: Author
  • Kitty Purry: Singer
  • Margaret Scratcher: British Prime Minister
  • Mariah Hairy: Singer
  • Meowly Cyrus: Singer
  • Purrmione Granger: Harry Potter character
  • Snow Bite: Disney Character
  • Teri Scratcher: Actress
  • Tina Spay: Comedian

Punny Cat Names by Coat Color

If your cat has a cool coat color and you’d like to put an emphasis on that, no better way to do it than by giving him/her a punny name inspired by coat color.

#1: Black Cats

black cat upside down

Black cats are the least popular cats when it comes to adoption, but there is no real difference between them and any other cat. If you are a proud owner of a black cat, this is for you.

  • Black Cat Scat
  • Bo Jangels
  • Eight Ball
  • Espurresso
  • Licorice
  • Morticia
  • Oreo
  • Phantom of the Opurra
  • Ravenclaw
  • Shady Lady
  • Warlock Whiskers

#2: Orange Cats

If you own a goofy orange moggy, this is a special list of pun names for this type of cats. If none of them suits your cat, don’t worry. There’s plenty of options among other punny names to choose from.

  • Butterscotch
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Flaming Feline
  • Garfield
  • Ginger
  • Henry Hissinger
  • Lemony Snicket
  • Nacho Nyan
  • Pico de Gato
  • Prince Puma
  • Puss in Boots
  • Ron Fleasly

#3: White Cats

white cat eating his paw

In this list, you will find names that will describe your cat’s pristine coat color, but they can also be used to describe your cat’s innocent and pure personality.

  • Alaska
  • Aspirin
  • Avalanche
  • Chowder
  • Cotton Ball
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Marshmallow
  • Sir Coconut
  • Snow Bite
  • Snow Storm

#4: Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are so common that they have their special list of names. All of these will fit perfectly with your cat’s appearance and can be a goofy way to pay homage to your cat’s character.

  • Barfolomeow
  • Bob Scratchit
  • Colin Furrth
  • Paw Newman
  • Puddy Tat
  • Purrito
  • Sushi
  • Yeti

#5: Gray Cats

Gray-haired cats can be purebred, mix breeds, or simple domestic cats. Because of this variety, they deserve a special list of their own. We hope that one of these names will be a suitable candidate for your new cat’s name.

  • Catt Hardy
  • Earl Gray
  • Eddie Purrero
  • Ernest Meowler
  • Hornswoggle
  • Kewin Meowens
  • Kitty Master
  • Meowcho
  • Mister Purrfect
  • Purry Caturn
  • Stone Cold Steve Pawstin
  • The Meowntie
  • Whisker Purrfect

Wrap Up

gray cat showing his tongue

Finding a perfect name for your cat can be difficult, especially if you want to find a unique name that will make you and your family laugh and fill each one of you with joy when you use it to call your cat. We made this list to make it easier for you.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of funny, punny cat names and that you found one that describes your new cat’s personality perfectly. If by any chance you didn’t find any one of the names to be fitting for your comical and playful feline, don’t worry.

The great thing about puns is that the sky is the limit. As long as we got your creative juices running, you should be able to come up with something.

What do you think about our choices for punny cat names? Did you find the one that sounded tailor-made for your cat? If you know more goofy and laughable cat names, please share them with us in the comment section below. Are you looking for names because your cat is expecting? You may be interested in our article on figuring out how many kittens your cat is having.

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