Ragdoll Cat Names: Soft and Tender Names for These Pure Angels

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Stella Noble
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The Ragdoll is a breed that is very affectionate and devoted towards its owner. They like to follow their owners everywhere. Furthermore, this is a beautiful breed known for its fluffy coat and striking blue eyes. Simply put it, you can’t go wrong with this breed, and if a Ragdoll kitty or cat is soon to become a part of your family, he/she will need a proper name. We’ve made this list of Ragdoll cat names to help with that.

Considering the many unique and fascinating traits that have made the Ragdoll one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, you won’t run out of options when it comes to the perfect name. Ragdoll cats just fill us to the brim with inspiration. But if you are struggling with ideas despite that, don’t worry because we are here to help you.

We’ve divided this article into several sections. First, we present our list of Ragdoll cat names by gender. Next, we will focus on these cats’ coat color, eye color, and personality. There’s something for everyone, so let’s get started!

Ragdoll Cat Names by Gender

ragdoll cat lying on coach

To make your search for the perfect name a little bit easier we will start with separate lists for male and female Ragdoll cats.

One thing to remember is that although it may seem fine to give your new feline friend a funny name when he/she is still a kitten, remember that your kitty will become a regal looking and impressive cat in around one year.

#1: Male Ragdoll Cat Names

  • Alistair: Means “defender.” Can be a suitable name for a top male cat that likes to be in charge of his domain.

  • Anders: A perfect choice for strong and manly cats that will defend their territory and be in charge of the household.

  • Cullen: A good choice for a good-looking and handsome cat, and it means exactly that. Since all Ragdoll kitties are irresistible, you can’t go wrong if you pick Cullen.

  • Darian: Means “gift” and can be a nice name if you got your Ragdoll kitty as a present.

  • Darius: Meaning “rich and kingly” is a great name when you consider that within a year you will have a royal-looking adult male. Find many other royal cat names here.

  • Frederick: Means “ruler” or “power” and can be a name for the top cat of the household. Frederick is a name for a cat that gets whatever he wants.

  • Hugh: Can be a nice choice for an awesome cat, as this name covers all that is important, namely “heart, mind, and spirit.”

  • Joshua: Can be a name for a cat that likes to cuddle and is generous in providing affection. If your cat’s favorite place is your lap, then this can be a suitable name.

  • Kieran: Gaelic for “little black one” and can be a suitable choice for seal point male Ragdolls. It also sounds fairly exotic and powerful so it can be a great choice for mischievous cats.

  • Lucien: Meaning “light” which can describe the joy your cat brings into your life or the light color of his coat. It is also unique and regal-sounding.

  • Mitchell: Meaning “big.” A great choice since the Ragdoll is a large cat breed. The great thing is that it can be a funny name referencing your cat’s size, but no one else needs to know that. Try this link if you’re interested in similarly-themed big cat names.

  • Payton: A name for a noble cat, and that is what it means. If you treat your cat like a prince and he is used to nice things, Payton can be a great choice.

  • Pierce: This name is derived from Peter, which means “rock.” It is short and easy for a little kitty to learn. Also, it can be nice for a blue point or very stubborn male cats.

  • Quincy: Elegant-sounding and short, so your cat won’t have trouble remembering it. It can also be a nice name for playful and friendly cats.

  • Sterling: Meaning “of high quality” or “pure,” and can be a nice pick for a kitty that stole your heart and means everything to you. And since Ragdoll kittens are born white, this is an obvious choice.

  • Sullivan: Meaning “little dark eyes”; can be a nice choice for a male cat with deep blue eyes. It is also a very masculine name for a large and strong Ragdoll male.

#2: Female Ragdoll Cat Names

female ragdoll with flowers

  • Alannah: Means “precious” and the shorter version of this name is Alanna, which means “serenity.” Both of them are suitable for a female cat that is graceful, calm, and a very important member of your family.

  • Annalise: A nice-sounding name for a graceful female, and that is also what it means. Ragdolls naturally move with fluid movements, so this is a nice pick.

  • Arielle: Can be a suitable name for a strong top female cat that has complete rule over your home.

  • Beatrice: Meaning “bringer of joy” and can be a nice choice for a kitty that transformed your life in a good way. It can also be used for goofy cats that are clumsy and prone to funny accidents.

  • Camilla: Meaning “free born” and “noble”; this is a fitting choice for this breed that has regal behavior and appearance.

  • Dahlia: The name of a flower that is elegant and evokes awe. If you have an elegant and graceful cat that always gets compliments, Dahlia can be a good choice.

  • Eve: Meaning “living”; can be a fitting name for an active and adventure-seeking cat. She likes playing and can make you laugh when you are feeling blue.

  • Faye: Can mean either “loyalty” or “fairy”; since this breed is very devoted and loves spending time with her owner, this can be a perfect fit. It is also fairly unique.

  • Lea: A short and nice-sounding name for a cat that changed your life for the better. It means “bringer of good news.” Your kitty will not have trouble learning her name since it is short and easy to pronounce.

  • Lila: A Spanish word for the color lilac, so this can be a suitable name for lilac point Ragdoll cats.

  • Lilian: The name of a flower. It means pure and beautiful. Since Ragdoll cats are born completely white, this can be a nice choice, and also if you have a lilac point Ragdoll cat.

  • Maisie: This name means “pearl” or “child of light” and can be a fitting name based on the color of your cat’s fur.

  • Margot: Meaning “pearl”; can be a nice choice since this breed has fur pearly white in color. Find many other white cat naming suggestions here.

  • Matilda: Meaning “strength” or “might” and can describe the mighty look of your female cat, especially since this is a large breed. Even though they are in most cases docile, they can be powerful if they need to be.

  • Ophelia: Meaning “help” and can be a suitable name since this breed likes to follow you and be helpful while you are dealing with house chores.

  • Priscilla: This name is said to bestow long life upon its bearer, and it is a classic choice that sounds royal. This name means “ancient.”

  • Tiffany: Can be a name for that special cat that is good-natured and well-behaved. Also a fitting name for a calm cat that likes to spend hours cuddled in your arms.

  • Zelda: Means “happy” and can be a nice choice for a cat that doesn’t ask much but enjoys keeping you company and making your life more exciting. If this name reminds you of Legend of Zelda, then you probably love gaming just as much as we do. Chances are, you’ll love our list of nerdy cat names as well.

Ragdoll Cat Names Based on Coat Color

ragdoll with black patches on face

This breed comes in a variety of different colors—seal, lilac, chocolate, blue, red, and cream. This is also a colorpoint breed, which means that the face, ears, tail, and paws are of a darker color while the body is a lighter cream or pearly white.

Since Ragdoll cats’ appearance is one the things that makes them so popular, we used it as inspiration.

  • Alabaster: This is a type of white rock. Can be a great name for male cats with strong bodies and whitish coat.

  • Baileys: This is a sweet and tasty drink. Can be a suitable name for seal point cats with a lovable personality.

  • Cloud: A good choice for a fluffy and soft cream or white cat that is always soft to the touch.

  • Coco: Can be a nice choice for a seal point cat with a dark brown face, tail, and paws.

  • Custard: A name for a cream-colored cat that is easy to maintain and doesn’t cause troubles.

  • Daisy: A fairly common and small white flower. It can be a nice choice for light-colored cats that are gentle and tender towards everyone.

  • Ivory: A unique-sounding name for a cream cat that is very valuable to you.

  • Jasmine: A flower that has an enticing smell. It is a feminine name for a calm and beautiful cat.

  • Lacey: If you have a cat whose coat color is a soothing cream like that of lace.

  • Latte: Can be a good choice for both cream and seal point cats.

  • Oreo: If you are a fan of this cookie and have a dark seal point cat, this is a natural choice. Cats love to eat, so why not give your feline friend a food cat name?

  • Pearl: For a cream-colored cat, but can also be used to describe how precious your cat is to you.

  • Sandy: Refers to the color of the sand.

  • Seashell: A nice-sounding and unique name for a cream cat, and can be a funny choice once your kitty grows up, and looks nothing like a tiny seashell.

  • Smudge: A great choice for seal point cats, and can also be used if you have an untidy kitty that leaves his/her paw marks everywhere.

  • Sugar: Can be a choice for a cream or white cat, or one with brown points. It can also be a choice for a very sweet and well-behaved kitty.

  • Vanilla: After the flower that has a gentle pearly-white color, just like your Ragdoll cat.

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Ragdoll Cat Names Based on Eye Color

gray ragdoll kitten with blue eyes

Besides fluffy seal point fur, this breed is also famous for its magnificent blue eyes. This trait can also be used as inspiration for more Ragdoll cat names, and maybe one of these will be suitable for your blue-eyed beauty.

  • Azure: A sky- or deep-blue color and can be a nice pick for a male Ragdoll cat.

  • Celeste: A nice-sounding feminine name.

  • Cerulean: The name of a hue that is gained primarily from cobalt.

  • Cobalt: Can be a nice name for cats that have deep blue and striking eyes.

  • Cornflower: A type of deep blue flower that grows in the wild.

  • Sapphire: This is a deep blue precious gemstone, and usually the color people use to describe the magnificent eye color of this breed.

  • Sky: If your cat has eyes the color of the sky on a bright sunny day, this name can be a nice choice.

  • Topaz: This is a gemstone that can be found in a variety of different colors including blue.

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Ragdoll Cat Names Based on Personality

sleeping ragdoll's face

As we have already mentioned, this cat breed is affectionate, devoted, laid-back, calm, and likes to be held and cuddled. They are also very quiet, and it is rare that they will meow to attract your attention. And although they love to be involved in their owners’ activities, these cats are primary relaxed and docile.

These unique traits of Ragdoll cats have inspired the following names:

  • Cheery: If your kitty is a funny and happy bundle of joy, this can be a name that will always make you laugh.

  • Cuddly: Ragdoll cats like to spend time with their owners and enjoy cuddles. If your cat loves to be petted, this can be a nice name.

  • Devotee: Ragdoll cats are loyal followers of their owners, and because of that they are said to have a dog-like personality. Interested in learning more about dog-like cat breeds? Click here.

  • Dreamy: Most cats spend their days sleeping, and if your kitty has that sleepy look all the time, this name can be a good choice.

  • Harmony: Once you own this cat, you will feel that everything is in harmony.

  • Joy: Although Ragdoll cats are calm and docile, this is a joyous breed that likes to entertain and be entertained.

  • Mellow: You will rarely hear this breed make a harsh or high-pitched sound. Just like everything else about them, they also have a soft voice and aren’t ever pushy or demanding.

  • Placid: This is a calm and even-tempered breed that won’t ever cause any problems or lose its cool, so this is also suitable name.

  • Snuggly: Ragdoll cats are able to settle comfortably anywhere.

  • Softie: These cats are very tender. Softie is a name that captures their gentle nature completely.

  • Solace: Since they provide great comfort to their owners and can sense how their humans are feeling, this name can be a nice choice if you want to acknowledge these great traits.

  • Tranquil: This isn’t a particularly active breed that likes to runs around the house. Since these cats will spend most of their days lounging around, this name is a good fit.

Wrap Up

white ragdoll with its tail up

The Ragdoll is a loving and devoted breed with stunning looks and a calm personality. With a new Ragdoll kitty, you will gain a new best friend. But finding a fitting name for such amazing feline can be hard, so we’ve come to the rescue with this list of Ragdoll cat names that will be worthy of your magnificent cat.

We’ve given you a variety of great choices. We hope that you’ve found the right name. Naming your new kitty should be a stress-free and fun experience, so enjoy the whole naming process.

Did you find the perfect name for your kitty? Let us and our readers know about your choice in the comment section below. We have another article you might be interested in. Ragdoll cats are soft and tender in everything they do except for one: their purring. These cats can really purr. This article that explains more about how cats purr may be of interest to you.

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