Royal Cat Names: For Your Petite Prince or Princess

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Cats demand attention and respect. Tomcats mark territories while mollies carry themselves with so much elegance, almost expecting you to curtsy. It is no wonder that many people opt for names that will make these qualities stand out. If you want to join the bandwagon, there are numerous royal cat names to choose from.

Royal cat names come with history, meaning, and respect. You’d think that since royals are considered to be the ‘exclusive’ members of the society, there wouldn’t be that many royal cat names to choose from, but that’s a common misconception.

Throughout the world’s history, royalties have adopted an impressive array of names, which could make researching the perfect one for your cat difficult and time-consuming. This is where we come in.

We have explored and collected information on royal names that we believe to be the most suitable naming options for cats. While some are the real names of members of the royal family, others are titles of nobility. We have also borrowed some exotic ones to make your cat’s name stand out even more. Let us give you a tour of the royal courts.

Royal Cat Names by Gender

gray and white cat wearing king suit

Having pored over history books, texts, and other sources, we now have enough royal names for both male and female cats to help you choose a name that befits your noble feline.

#1: Male Names

Your boy cat needs to feel that he reigns supreme in his territory. Giving him a royal name will go a long way in ensuring that. Below are some of the best male royal cat names.

  • Abelard. An Old Germanic name that means ‘noble strength.’ This best suits a strong and elegant tomcat. Consider the following variations of the name: Abe, Abel, and Abelardo. You can also tweak it into Abby for a molly.

  • Acelin. French for ‘noble.’ Aceline is the feminine variation. We also have an article dedicated to French cat names here.

  • Albert. An English name that means ‘bright’ and ‘noble.’ Among the notable bearers of this name was Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. This would do for a smart tomcat. The feminine form is Alberta.

  • Alex. A masculine name of Greek origin. It means ‘the defender of man.’ Its popularity was first inspired by Alexander the Great who was the king of Macedon in ancient Greece. A name for a dominant male kitty.

  • Alvin. An old English name that means ‘noble friend.’ A royal name for a people-friendly tomcat.

  • Arthur. A name that can be traced back to Ancient Rome. It means ‘bear king.’ King Arthur is a famous monarch from English folktales. The seventh son of Queen Victoria also had the name.

  • Augustus. A Latin word that means ‘majestic’ and ‘noble.’ It was used in Ancient Rome by kings and emperors. The most famous monarch with this moniker was Caius Octavius.

  • Baldrick. A Germanic name that means ‘brave.’ The title was used by the Duke of Friuli in Northeast Italy. Discover many other German cat names here.

  • Bertie. A name that means ‘intelligent’ and ‘bright.’

  • Boris. A Russian name that means ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior.’ Boris Godunov was a Tsar of Russia. Best for a muscular cat.

  • Brice. An uncommon royal name. It’s usually associated with King Robert of Scotland who led his country to independence in the early 14th century.

  • Calvert. An English noble name that can be traced back to the Norman Conquest. It means ‘shepherd.’ A unisex name that would suit a cat who associates well with other animals or pets.

  • Carlos. A Spanish variation of Charles. The name can be used on a funny and cute cat. This royal name has been used by four former kings of Spain. The current Prince of Wales also shares the moniker.

  • Churchill. An English royal name that can be traced back to the Great Duke of Marlborough. It means ‘one who lives by the church hill.’ The family coat of arms has a lion, making it a name for an exceptionally brave cat.

  • Elmer. An old English masculine name that means ‘of noble birth.’ You might consider other cute variations like Ellner and Elmo. The feminine form is Elmira.

  • Eugene. A Greek name that means ‘one of noble descent.’ Owen is a variation of this name that means ‘young warrior.’ Both would fit a temperamental cat.

  • Fred. A shortened variation of Frederick. The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘peaceful ruler’. The King of Prussia in the late 18th century was a famous bearer of this name. Cute variations for your consideration include Rick, Freddie, and Ricky. You can further tweak it into Dory for a molly.

  • George. The name has been used by several monarchs in the United Kingdom. King George was the father of Queen Elizabeth. Prince George is the son of Prince William. The name is of Greek origin and means ’tiller of the soil’. A name that would suit a cat who keeps digging up your backyard.

  • Henry. A Germanic name that means ‘ruler of his household.’ The second son of Prince Charles is named Henry although he is better known as Harry.

  • James. A royal name that can be traced back to Jacob, a Hebrew name. King James IV was the first ruler of all of Britain.

  • Kenneth. A name of Scottish origin that means ‘born of fire.’ Legend has it that King Kenneth I was the first King of Scots. Queen Elizabeth is a famous descendant of his.

  • Louis. A name of French origin that means ‘famous warrior.’ The name was common among the royal family of France. It is also the middle name of Prince William. The name was also widely used by the royals of Holland, Portugal, and Monaco. An international name for an internationally famous cat like the Abyssinian.

  • Richard. It means ‘dominant ruler.’ King Richard was also known as ‘Richard the Lionheart’. Ricky, Rich, and Richie are some great variations of the name.

  • William. A noble name that has been used by the English Royals for a long time. It means ‘resolute protector.’ The most famous bearer of the name is the current Duke of Cambridge who is second in line to the English throne. A name for a protective cat.

#2: Female Names

kitten princess wearing beautiful crown

Female cats need names that make them feel loved and endeared to their owners. Choose a name that will help the two of you become closer because of what it represents below.

  • Ada. A name that can be traced back to Germanic and Hebrew words. It means ‘nobility or a jewel that is the subject of adoration.’ A name for a fashionable kitty.

  • Addie. This is a shortened variation of Adelaide, which means ‘nobility’ in French. A name for a molly who is sweet on you. Adelaide was the Queen Consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom in the early 19th century.

  • Adela. An English nobility name. Adela of Normandy was the daughter of William the Conqueror and also the mother of King Stephen of England.

  • Adina. A name for an athletic female cat. The name is of Hebrew origin; it means ‘slender’ or ‘noble.’

  • Alice. A name that means ‘of a noble kind.’ Notable royal who bore this name was Princess Alice. She was the mother of Prince Phillip of England. She was also Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter.

  • Audrey. An Old English name that means ‘nobility’ and ‘strength.’ Among royals who had the name was Audrey Emery, the wife of Grand Duke Demetri of Russia. A name for a strong molly.

  • Beatrice. A Latin name that means ‘bringer of joy.’ It’s the name of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter. Some cute variations of the name include Bea, Beasie, and Trix.

  • Beaufort. A French name that means ‘from the beautiful fortress.’ It is also a title of dukedom among the French nobility.

  • Blanche. A French royal name that means ‘white.’ Blanche of Castile was the queen of France in the early 13th century. Bianca is the Italian form of the name. Discover many other white cat names here.

  • Della. An English name that means ‘noble.’ It’s a variation of Brighid which refers to the fire goddess from Greek mythology. The moniker would do for a strong molly or one with an orange coat. Other variations of the name include Dela, Birget, and Brite.

  • Diana. Borrowed from the Greek goddess of the moon. Princess Diana, the mother of Princes William and Harry, was a famous bearer of the name. A name for a cat with silvery eyes.

  • Elke. A Germanic name that means ‘of noble birth.’ Other variations of the name are Elkie and Elkan.

  • Estelle. A Latin name that means ‘star.’ Princess Estelle of Sweden is a famous possessor of this name.

  • Ethel. An old Germanic name that means ‘noble, royal, or wise.’ The name would be great for an intelligent cat.

  • Fiona. A princess from ”Shrek”, a fairytale film by DreamWorks Animations. The name is of Latin origin and means ‘white’. Well, in the film she was mostly a green ogre, but still one of the most lovable cartoon princesses.

  • Helena. Means ‘light’. It’s associated with the Roman Empress Helena. During the Trojan wars, she was the wife of the king of Sparta. The third daughter of Queen Victoria was also named Helena. Ellen and Hellen are cute variations of the name.

  • Kate. This is a cute variation of Catherine. The current Duchess of Cambridge is Kate Middleton. It’s of French origin and means ‘pure’. Among other notable royals were Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Parr.

  • Louise. A Germanic name that means ‘a maiden warrior.’ Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter had this name. She broke protocol and got married to a commoner. Taking this into account, you can bestow it to a rebellious cat—one who plays by her own rules.

  • Philippa. A feminine version of the name Phillip, which means ‘lover of horses.’ Kate Middleton’s sister is also called Philippa.

  • Rose. Princess Margaret’s middle name. A perfect name for a beautiful cat.

  • Savannah. The name of Queen Elizabeth’s eldest grandchild is Savannah Phillips. The name means a ‘grassy plain with few trees.’

  • Sophia. A Greek name that means ‘wise.’ Among the royals with this name is the Queen of Spain. If you have a smart cat, you may find the names in our Nerdy Cat Names article apt.

  • Thyra. Means ‘a goddess of dawn’ in Greek. Princess Thyra, and later Queen, was the wife of the first king of Denmark. Apart from being referred to as a woman of great prudence, her husband raised a stone in her honor which referred to her as ‘the ornament of Denmark.’ Such a great name should be given to a cat that really deserves the honor.

  • Ursula. ‘A little female bear.’ The name of a virgin princess and a martyr. She was the daughter of King Dionotus of Dunmonia. She was murdered together with her 11,000 virginal handmaidens while on a Pan-European pilgrimage. A name for a pure and innocent cat.

  • Victoria. A name that stands for ‘victory.’ She was the queen of the United Kingdom from the 20th of June 1837 to the 1st of May 1876. A name for a female cat that reigns in the household.

  • Wanda. It means ‘a slender, young tree.’ Queen Wanda of Poland committed suicide to avoid an unwanted marriage right after she inherited the kingdom from her father. A name for a cat that is not easily tamed.

  • Xenia. It means ‘hospitality.’ The name was shared by several princesses—Xenia Georgievna of Russia, Xenia of Montenegro, and Xenia Andreevna of Russia. The name fits a cat who greets you or your guests at the door.

  • Yasmine. Arabic for ‘jasmine.’ You can name your beautiful daughter after Princess Yasmin Agha Khan, the daughter of Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan.

Cat Names Inspired by Royal Titles

orange cat emperor

Nobility has long been used as a standard for the highest attainable status in society. Some of the prestigious titles are hereditary while others are not. Your kitty can have any of these titles right at the comfort of your home.

  • Baron. A word with a Late Latin origin. It means ‘servant, soldier, or mercenary.’ The name suits a cat that is protective of you. The female version is Baroness.

  • Baronet. A title created by King James I. It’s above Knight but below Baron.

  • Count. A title in European countries for a noble who is between the highest and the lowest titles of nobility. It originates from a Latin word ‘comitem’ which means ‘companion or delegate of the emperor.’ The feminine title is Countess.

  • Duke. The title of a nobleman of high ranking in a kingdom. It also refers to a monarch who rules over a duchy. The name would best suit a dominant male kitten; one who ‘rules’ over the others.

  • Earl. A British nobility title that is ranked above a Viscount. An Earl rules a territory on behalf of his king.

  • Emperor. The ruler of an empire. Emperors rank higher than kings. The female version is Empress. The name would suit a cat that likes to dominate over others.

  • High King. A name for the strongest tomcat in a litter. The title refers to a king who rules over other lesser kings.

  • King. Also known as a monarch. He is in charge of a kingdom. The female equivalent is Queen, which stands for ‘woman’ or ‘wife.’ The name suits a territorial cat.

  • Knight. An honorary title granted to someone for service to a monarchy or a country. The name means ‘servant or bondsman.’ Knights were trusted for their skill in battle. A great name for a protective cat.

  • Marquess. A title that originated from a Germanic word meaning ‘mark.’ This refers to the borders of England, Wales, and Scotland. Marchioness is the feminine version.

  • Pope. Ruler of the sovereign state of Vatican. It is a religious title. The perfect way to combine royalty and religion.

  • Prince. This means ‘the first citizen or the one who takes the first place.’ This is the perfect name for the first offspring of a particular cat. The girl is definitely a Princess. Ever wondered how many kittens can a cat have?

  • Viscount. A nobility title below a duke. This is a rank of the sheriff of a county or shire.

Cat Names Inspired by Exotic Royal Names

evil cat king

Foreign names sound impressive; their eccentric nature makes them unique. This will make your cat stand out from the rest. Here are a few royal foreign names that may appeal to you.

  • Abira. A Colombian royal name that is associated with the god of creation from mythology. A unique name for a tomcat.

  • Aryan. An Indo-Iranian name that means ‘warrior.’ The name was also used to refer to a noble class of the Indic people.

  • Basil. A Greek name that means ‘kingly’ or ‘royal.’ In Arabic, it means ‘fearless.’

  • Basileus. If you want to call your cat ‘emperor’ in the Byzantine Empire version, then this is the name. The female title Basilissa has an even nicer ring to it.

  • Caliph. A Muslim leader considered to be the successor of Muhamad who is both a political and a religious leader. The word came from Khalifa, which means ‘successor or deputy.’ If you get a cat to replace the one you previously had, Caliph is a great name.

  • Emir. An Arabic title used to refer to the ruler of an emirate. The title means ‘commander in chief’ in Arabic. The feminine title is Emira.

  • Huangdi. An ancient China translation of ‘emperor.’

  • Khankhan. A Mongolian title which means ‘khan of khans’ or ‘king of kings,’ which translates to ‘emperor.’

  • Maharaja. A great ruler or high king of an Indian empire. Maharajni is the feminine form for an empress.

  • Mansa. A Malian emperor. The West African way of naming your outstanding male cat. For many more African cat names, try this link.

  • Pharaoh. Ancient Egyptian title that means ‘courtier of the great house.’ A name for a cat who behaves like he carries your entire household on his shoulders.

  • Principe. The Spanish version of ‘prince.’ A princess is referred to as Princesa.

  • Regio. Italian for ‘royal.’ A nice name for a kitten.

  • Rex. The equivalent of the king in Latin. Regina is the feminine version.

  • Shahanshah. Simply means ‘shah of shahs’ or ‘king of kings’ in Iranian.

  • Sultan. A name that stands for ‘strength, authority, or rulership.’ It is a noble title predominant in Muslim countries. A name befitting a cat that stands out from the rest. For a female one, the name is Sultana.

  • Taewang. A Korean title that means the ‘grandest of all kings.’ Another name that befits a dominant male cat.

  • Tiarna. This is the Irish version of ‘baron.’ The female version is Bantiarna. We have a whole another article dedicated entirely to Irish cat names for you.

  • Tsar or Czar. The Serbian, Russian, Bulgarian, and Croatian version of Caesar, but can also be used to refer to a king. For a cat who demands for your attention. Tsarina fits the girl.

  • Zara. The name means ‘princess’ in Russian. It also means ‘star or flower’ in Arabic. A suitable name for a pretty kitten with shiny eyes.

Wrap Up

princess kitten sleeping

The process of giving a name to your cat should be backed by inspiration and an understanding of the name’s history and meaning. Among the different methods used to name cats is the use of royal names.

Royal names are carefully selected to represent various desirable qualities, especially in leadership. These names command respect and attention and also represent authority. All these are in line with a cat’s nature.

The names come in both masculine and feminine versions. Some are adopted from real members of the royal families of both current and ancient times while others represent various noble titles in both English and foreign languages.

Remember that your cat will keep his/her name for a lifetime, and so you will be doing him/her justice by carefully choosing a name that suits them.

Your feedback means the world to us. Let us know your experience by leaving us your compliments, concerns, or comments below. We’d love to know which name you ended up picking for your little prince or princess. Couldn’t find a good enough name for your royal roommate? Our article on literary cat names might come in handy. Literary cat names are just as posh and elegant-sounding as royal cat names!

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