Russian Blue Cat Names: Names Fit for Royalty

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Martha Harvey
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You have just adopted a Russian Blue cat, and you can’t decide what to call him/her. Finding an appropriate name for a Russian Blue cat is not as easy as it seems. Given the attractive looks of these cats and the noble aura they exude, it can be very hard to find a fitting name. But don’t worry, as we will be giving you a comprehensive list of Russian Blue cat names that you can choose from.

Russian Blue cats are mysterious. Not much is known about their background, but it is believed that they are directly descended from the royal cats owned by Russian Tsars. That’s why most of the names you will find here have a noble flair to them. We will discuss the meaning of each name to further guide you in the selection process since your cat deserves nothing but the best.

We’ve separated the Russian cat name recommendations in this list by gender, by personality traits, physical characteristics, and there are also names inspired by the pop culture, just in case royal names don’t seem to suit your cat’s free spirit. At the end of this post, we hope that you will have identified at least one name that perfectly fits your feline friend.

Russian Blue Cat Names According to Gender

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Do you have a male Russian Blue cat? There are plenty of masculine names that you can give to him. Here we have a list of some of the best choices for your cool male Russian Blue cat.

You might expect these names to be Russian, but the Russian Blue is an internationally famous feline breed. The development of the breed happened in many other countries like Britain. Thus, we have included names from different countries in this list, but rest assured that all of these names have meanings that can aptly reflect your cat’s unique characteristics. If you’re looking for a list exclusively centered on Russian cat names, you can find it here.

Here are some of our Russian Blue cat names suggestions for male cats:

  • Alexander: this is the name of the great Greek conqueror who was known for his courage and energy. Alexander is the Latin version of the Greek name Alexandros; it means ‘protector of mankind.’ For a noble and brave Russian Blue.

  • Anatoly: this is a popular Russian and Ukranian name that means ‘sunrise.’

  • Anton: a name with German and Latin origins, it means ‘praiseworthy.’ It could be the best name to give to an obedient Russian Blue.

  • Audrick: this German word means ‘noble friend.’

  • Barrett: a German word which means ‘mighty as a bear.’

  • Boris: this Russian name has many connotations. It can mean ‘fighter,’ ‘small,’ or ‘battle glory.’

  • Dmitry: a Greek name which means ‘earth lover.’ If your Russian Blue likes to explore, you should perhaps install a cat door for him.

  • Leonardo: an Italian name which means ‘like a lion.’ This is a suitable choice for majestic felines like the Russian Blue.

  • Maxim: a Greek name which means ‘the greatest.’ It is an apt name for your new favorite cat.

  • Mikhail: this is a Hebrew name which is often mistaken for a Russian moniker. It means ‘gift from God.’ It can also mean ‘like God.’

  • Valentin: a Spanish name, it means ‘strong and healthy.’

  • Viktor: a Latin baby name, it translates to ‘conqueror.’

  • Vlad: a Russian name, it means ‘to rule.’

  • Vladimir: it is a Slavic name which means ‘prince.’

If you have a female Russian Blue cat, you can choose from any of these names:

  • Alice: it means ‘noble,’ which makes it a great choice for any Russian Blue as these cats are regal-looking.

  • Athena: this is the name of the Greek goddess of the arts and wisdom. It is a feminine name that’s apt for a smart Russian Blue.

  • Bella: an English word meaning ‘beautiful.’ You can go ahead and use it on your attractive Russian Blue cat.

  • Delilah: an Arabic name which means ‘desired.’ Perhaps you remember this to be the name of the Biblical character who tempted Samson.

  • Irina: we know that Russian Blue cats tend to be very shy and quiet. This Russian name, which means ‘peace,’ can be an appropriate description.

  • Kayla: an Arabic name that means ‘crown of laurels.’ This could be the right name for your new favorite pet and ruler of the house.

  • Luna: this Spanish word means ‘the moon.’ Does your cat’s silvery coat color remind you of the moon? Some other astronomy cat names might work too.

  • Majesta: a Latin word which means ‘majestic.’ This one can be given to any Russian Blue what with their majestic and royal backgrounds.

  • Maxine: this is the feminine counterpart of the name Maxim. Predictably, it means ‘the greatest.’

  • Mieze: this is a German word for ‘pussycat.’

  • Miranda: a Latin name which means ‘admirable.’ This could be an apt name for a beautiful and smart Russian Blue cat.

  • Sapphire: you might know it as the precious gemstone, but it can also be a Hebrew name which means ‘precious.’

  • Stella: this is an Italian name which means ‘stellar.’ It is not only short and easy to remember, but it also has a very nice connotation.

Russian Blue Cat Names According to Physical Characteristics

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It is no secret that the Russian Blue is one of the most beautiful feline breeds out there. You can choose a name that aptly describes the unique physical features of Russian Blue cats, like:

  • Alize: an English name that means ‘the clouds of heaven.’ It can refer to the grey color of your new Russian Blue.

  • Arata: a Japanese word which means ‘new.’ This is a name that you can give to your new pet. It’s for males.

  • Ariana: it is an Italian name which means ‘silver.’

  • Ashton: the name means ‘ash tree town’ and could refer to the grey coat of a Russian Blue cat.

  • Gormain: this is an Irish word which means ‘blue’ and can refer to the cat’s coat color.

  • Hinto: this is a Native American name that means ‘blue.’

  • Ichiro: another Japanese word, it means ‘firstborn son.’ This is a suitable name for your first Russian Blue cat. It is more appropriate for boy Russian Blues. If you’re adopting your very first cat, you might be interested in learning more about why cats are the best.

  • Jiro: now if you get another male Russian Blue, you can call him Jiro. It means ‘second born son.’

  • Kenichi: this is a variation of the name Ichiro. However, this one means ‘strong firstborn son.’

  • Kenji: like Kenichi, it is also a variant of another name listed here (Jiro). Kenji means ‘strong second son.’

  • Nila: an Indian name which also means ‘blue.’ This name might sound feminine, but it is actually better suited for a male Russian Blue cat.

  • Rascal: do you have a mischievous Russian Blue cat? Give him this name!

  • Yahto: another Native American name which means ‘blue.’

Russian Blue Cat Names According to Personality

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Despite their beauty, Russian Blue cats are known for being shy especially around strangers. However, they can also act very affectionate toward their masters. Russian Blue cats have a unique personality which can give you some clues as to how to name them.

Below is a list of some of the best names that you can give to your pet based on his/her personality:

  • Adalbert: a masculine German name, it means ‘intelligent or noble.’ It is an apt description of Russian Blue cats since they are known for their smarts and royal background.

  • Aiko: this is one of the most popular names in Japan. It means ‘little love.’ It’s for females. Do you have a female Russian Blue cat that’s full of love and affection? Ever wondered how cats show affection?

  • Caleb: this is a Hebrew name that stands for ‘loyal affection.’ Definitely a great choice if you have a loyal and affectionate cat.

  • Cupcake: a very popular unisex term of endearment, it may also be given to a Russian Blue who’s very affectionate with his/her master

  • Dempsey: this Gaelic word means ‘proud’ and thus could be a good fit for a lofty Russian Blue cat.

  • Ninja: the perfect name for a Russian Blue cat who’s very shy when strangers are around.

  • Queen: a name that’s great for an aloof female.

  • Shadow: a nice pick for a Russian Blue cat who’s always evasive.

  • Sherlock: named after the legendary private detective, this could be the right name for a cat who’s always following you around.

  • Siesta: ‘a nap.’ Perfect name for sleepyheads. Have you ever wondered how much do cats sleep? It seems like they can never get enough sleep.

  • Sonno: do you have a sleepy and lazy Russian Blue cat? Then call him Sonno. This Italian word means ‘sleepy.’

  • Spirit: Russian Blue cats can be independent when necessary, so this is a name that can describe that attitude.

  • Velcro: because he or she just sticks with you.

  • Zitto: an Italian name which means ‘quiet,’ this is a good choice for any Russian Blue cat given their shyness toward strangers.

Russian Blue Cat Names Inspired by TV and Movie Characters

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If you still haven’t picked a name for your Russian Blue cat, don’t despair. We still have another list of Russian Blue cat names to recommend. Find a list of cat names derived from and inspired by TV and movie characters below:

  • Daredevil: this is a Marvel Comics character who fights the bad guys despite his blindness. Of course, Daredevil may also pertain to anyone who’s daring and adventurous. If your Russian Blue pet is like that, then give him this name!

  • Dash: this is a character from the hit movie “The Incredibles.” Dash is gifted with superhuman speed. This is a name you can give to an incredibly agile and fast Russian Blue cat.

  • Flash: a D.C. Comics superhero known for his superb speed. The name can be given to Russian Blue cats who can leap and run at breakneck speeds.

  • Harry Pawterr: a playful take on the name of a character created and popularized by J.K. Rowling. For quiet but brave cats.

  • Jabba: the name of the Star Wars character, Jabba is a villain who has grown into one of the most popular characters from the said franchise. He may not be the nicest guy in the series, but he also happens to be one of the most beloved. We have a whole list dedicated to Star Wars cat names here.

  • Jedi: like Jabba, this term originated from the Star Wars universe. The Jedi are a part of a knightly order tasked to maintain peace and order in the universe. A Russian Blue cat named Jedi certainly sounds cool even for a non-Star Wars fan.

  • Kevin: the lead character in the movie “Up,” Kevin is the young boy scout who exhibited courage, loyalty, and kindness. Give this name to your Russian Blue cat in reference to those traits.

  • Khaleesi: one of the many titles given to the character played by Emilia Clarke in the highly popular “Game of Thrones” TV series. This is a great name you can give to a female Russian Blue. If you want to be a bit playful, you can even call her Catleesi. We have an entire article dedicated to Game of Thrones cat names here.

  • Legolas: you may remember this name as that of the character played by the actor Orlando Bloom in the hit movie “Lord of the Rings.” The character is portrayed as being light-hearted and noble—two qualities that may best describe your Russian Blue cat.

  • Nightcrawler: not as popular as the other Marvel Comics characters like Wolverine or Spiderman, but Nightcrawler makes a cool name for any cat that likes to roam around in the dead of night.

Wrap Up

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Russian Blue cats are wonderful beings with a unique personality. Despite their good looks, they are quite shy and timid. But they can also be very affectionate with their owners. They can also be demanding and independent at times.

With such a distinct personality, it can be hard to find an appropriate name for a Russian Blue cat. How do you capture all of their awesomeness? To help you with that, we have come up with this list full of meaningful and descriptive cat names. Hopefully, you have successfully picked the right name for your pet after reading this post.

Please share your choice with us! Do write in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you and your new Russian Blue cat! Congratulations for embarking on a new life with your cat that will surely be filled with love and companionship. But did you know that you really should socialize your Russian Blue early lest he/she becomes too shy and uncommunicative? Learn how to socialize cats here!

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