Russian Cat Names: Wondrous Names from the Northern Lands

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

If you’re looking for Russian cat names, chances are you’ve just adopted a Russian cat breed to be the newest member of your family. Have confidence in your choice. There are several cat breeds native to Russia—like the Siberian, the Peterbald, and the Russian Blue—and they all have very unique characteristics and wonderful personality. However, this uniqueness can become a double-edged sword. How do you find a name that’s just as original and awe-inspiring as they are?

Think carefully about what name you want to give your cat because apart from nick-names, your cat will have her name for life. If you love your cat deeply, the name you give this fur child of yours will be a reflection of the cat’s character and a little bit of yours as well. You’ll want a name for your cat that is not only unique but also matches her personality. By giving your new feline friend a meaningful name, you will be giving her an edge—providing her with self-esteem and confidence, as well as infusing her with your prayers so she will grow up safely.

The best way to land the perfect name for your feline friend while also giving a respectful nod to their origins is by christening them with a Russian name. In this article, we will begin by giving you some popular Russian names specific to each gender. Afterwards, we’ll move on to names inspired by famous Russian landmarks and individuals.

Russian Cat Names by Gender

gray junior peterbald

If you’ve just adopted a new feline companion, most probably, all you know about them is some basic information such as their breed, age, and of course, their gender.

You can wait until you’ve learned some more about their personality to give them a name, but the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to teach the cat their name. Therefore, you might want to go for the simplest solution—to name them according to their gender.

Russian Cat Names by Gender #1: Males

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Male Russian names usually sound strong and pronounced. They tend to have very powerful meanings as well. Take a look at the list below and pick out a name that represents what you think your cat would grow up to be, or what you believe them to be.

  • Anton — it means ‘Worthy of Praise.’ Since Russian cats are smart and they can learn to retrieve objects and even open doors, this name suits them perfectly.

  • Boristhe name means ‘Fighter.’ Although your cat may not be into fighting with other cats, it’s a name full of attitude and resolute determination—the perfect name for a cat who knows exactly what he wants in life.

  • Czar   this name means ‘Emperor.’ The name will suit a Russian Blue. These cats have a remarkably luxurious coat. Their royal looks deserve a royal name. This name will also suit a Siberian cat. These gentle, friendly cats from northern Russia just give off the appearance of strength, power, and authority—as if they were the king of all cats.

  • Ivan  meaning ‘Gracious Gift from God’, what name could be more simple and attractive for your male cat? Cats are sensitive to human emotions; that why they are always there for us when we need them the most. They act like our guardian angels, don’t they?

  • Luchik your furry friend might be like a ray of sunshine in your life. If that’s the case, a name like Luchik, which translates to ‘A Little Ray of Light’ would suit your little sunbeam to the T.

  • Maximilian  it’s a great name as it is, but it can still be shortened to Max. Maximillian means ‘The Great’ and this name particularly suits a Siberian cat. While the Siberian is a friendly, gentle cat, they are also giants that can’t be mistaken for anything but powerful. Max is truly an ideal Russian name for a large cat like the Siberian.

  • Nikolai  meaning ‘Victorious.’ A male Siberian cat will wield such a strong, attractive name with pride. These exquisite cats existed for centuries performing rodent control on farms. They have waged battles and wars for so long, and the fact that they are still here today means they have emerged victorious.

  • Sakharok  this one is a Russian pet name commonly used to fondly refer to a beloved one. Pet name. Get it?

  • Sasha  if your cat is picky about who you bring home because he’s always looking out for you, he deserves to be called ‘The Defender of Men.’

  • Valery — it means ‘Strength and Health.’ Your cat’s name is the foundation on which he will build his life. We all wish that our feline friends would grow up to become strong and healthy, so this name is perfect.

Russian Cat Names by Gender #2: Females

Siberian cat in snow

Female Russian names tend to come with lilting vowels that make them sound very musical and beautiful. Even if your cat isn’t Russian, surely she will be glad to be given an angelic-sounding Russian name. Here are a few suggestions you can take into consideration:

  • Anzhela — it means ‘Angelic.’ If you’ve just adopted a beautiful cat with a quiet voice that matches her gentle demeanor, then this name is perfect for her.

  • Eva a lovely name that means ‘The Living One.’ Is your cat playful, intelligent, and lively? Most Russian breeds are. For example, the Siberian and the Russian Blue have well-muscled bodies. They are agile, so your furry pet is more than capable of leaping with ease onto a higher place where they can then watch over their domain.

  • Kira — for most cat owners, companionship is the feature they want the most in a cat. The beautiful name Kira means ‘Beloved,’ and for the awesome friendship your cat provides, you should reward them with this powerful name.

  • Luba  this is a unique name that translates to ‘She Who Loves.’ Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s easy to pronounce and very apt for your loyal and loving cat.

  • Rada  the fact that Rada means ‘happy’ should appeal to you as the name applies to both you and your pet. Your new four-legged family member will no doubt bring you much happiness. Your furry friend provides you with companionship, entertainment, amusement, and plenty of laughter with her antics. The endless joy she supplies you with is priceless.

  • Roza  the name Rose is a popular one—so much so that you probably should think twice before giving it to your furry friend because you don’t want her to think that she’s just one out of many. Roza makes a great alternative to Rose.

  • Valentina — ‘Strong,’ ‘Brave,’ and ‘Healthy’ are the meanings of this Russian name. If you want to ensure that your feline friend will grow up strong and healthy, make sure you buy the kitten from an ethical and responsible breeder who makes sure that the cats are fully up to date with their vaccinations.

Russian Cat Names Inspired by Locations

cat visiting Kremlin

Russia is the largest country in the world—spanning 6.6 million square miles and sharing borders with no less than four neighboring countries. The country has amazing cities, rivers, mountains, and landmarks. All these provide brilliant inspiration for both male and female Russian cat names.

  • Kremlin — this is a fortified complex in Moscow. It is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Mariinsky  the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia, is a historic theatre of opera and ballet. Naming your graceful cat after this legendary center of the performing arts would be apt.
  • Moscow  the famed capital of Russia. The perfect name for a cat that has become the center of your world.
  • Siberia  an icy, snowy region that’s famous for being the birthplace of many a beautiful breed, such as the Siberian cat and the Siberian Husky.
  • Sochi  this Russian city hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. It would make an apt name for an athletic cat.

Russian Cat Names Inspired by Famous Individuals

white peterbald on grass

Your Russian cat needs a name that is easy to pronounce. Otherwise, you may get tongue-tied and wonder why your cat never latches on to her complex name. The basic requirements for naming your cat are to keep it easy-to-grasp for your fur child. What names are easier to remember than those of world-famous historical figures and celebrities?

Ranging from classical musicians to Hollywood stars, many an important figure in the annals of world history has Russian roots. Take a look at the list below to provide your cat with a glamorous name:

  • Anastasia — this is such a beautiful name for a female Russian cat. The name means ‘Resurrection’ or ‘Grand Princess.’ Anastasia Nikolaevna was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. If you’re looking for a grand royal name from an illustrious historical time in Russia, look no further.

  • Igor — this excellent name for your Russian cat means ‘Warrior of Peace’ and is also the name of a famous Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that most—if not all—cats are warriors of peace. After all, they don’t like raised voices, and they may slink under the nearest chair or table to escape seeing and hearing their beloved owners at odds with someone else.

  • Joan Rivers — she was born to Russian immigrants. Her real full name—Joan Alexandra Molinsky—provides you with a number of interesting names for your female cat. You can select either River, Joan, Alexandra, or perhaps even Molly for your special fur child.

  • Rasputin — this name is associated with mysticism and inner power. That’s precisely why we are drawn to cats, isn’t it? All cats exude a certain aura of mystery and hidden strength that we just can’t ignore.

Wrap Up

Cat loves Russia

There are so many reasons why you might want to give your furry friend a Russian name. If you’ve just adopted a Russian cat breed, then the reason is obvious, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. It’s perfectly fine to go for a Russian name even if your cat isn’t a Russian breed. Maybe the history or the culture fascinates you, or maybe it’s because you’ve even got some family ties to the country. Either way, Russia is a nation rife with culture and history, so there should be no shortage of inspirational aspects for you to draw from.

The list of Russian cat names we’ve provided for you above is by no means exhaustive. Cats come in all shapes and sizes. Each breed of cat has a number of different characteristics which sets them apart from the others, and all these differences will help you form the idea of the perfect name for them in your mind.

You could go by the color of their coat. Then again, your Russian cat might remind you of a character straight out of Russian novels such as Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov or Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak.

Not to mention, the Russian Blue loves to drink water straight from the faucets, and this particular characteristic of your furry friend may give you the idea to call her something that draws attention to drinking.

It’s a known fact that many Russians love a hard drink, and you’ll often see them downing a bottle of vodka. The average adult drinks about 14 liters of vodka each year and your cat’s love of drinking running water may well become an inspiration that will help you decide on a name that is centered on the consumption of liquor. The Russian cats are such a diverse bunch that your imagination is the limit when it comes to Russian cat names.

Did any of the aforementioned Russian cat names tickle your fancy? If your cat didn’t like any of the above, how about going back a bit further in time and picking out a name from a country that was said to be the origin of domesticated cats? Check out this article on Egyptian cat names. We’d love to know what names you’ve come up with for your furry friend, and most of all, what your cat had to say about it.

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