Savannah Cat Names: Unique Names for an Exotic Hybrid

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Stella Noble
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Picking a name for a new kitty is hard work, but luckily, there are many Savannah cat names that can be considered when you’re looking for the perfect moniker for your new kitty.

The Savannah cat is a domestic, exotic-looking breed that has the blood of the African Serval running through their veins. So it comes as no surprise that this breed has an exotic wild look, but their personality is anything but wild. The Savannah is an extremely intelligent breed that is friendly, attention-seeking, and loyal.

With so many great qualities, it’s no wonder that you have a hard time deciding on a suitable name that will depict the best traits of your cat. But fear not, we’ve come up with this guide to help you find the right name that will suit your kitty like a glove and go with his/her stunning look and outgoing character.

In this article, you will find names for female and male Savannah cats, and also names inspired by their African heritage. Scroll down to find the perfect name for your wild-looking beauty.

Savannah Cat Names by Gender

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To make your pursuit of the right cat name easier, we have separated the list into those for female and those for male Savannah cats. We take into the account the exotic look, athletic nature, playfulness, and the funny personality of this breed to help you find the right name for your new cat.

We will start off with the most popular male Savannah cat names and carry on from there.

#1: Male Savannah Cat Names

  • Archer: A good name for male Savannah cats since they are very agile and their coats provide excellent camouflage.

  • Angus: Meaning “extremely strong”; a nice choice since this breed is slightly larger than other domestic cats.

  • Aslan: Can be a good name for brave and courageous cats.

  • Arthur: Meaning “strong as a rock”; a good fit for all male Savannah cats since they have athletic bodies and very strong legs.

  • Chief: Can be a funny and nice moniker if your kitty likes to be in charge and is able to persuade you to always play with him.

  • Dart: A name for fast-running cats that are always in motion.

  • Dynamo: Savannah cats are always full of energy and like to be in motion. If this sounds like your kitty, then Dynamo might be the perfect moniker for him. If you want to provide an outlet for all of your Savannah cat’s energy, you have to learn the right way to play with cats.

  • Fidget: A suitable name for active cats that can’t stay long in one place. If you have trouble getting a hold of your kitty for a cuddling session, this name is the right choice.

  • Hunter: This breed likes to hunt mice and birds. Their lithe bodies give them the ability to jump very high, and their coats make them virtually undetectable.

  • Lynx: A breed of wild cats that have similarly spotted fur like the Savannah cats, so Lynx can be a suitable name if you are searching for a unique moniker.

  • Marble: A type of limestone that is usually white with colored mottlings and is a suitable name for male cats that have this color of fur.

  • Pouncer: A great name for Savannah males that like to play with their toys by seizing them with their front paws.

  • Rocky: Can be a nice and easy-to-teach name for male cats that have grayish coats with black spots.

  • Smudge: An obvious choice if you are looking for a name that will be associated with your kitty’s appearance. This breed is covered with black spots so Smudge can be a unique and funny name.

  • Spots: Can be a great name if you are looking for a name inspired by the spotted coat of your cat.

  • Thor: The god of thunder and war in Norse Mythology and can be a suitable name for large male cats that like to dominate and be in charge.

#2: Female Savannah Cat Names

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  • Adele: Meaning “kind”; a nice moniker for well-behaved cats that like to spend time with their owners and pass hours cuddling.

  • Astra: Means “star” and can be a good name for a cat with a bright personality that is extremely friendly and likes playing with everyone.

  • Audrey: A name for a majestic-looking cat that is always the center of attention.

  • Bella: Means “beautiful” and is a great choice for any female Savannah cat since all of them are regal-looking and gorgeous.

  • Beatrice: Meaning “bringer of joy”; a name for a cat that is goofy, playful, and able to make you laugh.

  • Button: Your Savannah may not be as cute as a button because this term is usually reserved for smaller cats, but this name is still suitable for this breed because of the black spots on their coats.

  • Chick: A unique name for stylish cats that always look impeccable. Since this breed is exotic and elegant-looking, this can be a great moniker for your new cat.

  • Deja: This is a name for cats that are shy at first, but once they get used to their new environment, they blossom. If your cat shares these traits, Deja is an exotic and appropriate name for her. Also, check out our article on how to introduce a cat to a new home.

  • Dot: An obvious choice if you are looking for a cute and short name based on your kitty’s appearance.

  • Duchess: Can be a great choice for a female Savannah cat if she looks regal and acts like all her wishes must be met.

  • Darlene: Meaning “dear little one”; a great name for cats that stole your heart and became a true member of the family right away.

  • Ella: Meaning “beautiful fairy” and can be a suitable name for playful and mischievous cats that are stunning.

  • Enya: Means “fire” and can be used if your cat is fearless and always in pursuit of new adventures. Cats like this need a lot of toys to keep them occupied and away from your valuables. Find out how to make simple and affordable DIY cat toys here.

  • Felicity: Meaning “happiness”; a great name for a cat that brings joy into your life and is very attached to you.

  • Gracie: This name is inspired by grace. If your new kitty is kind, loves to cuddle, and is an extremely lovable bundle of fur, you can give her this name.

  • Hannah: Meaning “favor or grace”; a name for a calm female cat that prefers sleeping and lounging in your lap instead of going outdoors.

  • Heidi: Meaning “nobility”; a great name for female Savannah cats since all of them are classy and elegant-looking.

  • Honey: Can be used if you have a very cute and sweet cat that can be funny and mischievous.

  • Ida: A good name for cats that are a lot of work and can be very stubborn. This name means “work” so it is suitable for cats that are a handful on some occasions.

  • Ima: Meaning “present, now” and is a suitable name for cats that live in the moment and are full of energy. Ima is always in motion and in pursuit of new adventures.

  • Ivory: Can be a suitable name if this is the color of your cat’s coat.

  • Isis: An Egyptian goddess of magic and an exotic-sounding name that is appropriate for flamboyant-looking cats.

  • Jada: Meaning “the knowing one”; a name for a very smart cat that is easily trainable. Since Savannah cats are very intelligent and can learn even hard tricks, this name is the right choice.

  • Jane: Meaning “ gracious”; this name is short and easy to remember and a suitable pick if your kitty is classy and royal-looking.

  • Jewel: Can be a unique name if you treasure your kitty and find her special.

  • Jolie: Means “pretty” and is a great choice for female Savannah cats since they are classy and beautiful.

  • Julie: Meaning “youthful”; can be considered as a name since this breed is an eternal child. If you suspect that your kitty will continue to be funny and cuddly when she is an adult, you can consider naming her Julie.

  • Kia: A name of African origins and means “season’s beginning.” This can be the right choice if you are looking for a name that will be related to the origins of Savannah breed.

  • Layla: Means “night” and is a suitable name for cats that sleep the whole day away and then play all night.

  • Leah: Meaning “ruler”; a great moniker for the top cat of the household.

  • Lena: If you have a very enticing cat that is able to charm you into some additional treats, you can consider this name since it means “alluring.”

  • Lucille: Means “light” and can be a moniker for a cat that brings joy and happiness into your life.

  • Maggi: Means “pearl” and can be used to describe how precious your kitty is.

  • Majesty: An obvious choice if you have a royal-looking and elegant cat that is pampered all the time.

  • Milly: Meaning “mild of strength”; a suitable name for gracious and well-behaved cats that don’t like conflicts and get along fine with everyone.

  • Mimsy: Means “pleasant” and is a nice choice if you have a calm cat that likes to offer support and be around to help you.

  • Nadia: Means “hope” and is a nice sounding name for well-behaved cats.

  • Nellie: Meaning “shining light”; a suitable name for joyful cats that are always happy and able to make you feel cheerful as well.

  • Olive: This name symbolizes “peace” and can be used for docile and tranquil cats that aren’t prone to trouble and mischief.

  • Patches: A unique name and suitable for female Savannah cats since their coats are covered in spots.

  • Penny: Means “flower” and can be a great name for a gentle and beautiful cat that is at first shy, but later blossoms. Click here to find more flower names for cats.

  • Renee: A suitable name for a cat that helps you get a fresh start. The meaning of this name is “rebirth” and can also be used for an adopted cat whose luck has changed the moment she was welcomed into your home.

  • Roxy: Means “bright” and is a great choice if you have a smart cat with a happy personality that is friendly with everyone.

  • Sally: Means “princess,” so if you love to pamper your cat and she is wearing classy collars, then this is the right name for her.

  • Silvie: Meaning “from the forest”; a great name for female Savannah cats since their fur gives them the ability to become one with nature.

  • Sophia: A name for very smart and trainable cats since it means “wisdom.”

  • Uma: Meaning “tranquility and splendor”; a unique-sounding name for gorgeous cats that like to lounge all day and be cuddled.

  • Zoe: Means “life” and if you have a very lively and active cat that likes to play and be adventurous, you can give her this name.

  • Zola: A great moniker for cats that rarely meow and vocalize since it means “quiet.”

  • Zula: Means “brilliant” and is a great name for that awesome cat that is great at everything she does.

African Savannah Cat Names

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This breed was created by breeding African wild Serval with a domestic cat, and even though your kitty was developed from two domestic Savannah cats, he/she still has African heritage. If you want to give your kitty a unique moniker that will be associated with his/her roots, scroll down for more great names.

  • Abasi: Means “serious” in Egyptian and is a great name for male cats that possess this character trait.

  • Adisa: Means “clear one” and is a great choice if you have a cat that likes to spend hours grooming herself to perfection.

  • Africa: An obvious but unique choice for a cat name.

  • Azzizei: Means “precious” in Egyptian and can be a name for that kitty that stole your heart.

  • Bahati: Means “fortune and luck” and is an African-inspired name for that cat that changed your life.

  • Bapoto: Means “noisy” and is a name for mischievous male cats that like to be loud while playing in the house.

  • Bola: A Nigerian cat name that means “full of fun” and if your kitty is funny and able to make you laugh, this is a perfect name for him.

  • Candace: Means “queen mother” and is a hereditary title of the queens in Ethiopia.

  • Cipo: A Southern African word that means “gift.” It would be an exotic and great name if you got your kitty as a present.

  • Dayo: Means “joys arrives” in Yoruba, and is a nice name if your kitty brings you happiness every day.

  • Eshe: An Egyptian cat name and it means “life.” It can be used for very active and lively cats.

  • Furaha: Means “joy or happiness” in Swahili.

  • Kamilah: Means “perfect” in Egyptian.

  • Leena: Meaning “tender”; a good name for gentle, well-behaved cats that like to be petted and will purr for hours in your lap.

  • Lencho: Meaning “lion” in Ethiopian and Kenyan and can be a nice moniker if you want a name that will go with the wild ancestry of your cat.

  • Makeda: Is considered to be the Ethiopian name of the queen of Sheba, and it means “beautiful.”

  • Mudiwa: Means “beloved” in Shona, and has Southern African origins.

  • Nakato: Means “the second of twins” and can be a good name for a kitty that has one older sibling.

  • Nia: Means “purpose” in Swahili and can be a nice name for a motivated cat that learns tricks quickly. Find a few tricks that you can teach her here.

  • Rufaro: Means “happiness” in Shona and can be a great name for happy-go-lucky male cats.

  • Siri: Means “tiger” in Nigerian and can be a nice choice that is associated with your cat’s wild ancestry.

  • Tafari: Meaning “he who inspires awe”; can be a great name for awesome male cats.

  • Zaki: Means “lion” in West African and is a suitable name for male cats that are kings of the household.

Wrap Up

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If a Savannah cat is the newest member of your family, be prepared for a joyous ride since this breed is playful, funny, friendly, and loves to be involved in all household activities.

With such a great personality, your cat needs a great name, and we hope that you found the perfect one in our list of Savannah cat names. Getting a new cat is an amazing experience so get the best of it, and have fun while searching for a great name that will go with your new companion.

If you already have a Savannah cat at home, please share his/her name with us and the inspiration for it in the comment section below. We’d love to talk more with you! If you’re still looking for a good name for your Savannah, try our article on celebrity cat names. Savannah cats, being hybrids, are certainly celebrities in the cat world.

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