Scottish Cat Names: From the Land of the Brave

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Jeremy Vaughn
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A little bird tells us you’re looking for Scottish cat names. We also love picking exotic names from other cultures for our pets, so we know where you are coming from. However, precisely because of that, we also know that it is not an easy thing to do especially if you are not a part of the culture—even if you are, because there are so many options, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Anticipating your dilemma, we have taken it upon ourselves to source some of the best Scottish names for cats. You are guaranteed a very broad range of options to choose from. For those who are not familiar with the culture, we have one more gift for you: every name on this list comes with meanings, so you know exactly what your cat is getting.

Here is a big list that suggests the best Scottish cat names to you. We have divided the list into four subcategories: Scottish cat names divided by gender, fun Scottish names for cats, geography-inspired names, and names drawn from Scottish legends.

Scottish Cat Names by Gender

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Scottish names are gender-specific, and that’s why we’ve separated the extensive name suggestions we have into those for males and those for females.

#1: Male Scottish Cat Names

First up are the male cats. We have plenty in store for them. Male Scots are known for being masculine and brave. In the list below, we have plenty of names that highlight those positive traits and more.

  • Acair – The Scottish word for ‘anchor.’ If you and your partner just got a cat, this could be used to mean something that holds you both down together in the same boat – or ship (like a relationship… get it?).

  • Aengus – Refers to someone or something that is way stronger than normally expected. Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to cats.

  • Ailein – Used to mean someone or something ‘from the green meadows.’

  • Airell – This simple name for a male cat means ‘nobleman.’

  • Alistaire – This is the Scottish version of the name Alexander. The meaning doesn’t change, namely ‘the defender of mankind.’

  • Bothan – Old Scotland is made up of a lot of stone houses so it is understandable why they would have a name for someone who comes ‘from the stone house.’

  • Buchannan – This name has made it into the American culture, but it came from the Scots. Its literal meaning refers to someone/ something ‘from the cannon’s seat.’

  • Callum – This name is perfect for hairless cat breeds like the Sphynx because it means ‘bald dove.’

  • Cayden – It is no surprise that a lot of Caydens we have seen on screen usually have a ‘fighter’ spirit to them.

  • Crannog – ‘One that dwells in the lake.’

  • Dallas – ‘One from the waterfall.’

  • Davis – ‘The son of David.’

  • Ferguson – ‘Son of the first choice.’ Did you fall in love with your cat on first glance?

  • Fletcher – A very cool name to adopt if you are a fan of the one-time Manchester United player, Darren Fletcher. Otherwise, you could just choose it because it means ‘the maker of arrows.’

  • Gavan – Means ‘white hawk,’ making it apt for white cats. It is a derivative of the medieval name Gawain, which is also a variant of Gwayne.

  • Henson – ‘Son of Henry.’

  • Iain – It means ‘Gift from God.’

  • Jackie – Even though today this is a unisex name, it was originally based on John/Jacques. In Scotland, the name means ‘God has been gracious’ or ‘God has shown favor.’

  • Kade – Scottish word for ‘a person who came from the wetlands.’

  • Kamryn – Derived from Cameron. It means ‘crooked nose.’ This name is perfect for cats like Ragdolls that have Roman noses, or even for flat-nosed Persians.

#2: Female Scottish Cat Names

Female Scots are known to be just as hardworking and courageous as the males. They are also beautiful, patient, and can be quite humorous. Here are a few name suggestions that highlight those traits:

  • Abi – The short form of Abigail. It means ‘father’s joy.

  • Aileen – Female variant of Ailein. It means someone/something ‘from the green meadows.’

  • Annabel – Means ‘beautiful grace.’

  • Bonny – This name was brought into the Scottish culture from France. With ‘bon’ in French meaning ‘good,’ this adaption means anything ‘pretty, charming, or beautiful.’

  • Brianne – The name can also be spelled as either of Briana or Brianna, all of which have the same meaning: ‘she that ascends.’ A great name for a cat that likes to perch on high places.

  • Cara – Scottish name that means ‘friend.’

  • Carmel – Signifies someone/something that comes ‘from the vineyard.’

  • Caroline –feminine form of Charles.

  • Deva – Not to be confused with ‘Diva,’ this name means something ‘divine.’ In other translations, it can also mean ‘the shining one.’

  • Donalda – The Scottish feminine form of the male name, Donald.

  • Fiona – A name that could mean either ‘white’ or ‘fair.’

  • Iona – Means ‘violet.’ Perfect for cats with a colorful personality.

  • Jaimi – Jaimi is a pet name derived from James.

  • Kenzie – An abbreviation of the slightly longer McKenzie. The standalone name translates into ‘the fair one.’

  • Lindsay – This Scottish surname was particularly popular among boys, but along the line, more girls started to use the name. This is probably due to its resemblance to the name Linda (hey! Another suggestion for your cat right here).

  • Malmuira – If, by chance, your female cat has a black coat or black patches on her fur, a name that translates ‘dark-skinned’ is just apt.

  • Rhona – This is an ancient name, coming from one of the older Gaelic cultures of Scotland. As far as meanings go, the name means ‘rough island.’

  • Tavia – A Sottish word that is used to refer to twins. Note that it is reserved for the females only.

Fun Scottish Cat Names

tabby cat lying with a bottle of whiskey

The Scots are a fun set of people. They also have a lot of cultural activities that spell fun for their people, so much so that we find it fitting to bring in some of their fun-filled names and words into this list. Here are few suggestions we think your fun-loving cat would love.

  • Ale – Ale is another word for beer. Drinking is nearly a sport in Scotland. If you love drinking as much as the Scots do, don’t miss out on our article on alcohol names for cats.

  • Bairn – Think your cat will remain a kitten forever? How about calling him/her ‘baby’ then?

  • Canine – As we know it, this word refers to dogs. However, it’s not the same for the Scots, who use it to refer to ‘a smart person’ instead. We think you can use the name to show other cats in your area that your cat is in a league of his/her own. The fact that other people will think you are naming your cat after dogs is equally smart.

  • Connery – If you don’t know Sean Connery—only the most legendary Scottish actor to grace the screens—then we might have a small problem.

  • Highlander – If it doesn’t refer to the 1986 movie of the same name, it can be used to make a mention of someone who ‘comes from the Highlands.’

  • Kilt – Knee length, plaid-patterned skirt worn by Scottish men. It is a huge part of their culture.

  • Laddie This is seen as a modification of the word ‘lad.’ It is a Scottish term that is used to refer to a boy or a very young man. It needs no telling that a male cat should get this one.

  • Lassie – What if we had a female cat on our hands and not a male one? Certainly, they can’t be named Laddie; that’s why we have Lassie for them.

  • Loch – In Scottish-Gaelic, this is a word used to mean ‘lake’; does Loch Ness ring a bell?

  • Plaid – A popular pattern on clothes that can be seen throughout the entire country.

  • Pub – Because how else would the people drink and be merry if there were no pubs to cater to their needs?

  • Quid – We think the Scots considered calling their currency ‘Pound Sterling’ a little bit of a mouthful, so they invented this.

  • Scotch – One of the finest whiskey exported from the country. If your cat is an export of the country too (a Scottish Fold, perhaps), he/she deserves this fine name.

  • Sterling – This is not just a beautiful name. It happens to be the surname of the country’s official currency too.

  • Tartan – Named after the Tartan Army which is a popular football team in the country.

  • Toaty – A slang word that is used to refer to ‘something both tiny and smal.l’

  • Whiskey – No, this was not made in Scotland like Scotch. However, this alcoholic drink is quite popular in the country.

Geography-Inspired Scottish Cat Names

cat sitting near the lake

If you love yourself some names based on cool locations in Scotland, we’ve got you covered on that front too. If you don’t believe that the name of a location could be cool and sexy on your cat, allow us to change your opinion with these options.

  • Aberdeen – The third most populous city in the country.

  • Arran – Named after the Isle of Arrran.

  • Cuillin – Cuillin refers to a collective range of the Rocky Mountains situated on the Island of Skye.

  • Edinburgh The capital of Scotland. Should this be too much of a mouthful, you can go for the short version ‘Edin’ instead.

  • Embra – The Scots have slang for almost everything, so it’s not that surprising that they have one for their capital city too.

  • Glasgow – Glasgow is regarded as the largest city in Scotland. Perfect for a large cat breed like the Maine Coon.

  • Islay – Yet another Scottish island.

  • Lomond – Lomond is a freshwater lake in Scotland.

  • Skye – For those who have seen the island of Skye—an island in the northwest region of Scotland—you would agree that its beauty is inexplicable.

Legendary Scottish Names for Cats

orange cat swimming in like like Nessie

It would be rude to talk about Scotland and not mention the legends steeped in its rich culture. Going deeper into the origins of the Scots, here are some legendary names that sound just purrfect for your cat.

  • Cinaed – This is a really old Scottish name that many will find hard to pronounce these days. After undergoing various modifications, it is now known as Kenneth, which can be further shortened to Kenny. In the past, the name belonged to the very first king of Scotland and referred to one who was either ‘born of fire’ or a ‘wise ruler.’

  • Conall – Conall is known as a ‘strong wolf’ and features in a lot of Scottish (Gaelic) mythology as a mighty warrior cum legendary king.

  • Conan – After the legendary author (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) who hails from Scotland.

  • Doyle – For those that would rather use this name over the one above. Although it is recommended for male cats/kittens, it can also be used for females.

  • Duff – He was a king of Scotland who didn’t reign for more than five years. After he died, legend has it that the sun did not shine until his body was recovered from under a bridge.

  • Duncan – Literally translates to ‘brown warrior’; Duncan was the name of two different Scottish kings. Those who have read the Shakespearean ‘Macbeth’ will recognize this name from a king in the play. Find many other specially made brown cat names here.

  • Ness – Ness is the nickname given to the Loch Ness Monster. It would be very fitting for a cat with a mysterious personality. Could be one with a black coat, unsettling eyes, or some other uncanny feature that doesn’t make him/her less cute anyways.

  • Nessie – The female version of ‘Ness.’

Wrap Up

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Tons of names from Scotland in one place, under different categories, and all you have to do is choose one that you are pleased with. When you find the purrfect name for your little friend, do let us know what it is in the comments box. Got some cool Scottish cat names that you feel we missed out on? Let’s hear about them too.

If you couldn’t find the perfect name for your cat even after perusing the extensive list above, check out our article on British cat names. Perhaps the purrfect name is just around the corner.

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