Shy Cat Names: Adorable Names For Your Timid Pet

orange shy cat looking out of the door
Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

For some reason, shy cats just tug at your heart. You just want to pick them up, hold them, and tell them that everything’s going to be all right. But it’s not easy befriending, let alone adopting, a timid cat. If you’ve got your heart set on taking one home, wouldn’t it be great if you’ve got a shortlist of shy cat names you can try out on your new pet?

One of the keys to taming a shy cat is to use a gentle approach. Pet names fitting for shy cats are usually gentle-sounding, so when you baptize your new feline pet with such a name, and even if you call out the name a hundred times, the cat won’t feel threatened or scared.

To help you choose a name for your pet, we’ve organized this list for you. Just for fun and a play on your cat’s timid character, we’ll start off with cat names that begin with the word “Shy.” We will then take a look at some of the most widely-used cute cat names. We’ve also included a list of cat names with a twist and pun. Just for an international feel, we’ll also check out how “shy” and “timid” are said in other languages.

“Shy-” Names For Shy Cats

tabby timid cat sitting in the grass

Names that start with “Shy” are not very common and if you choose one for your cat, you get the added benefit of having a rare name for your pet’s moniker. These names are just absolutely great for your pet because they sound gentle and they also capture your pet’s most notable characteristic.

Names Beginning With "Shy"GenderOrigin/Meaning/Description
ShyamMaleIndian; dark complexion; a perfect name for dark-furred shy cats
ShyamaFemaleSanskrit; black beauty; perfect for female dark-furred cats
Shyan/ShyanaFemaleDakota; unintelligible speakers; for that shy cat that you just can't figure out
ShyaneMalePersian; deserving; for that timid cat that deserves your love
Shycea/ShyceeFemaleNative American; a quiet child; a very apt name for quiet, shy cats
ShyhanMaleGaelic; little peaceful one; it's the best name for any shy cat
ShylahMaleNative American; one who is brotherly; great for your timid but affectionate cat
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ShylinFemaleChinese; intellectual; for that shy but obviously smart cat
Shyloh/ShilohMaleHebrew; "His gift" or "He who has been sent"; for that cat that's been sent to you like a present from heaven
ShymanFemaleGerman; shoemaker; for that shy cat that loves to play with shoes
Shyn/ShinFemaleKorean; faith; for that shy cat that showed faith in you
Shyno/ShinoMaleJapanese; bamboo stem; for that cat that's as steadfast as a bamboo
ShyrikiMaleNative American; like a coyote; for that shy cat that also has a bit of a wild side to him
ShyrinFemalePersian; charming or pleasant; great name for a shy cat that has charmed you
ShysheerMaleSanskrit; born during the winter
Shyva/ShivaMaleSanskrit; kind or benign; for that shy but kind cat

Popular, Cute Names For Shy Cats

white and gray cat with big round eyes

These cute names absolutely show how much you adore your shy cat. No doubt your new pet will warm up to you in no time and overcome his/her shyness.

You might have heard of other cats with the same name, but who can resist the cuteness of names like Cuddles and Buttercup? They’re simply perfect for the pet that you always want to hold close to you.

BambiCute name for both male and female kittens, from Bambina, meaning ‘young girl’ in Italian or from the Walt Disney animation
BashfulA cute, descriptive name for your timid cat
BellaAn Italian word meaning ‘beautiful’; perfect for your pretty little shy kitten
BitsyPerfect name for timid tiny kittens
BlossomWhether it's for blossom like the flower or the popular kids' cartoon character, it's just an absolutely adorable name to call your pet with

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BlushShy people often blush, and this just makes an adorable name for your shy kitten
BonbonA sweet little thing covered in chocolate, just like your choco-colored kitten
BooPerfect name for cats with huge eyes that always look surprised
BoobooRepetitive names are just so cute for pets, just like Bonbon
BubblesPerfect for timid cats that you can hardly pet
BumbleGreat for timid cats that are always floundering around the house. Or, you can use this name as a shortened version of Bumblebee, another cute name
BundlesFor cats that are like your very own bundles of joy
Bunny or Bunny RabbitCute name for bunny-like kittens—Ragdolls, for example, a cat breed said to have rabbit-like hair
ButterballA cute name that's perfect for butter-colored cats
ButtercupJust like a term of endearment, it's a sweet name showing that you really care for your feline pet
ButtonFor kittens that are as cute as a button
Care BearCare to cuddle? You can always name your pet after cuddly things
ChickadeeAn absolutely cute name for any shy cat or any other pets for that matter
ChinchillaShy at first, chinchillas become more social after getting to know their owner better, which is exactly what you'd like with your new shy kitten
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ChipmunkAn adorable name for cats with long bushy tails and stripes on their backs
Cuddle BugA great name for a pet that you always want to cuddle
DewdropPerfect for a pet that's as precious as a dewdrop
DominoCute name for black and white cats
DreambellFor that cat that's always sleeping and dreaming
FawnIf your cat is as shy as a fawn, this will be the best name for your pet
FlipperFor that shy cat that loves flipping things around
HoboA most fitting name for that stray timid cat that you brought home
HopperPerfect for little kittens that hop at the tiniest sound you make
Huggie or Huggy BearA most fitting name for that pet that you always want to hug
JazzyIf you love jazz, this will be a great name for your feline baby
Jelly BellyPet names that rhyme are on a different level of cuteness
JellybeanA sweet name for your timid pet
JigglesA nice name for your jiggling and wriggling cute little kitten
KitkatA classic cute name for cats
KiwiFruit names for pets are just adorable
LollipopA sweet name for a sweet cat
MoonbeamJust like Sunshine, this one's an endearing pet name
MousePerfect for a cat that's as quiet as a mouse
MuppetAn endearing name for a shy but foolish kitten
NibblesFun and cute, a great name for cats that just love to nibble on your stuff
NibsShort for Nibbles but no less cute
PandaPerfect for cats that are as cuddly as pandas
PatchesSweet name for cats with patches on their fur
PeachesAnother sweet fruit name, perfect for furry white or orange kittens
PipsqueakGreat name for tiny timid kittens
PocketPerfect for that tiny bundle of fur that you can just keep in your pocket
PolkadotCute name for spotted cats
PookieAn endearment for a cute little pet
PoppyA cutesy flower-inspired name for your feline pet
Puddin or PuddingA cute name for a pet that you're absolutely crazy about
SchmoopyAn endearing name for a pet that you're simply crazy about
SkittlesA sweet name for your bite-sized bundle of furry cuteness
SnickersSomething sweet for that pet that just makes you smile and laugh all day
SnookumsSweetie pie, pumpkin, cupcake... Snookums is just as sweet a name for your feline pet
SnowballA cute name that's just perfect for furry all-white cats
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SnugglesGreat name for a pet that loves to snuggle
SnugglyAdorable name for a snuggly furry cat
SnugumsA play on snookums and snuggle; simply great for your beloved cat
SquiggleA name for a cat that's seriously cute
StumblesIf you just stumbled on a stray cat and brought him/her home, this would be the perfect name for them
TaffyPerfect for any sweet little pet
Tim or TimmyShort for timid; perfect for your shy cat
TrufflesTruffles are sweet, and so is your pet
TwiggieA cute name for a skinny cat
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WigglesAn adorable name for a timid, fidgety cat
WinkyPerfect name for cute little kittens that just love to sleep all day
YukiJapanese for ‘happiness’; a perfect name for that pet that simply gives you joy
ZiggyA cute name for an amazing pet

Cat Names With a Twist

white cat loving peace

If you’re fond of playing with words, there are a gazillion names you can make up for your cat. Take a look at these fun, witty, fancy, and adorable made up monikers based on the names of famous people. And, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to come up with one for your feline pet.

Cat NameDefinition
Bob MeowerlyFrom Bob Marley, reggae legend
Butch CatsidyFrom Butch Cassidy, American train robber of notorious fame
Cat DamonFrom Matt Damon, Academy Award winner and one of the highest grossing actors of all time
Cat StevensBritish singer-songwriter
Catness Everdeen or Catnip EverdeenFrom Katniss Everdeen, the lead role in theHunger Gamestrilogy
Catty Middleton or Cat MiddletonFrom Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" née Middleton; Prince William's beloved wife

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Catty Winslet or Cat WinsletFrom Kate Winslet, a famous lead actress ofTitanic
Chairman MeowFrom Chairman Mao, China's former leader; Chairman Mao also works because Mao means ‘cat’ in Chinese
Cindy ClawfordFrom Cindy Crawford, famous supermodel
Dalai ClawmaFrom Dalai Lama, perfect name for a peace-loving cat
David MeowieFrom David Bowie, the famous English singer-songwriter and actor
Demi MeowerFrom Demi Moore, famous actress, director, and producer
Fidel CatstroFrom Fidel Castro, notorious Cuban leader
Furtrude SteinFrom Gertrude Stein, famous American writer
Genghis CatFrom Genghis Khan, Mongolian emperor
J.K. Meowling or J.K.GrowlingFrom J.K. Rowling, the famous author of theHarry Potterseries
Jane PawstenFrom Jane Austen, English novelist and author of classics likePride and Prejudice
Jennipurr AnistonFrom Jennifer Aniston, the famous Hollywood actress
Jude PawFrom Jude Law, the award-winning English actor
Kitty PurryFrom Katy Perry, American singer, songwriter, and television judge; this is actually her cat’s name
Luke SkywhiskerFrom Luke Skywalker, famous Star Wars character
Margaret ScratcherFrom Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister
MeowsesFrom the biblical name Moses
Natalie Purrman or Catalie PortmanFrom Natalie Portman, beautiful actress
Nora RobpurrtsFrom Nora Roberts, the famed romance author
Pawdrey / Pawdrey HepburnFrom Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous American actresses of all time
PicatsoFrom Pablo Picasso, world-famous classic painter
William Shakesfur or William ShakespawFrom William Shakespeare, the English literary giant

Other Ways to Say Shy or Timid

shy cat lying with its paw on the head

If you feel calling your timid cat Shy is too cliche, don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty. Foreign languages are great sources of pet names. Besides, with a foreign name, you’re more likely to come up with a unique name for your cat. Here are some examples for you to choose from.

LanguageThe equivalent of the word "shy"LanguageWays to say timid
WelshswilVietnamesenhút nhát

Wrap Up

black timid cat hiding behind the curtain

Cats are shy for a reason. Hiding or distancing themselves is a normal way for cats to react to new situations, changes, or even situations that they find frightening. Or, if you got yourself a stray cat, your cat may not have had sufficient contact with humans while he/she was still weaning.

Here are some tips that will help you coax your feline pet out of his/her shell.

  • Patience is key. Dealing with a shy cat can be hard work and very frustrating, which is why you’ll need a lot of patience.

  • Your cat needs space. To help your cat acclimatize to the new environment, set up a space for your cat. Rooms with no hiding spaces are preferable, and if you don’t have any spare rooms in the house, even the bathroom will do. All you need is a spot that your cat can think of as his/her own space.

  • Talk in a higher-pitched voice. To cats, low voices are quite threatening, so avoid talking in a low voice if you can.

  • Don’t stand up. If your cat has to look up at you, he/she may feel intimidated. Try to talk to your cat while you’re sitting down, or even better, while you’re lying prone on the floor.

  • Don’t stare. Staring at your cat is a good way to intimidate him/her, which is what you want to avoid if you’re dealing with a shy cat. Make eye contact, but avoid glaring at your cat by blinking slowly and repeatedly.

  • Observe your cat’s body language. If, while you’re talking to your new pet, he/she suddenly backs away or hisses, take a step back. Your pet may not be ready for further attention from you yet. As always, patience is key.

  • Toys and treats work wonders. If your pet is hiding, you can coax him/her to come out by tossing a treat or a toy in his/her direction. Better yet, feed the cat only when you’re together. This way, your cat will associate food with you, and it will help your cat become more familiar and comfortable with your presence.

  • From cheeks to the head to the body. This is the sequence when you’re petting a shy cat. Any hand gestures towards the cat’s body or top of the head may be intimidating for your pet. When you start with the cheeks, you allow your cat to be able to fully see where your hand is going. Plus, your cat can smell your hand, too.

Dealing with a shy cat can be difficult at first if you’re torn between your eagerness to play with your new pet and your desire to make your pet at home and comfortable. Giving your pet a name that sounds gentle and soothing will definitely help make your cat feel safe instead of feeling threatened.

If you have ideas for other names that are suited to shy cats, please feel free to let us know by leaving your comments and suggestions. If you ended up picking a name from the list above, we’d also love to know which one appealed to you. Want to know how else you can get your shy cat to open up? Just make some delicious DIY cat treats!

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