Snowshoe Cat Names: Find the Right Moniker for Your Beloved Snowshoe Pet

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Thinking of the right moniker for a Snowshoe cat can be a bit of a task, considering how multitalented these cats are. If you’ve been looking for a list of Snowshoe cat names that can give you inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

A Snowshoe cat is a friendly, good-tempered, and lovable feline you are lucky to have. They enjoy being around humans and given attention. They are also very social and make for good family pets.

In this article, we will give you a rundown of some of the best names to give to a Snowshoe cat taking into consideration the breed’s personality and physical characteristics. We’ll also suggest names based on the pop culture just to spice things up.

Snowshoe Cat Names by Gender

Snowshoes are known for being good-tempered, affectionate, and mellow. Here are a few name suggestions for Snowshoe cats by gender according to the traits they commonly exhibit.

#1: Male

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  • Aaron: this is a Hebrew name which has several connotations such as ‘lofty’ and ‘exalted.’ We think it’s a great name for a Snowshoe cat who likes climbing to high places.

  • Ace: an English name, it traditionally means ‘noble.’ It’s also a nickname given to anyone excelling in sports and physical activities; an apt moniker for an athletic cat breed like the Snowshoe.

  • Adonis: this is a name you won’t regret giving to a Snowshoe; it means ‘beautiful’ in a masculine way, and if you’ve seen a Snowshoe, you’ll know that this name suits them perfectly.

  • Alvis: it’s an Old Norse name which means ‘wise.’ It is quite appropriate for a Snowshoe since the breed is known for its intelligence.

  • Bandit: with their gentle personality and affectionate ways, Snowshoes will steal your heart. So why not give your pet the name Bandit?

  • Blaze: a Snowshoe cat—especially during kittenhood—can be very hyperactive so we feel that this name which connotes speed and energy can be a good name, too.

  • Buddy: a cat breed known for its friendliness, a Snowshoe will be your best friend for many years. It’s thus appropriate to call your pet Buddy.

  • Dara: an old Hebrew name meaning ‘nugget of wisdom’; it is an appropriate moniker to give to a clever Snowshoe. Your smart Snowshoe will definitely enjoy playing with puzzle feeders.

  • Ethan: the name has Biblical roots, belonging to an Ezharite man who was known for his intelligence. Moreover, the name also means ‘strong.’ It is thus a great name to give to a strong and smart Snowshoe cat.

  • Favian: it is the Latin equivalent of the name Fabian. It means ‘a man of wisdom.’

  • Fergie: a Gaelic name which means ‘rock’; it could be an appropriate moniker to give to a tough Snowshoe cat.

  • Gatsby: this is based on the character from the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Jay Gatsby is known for being sociable. Snowshoes love being the center of attention, so why not name your pet Gatsby?

  • Gizmo: while the name is more popularly known for referring to mechanical devices, it can also pertain to pets who are outgoing and eager to please just like Snowshoe cats.

  • Houdini: the hyperactive Snowshoe will likely have no problem escaping confining places, so we highly recommend giving him this name.

  • Hugo: this is the Latin equivalent of the modern-day name Hugh. It means ‘intellect,’ and thus an apt name for a wise Snowshoe.

  • Jazzy: it’s a modern name that evokes traits of ‘brilliance and benevolence’—two qualities that Snowshoes are known for.

  • Keno: a name with Germanic origins, it means ‘bold’ and thus appropriate for your fearless Snowshoe.

  • Rainier: a royal name with European roots, it means ‘wise army.’ It is a good name to give to a smart and active Snowshoe.

  • Ricochet: while a bit long, this name is appropriate for an active Snowshoe. It suggests bouncing from one place to another. Snowshoe cats’ agility sometimes makes you wonder how do cats always land on their feet.

  • Sailor: Snowshoes are known for enjoying the water. They may also swim from time to time. This name is appropriate for a water-loving Snowshoe.

  • Vinnie: this name has English roots and means ‘conqueror.’

  • Vivek: if you want to give your Snowshoe a unique name, try this Hindu and Sanskrit name which means ‘wise.’

#2: Female

Snowshoe сats

  • Amour: the Snowshoe is an affectionate breed, and you’ll likely reciprocate her love, so why not call her Amour which means ‘love’?

  • Aurora: a Latin name, it also referred to the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology. It’s also a name that connotes beauty thanks to the fairy tale “The Sleeping Beauty.”

  • Bambi: it’s short and easy to remember name. The name comes from the Italian word Bambina which means ‘young girl.’ It is also the title of a 1914 novel by American author Marjorie Cookie. It became known worldwide thanks to the Walt Disney cartoon in the mid-20th century, although the character Bambi is male, so this can also be a unisex name.

  • Bella: a name with Italian, Latin, and Spanish roots, it is associated with beauty. There’s also a French variant, Belle, which also means ‘beautiful.’

  • Camelia: an English name which pertains to a flower; it can also be suggestive of the beauty of a Snowshoe cat.

  • Charlotte: the name is French in origin and means ‘petite’, so Charlotte is practically translated to ‘a petite woman.’

  • Dione: we like this because it is short, easy to pronounce, and meaningful. It is the name of a Greek goddess who was the mother of Aphrodite.

  • Elektra: a name with Greek origins, it means ‘amber.’ It can also pertain to being ‘incandescent.’ You can give this name to a Snowshoe with shining fur.

  • Fiona: a Latinized version of the Gaelic word Fionn, Fiona means ‘white and fair.’

  • Iris: a Latin given name that means ‘bringer of joy’; it’s undoubtedly fitting for a Snowshoe cat who keeps you company and makes you happy.

  • Leianna: a name derived from Gaelic. It means ‘light and beautiful.’ If you find this name a bit long, then you can call your pet Leia. This name means ‘child of heaven’ in Hawaiian.

  • Maggie: a Greek name, it means ‘pearl.’

  • Mishka: a Russian name that can be used by either sex; it is the shortened version of Michail, which is the Russian version of Michael. It’s also a Russian name for teddy bears. Check out our list of Russian cat names next for more naming ideas.

  • Phoebe: a female given name with Greek roots, it is the equivalent of the male name Phoebus. It means ‘bright and shining’ in Greek.

  • Sophie: a variant of the name Sophia, it is a Greek name meaning ‘wisdom.’ It’s perfect for a wise and clever Snowshoe cat.

Exotic Name Ideas for Snowshoe Cats

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Snowshoe cats can be considered exotic given the rarity of this breed. That’s why giving your cat a name from this list is apt.

  • Adhira: a Sanskrit/Indian name which means ‘restless.’ It’s fitting for an active cat like a Snowshoe. It’s commonly used for females.

  • Akemi: it is a Japanese name that means ‘bright and beautiful.’ It actually comes from two Japanese words. Ake means ‘bright’ and Mi means ‘beautiful.’

  • Akira: it is a name that is present in multiple languages. The Japanese version has many meanings such as ‘bright, wise, and fair.’ It can be used by both males and females. The name is also used in Scotland where it means ‘anchor.’ And the word also appears in Sanskrit, where it means ‘graceful strength.’

  • Amorita: this is the shortened version of Amour. It means ‘little-loved one.’ It’s highly recommended for a female Snowshoe kitten.

  • Ari: Ari appears in several languages. In Hebrew, it means ‘lion.’ It also pertains to ‘eagles’ in the Old Norse language. It also has other connotations in other languages such as ‘dry’ in Latin, ‘brave’ in Armenian, and ‘righteous’ in Hindi. Clearly, this is one versatile name you can give to your Snowshoe cat.

  • Arun: a male given name that’s widely used in Cambodia as well as among Buddhists and Hindus. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and has multiple meanings like ‘sun and dawn.’ It also happens to be the name of a solar deity.

  • Azizi: a German male given name; it means ‘precious one.’

  • Bacio: short and unique, this is an Italian word which means ‘kiss.’ It’s very appropriate for Snowshoe cats that are known for their affectionate ways.

  • Bao: the Chinese use this name to refer to a loved one. It means ‘precious treasure.’ An apt name for a new Snowshoe cat, right?

  • Daejung: this is a Korean name which means ‘great and vast.’ We’re certain your guests will be interested upon hearing you call your Snowshoe cat Dae-jung.

  • Goya: it is a surname in many Latin countries, but in South Africa, it pertains to ‘a wildcat.’ Check out this list for many other exotic African cat name suggestions.

  • Hans: a short and meaningful name, this is a German word which means ‘gift from God.’

  • Kameko: it is a Japanese name which means ‘superior child.’ Go ahead and give this name to a Snowshoe cat you think stands out from the crowd.

  • Myeong: this is a Korean name which means ‘bright and clear.’ It’s an appropriate moniker for a pet that always makes your day.

  • Priya: short and easy to remember, this is an Indian name which means ‘beloved.’

  • Ruwa: running out of words or names synonymous with beauty? Try this Arabic word which means ‘beautiful.’

  • Siri: don’t mistake this for the Apple virtual assistant; it’s a Nigerian word for ‘tiger.’

  • Svetlana: with her affectionate and friendly ways, a Snowshoe cat is bound to be the star of your home. Why not call her Svetlana, which means ‘star’ in Russian?

  • Vladimir: if you have a male Snowshoe kitten, call him Vladimir which means ‘young prince’ in Russian. It’s an appropriate name for a cat who’s bound to be a pampered prince in your home.

Snowshoe Cat Names from Popular Media

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Getting inspiration from characters in TV, books, and movies is also one way to find a fitting name for a Snowshoe cat. Here are some of our favorite cat names that you can choose from:

  • Dinah: the name of the pet kitten of Alice in the popular book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

  • Figaro: the name of the cat in Pinocchio. Although this cat may not be a Snowshoe, this name is still apt because Figaro is very smart, just like your Snowshoe.

  • Gulliver: the name of the main protagonist in the book “Gulliver’s Travels.” A good name to give to a kind-hearted Snowshoe.

  • Loki: the name of the Norse god who also happens to be the main antagonist of Thor in those blockbuster Marvel movies. Loki being a Frost Giant, don’t you think this name is apt for a Snowshoe?

  • Sarabi: this is the name of the mother of Simba in the animated movie “The Lion King.” It’s a great name for a gentle and motherly Snowshoe.

  • Simba: yes, it’s a bit common name for a cat, but there’s no arguing that it is a fitting name for a Snowshoe who’s bound to be the king in your household.

  • Waffles: the character is actually a Scottish Fold that became widely popular in the Goof Troop TV series. But the character is best known for being the hyperactive cat of Goofy, so you can make a case that the name suits an active Snowshoe.

Wrap Up

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You’ll easily fall in love with your Snowshoe cat because of the affectionate ways of this cat breed, so why not exhaust all efforts to think of the best cat name for him or her? We hope our list above gave you an idea on what to call your pet.

After reading so many name suggestions for your Snowshoe cat, we’re sure you have found the right moniker for your pet. What did you choose? Don’t forget to share in the comments section below! Check out our article on how to make your cat happy if you want your new Snowshoe to be the luckiest pet in the world to be adopted by you.

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