Space Names for Cats: Setting Your Sights beyond the Skies

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

The heavens have always been a source of fascination for humans. Apart from the sun, the stars, and the moon, Science has made it possible for astronomers to set their minds beyond the visible celestial bodies. It’s now known that galaxies, stars, planets, and countless other celestial bodies exist in the vastness of space. Because the universe is so vast, it’s no wonder that there are lots of suitable space names for cats to choose from.

Naming your cat is an intimate affair. Before picking a name, you should first understand its meaning and what it represents. Luckily, astronomers didn’t go around pinning random names onto planets and galaxies either.

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Each of these celestial bodies has a name rife with personality and history. To that end, we have gathered enough information to help you not only make the most informed pick but also one that perfectly fits your cat.

We have info on the different names of constellations, planets, asteroids, and galaxies. From their meanings, we have suggested their suitability for your cat. You will also find some names that have been inspired by the people who discovered these wonders. Put your reading glasses on and let us explore space together.

Cat Names Inspired by Stars and Galaxies

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The Milky Way has over a hundred thousand million stars. There are many more stars and galaxies beyond this. Many of these galaxies and constellations are named after objects whose shapes they appear to mimic.

From flowers to cigars, whales to tadpoles, there is no limit to the shapes that these bodies can take. Indulge yourself below.

  • Andromeda. A princess from the Greek mythology who was placed among the stars in the sky after her death. The Andromeda galaxy was named after her.

  • Bode. A galaxy named after the German astronomer John Elert Bode who discovered it. A name for your clever male cat.

  • Cetus. This is a group of stars whose outline appears to form a sea monster or a whale from the Greek mythology.

  • Cigar. A galaxy that is described as being pale and stretched like a cigar. It’s one of the brightest galaxies. A space name for a cat with pale or white fur. You can find many other white cat names here.

  • Draco. Latin for dragon. It’s a star constellation that is visible all year long from the northern hemisphere. This is an appropriate name for a cat who never leaves your sight.

  • Galaxias. The Greek name for the galaxy also known as the Milky Way. It can be tweaked to Galaxia, which has a nice ring to it.

  • Hoag. Borrowed from ‘Hoag’s Object,’ a galaxy that is shaped like a ring. Name your cat after the brilliant American scientist Arthur Hoag, who discovered it.

  • Leo. A star constellation that is shaped like a crouching lion. For a cat who behaves like the king of the jungle.

  • Lyra. A constellation that resembles an eagle that is crutching a lyre. This would be a great name for a feline who loves listening to music or purring more than others. Ever wondered how cats purr?

  • Mayall. A galaxy named after the American astronomer N. U. Mayall who discovered it in 1940. It appears as two galaxies that are colliding. A space name for a clumsy cat.

  • Nebula. Huge clouds of glowing gas. A name for a cat with a fluffy coat or one with a warm personality.

  • Nova. The sudden appearance of a bright star in the sky that fades over with time. This best describes a cat whose moods change with little to no notice.

  • Sombrero. A space name suitable for a Mexican cat breed like the Ojos Azules. It’s a spiral galaxy that resembles the popular wide-brimmed hat from Mexico. For other Mexican cat names, visit this page.

  • Sirius. A Greek name that means ‘glowing.’ It’s used to refer to the brightest star in the sky.

  • Star. A star is a ball of gas that produces immense heat and light. The sun is the brightest star near the earth. A name for a cat that acts as if the world revolves around him.

  • Sunflower. A lovely name for a beautiful female cat. As the moniker suggests; the galaxy spirals in a way that makes it look like a luminous sunflower.

  • Tadpole. The name of a galaxy with a peculiar tadpole shape.

  • Umbra. The innermost and darkest part of a shadow cast by a celestial body. This name works well for a black cat or one that remains hidden in the shadows most of the time.

Cat Names Inspired by Moons

two kittens watching the moon

These are celestial bodies that orbit around other larger bodies. They are also known as natural satellites. So far, there are over 180 known moons in our solar system with some planets having as many as 67.

Most moon names are based on Roman and Greek mythology. Pick a name from high above, bring it down to earth, and let your cat be a god, a goddess, or a titan!

  • Ariel. A moon of Uranus whose name was inspired by the air spirit in William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.” A name for an obedient and well-trained cat just like the character in the play.

  • Atlas. An inner moon of Saturn named after the Greek Titan doomed to forever hold up the sky. A name best suited for a tomcat who acts as if the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. You might want to treat such cats to a relaxing kitty massage.

  • Cressida. The faithless lover in the play “Troilus and Cressida” by William Shakespeare inspired the name of this moon of Uranus. This would make a good name for a cat who keeps off no matter how friendly you try to be.

  • Cupid. A moon of Uranus that is set to collide with other smaller moons. This name best describes a cat who is clumsy and keeps on bumping into things.

  • Dione. A moon of Saturn that is named after the Greek goddess of the nymphs. She was also a Titaness, making it a name for a huge and powerful molly.

  • Erriapo. The moon of Uranus that is named after Erriapus, a giant in the Celtic mythology.

  • Europa. One of the moons orbiting Jupiter. It’s named after a princess in the Greek mythology. You can shorten it to Euro, like the European currency, and ‘add value’ to your furry friend.

  • Flare. Solar flares are sudden flashes of light on the sun’s surface. A name for a jumpy cat.

  • Hydra. The moon of Pluto named after a many-headed water monster in Greek mythology.

  • Hyperion. An irregularly-shaped moon of Saturn. It’s named after the Greek Titan and god of light. He was associated with watchfulness, making this name suitable for a cat who doesn’t let anything escape his eyes.

  • Janus. A moon of Saturn named after the Roman god of doorways. This is a cute name for that cat who is always scratching on your door.

  • Luna. The Latin word for the earth’s moon. A name for a cat with a silvery coat or one that likes to roam at night.

  • Mab. A moon of Uranus that is named after Queen Mab. She is a character in William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet.” Give your molly this name and let her be a queen in her small kingdom.

  • Mimas. Named after one the giants in the Greek Mythology. It is a moon of Saturn. A name that befits a big male cat.

  • Namaka. A moon of the dwarf planet Haumea. Hamaka is the goddess of the sea in Hawaiian Folklore.

  • Nix. This is the outermost moon of Pluto. Its name is inspired by the Greek goddess of night. A simple name for a cat who thrives at night. For other dark and mysterious cat names, visit our article on Wiccan cat names.

  • Pandora. It’s one of the inner moons of Saturn. Inspired by the first mortal woman created by the gods in Greek mythology. The name means ‘all-gifted,’ making it a name suitable for a well-trained female cat, and also a curious cat that especially loves boxes.

  • Peggy. Saturn’s tiny moon which was discovered in 2013. A name for a dwarf cat breed.

  • Portia. An inner moon of Uranus named after the beautiful heroine in William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice.”

  • Prometheus. A moon of Saturn named after the Greek Titan and trickster god. Not a bad name for a sneaky cat.

  • Rhea. A moon of Saturn and the second largest body in the solar system. Rhea was a Titaness and a goddess of motherhood in the Greek mythology. It makes a great name for a maternal cat. Is your cat pregnant? If you want to know how to tell for sure, check out our article on how to tell if a cat is pregnant.

  • Styx. A moon of Pluto. It’s named after the river at the border of the world of the living and the underworld. A name for a cat who keeps you from going over the edge after the hustle and bustle of a long day.

  • Sycorax. The largest moon of Uranus. It’s named after the powerful witch in William Shakespeare’s play ”The Tempest”. This is a unique name for a vicious, black female.

  • Tethy. A moon of Saturn. The name was inspired by Tethys, a Titan in the Greek mythology. She is associated with the sea, making it a good space name for a cat who enjoys a good swim.

  • Titan. The largest moon of Saturn. The Titans were very powerful deities in the Greek mythology, making this name perfect for a strong cat who stands his ground.

  • Triton. The largest moon of Neptune. It is named after the Greek demigod of the sea. This moon is known to orbit in a direction that is opposite to the planet’s rotation. A good space name for a cat who is independent and follows his own rules. A wildcard if you like!

Cat Names Inspired by Planets and Asteroids

cat climbing on Earth

Planets are worlds that orbit the sun. Asteroids are worlds that also orbit the sun but do not meet the threshold to be called planets. They are also known as planetoids.

In your cat’s eye, you are the center of his universe. A cat’s life revolves around you just like these bodies revolve around the sun.

  • Aster. A tweaked version of ‘asteroid.’

  • Ceres. The planetoid closest to planet Earth. It was at first called a planet but later demoted to an asteroid.

  • Deimos & Phobos. The two moons of Mars. They are named after the Terror twins in Greek mythology. These are perfect names for those sibling cats that are always spreading chaos in your home.

  • Eris. The second largest dwarf planet in the solar system. It’s named after the Greek goddess of discord. A name for a cat who knows how to spice up your life.

  • Eros. An asteroid that was discovered by C. G. Witt, a German astronomer. It’s named after the Greek god of sexual attractions.

  • Fides. A large asteroid that is located between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. It’s named after the Roman goddess of loyalty.

  • Hygiea. This asteroid was discovered by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis. It’s named in honor of the Royal family of Sicily.

  • Irene. An asteroid that was discovered by J. R. Hind. It’s named after the Greek goddess of peace. It makes a nice name for a feline who is always calm.

  • Jupiter. The largest planet in the solar system. It’s named after the Roman king of the gods. A name for that tomcat whose big size makes him stand out from the rest.

  • Mercury. The smallest planet in the solar system. It’s named after the Roman god of communication. A name for a chatty tomcat.

  • Pallas. An asteroid that was discovered by German astronomer H. W. Matthaus. It’s named after the Greek god of wisdom. This space name is best for a wise cat.

  • Phaeton. The hypothetical planet that exploded to form the asteroid belt. The name means ‘the shining one.’ This is a unique name for a cat who knows how to stay clean. Although, even then, your cat might sometimes need your help, so you should know how to bathe a cat.

  • Silvia. An asteroid named after the mystical mother whose children founded the city of Rome. If your cat is pregnant, you might be interested in learning more about how many kittens a cat can have.

  • Terra. The ancient Roman name for Mother Earth. It’s a name for a maternal cat.

  • Themis. A large asteroid named after a Greek Titaness and goddess of fairness. A good name for a female cat who gets along with others.

  • Venus. A planet whose sun rises in the west and sets in the east. This name best describes a cat who disobeys the natural order. A renegade.

  • Vesta. The asteroid named after the Roman goddess of family. A name for a people-friendly molly.

Cat Names Inspired by Space Phenomena

sphynx austranaut

By now you must be feeling like you have taken a trip to space. The experience is not over until you have learned that there is more to space than just stars, planets, asteroids, and moons. Below are space phenomena names that are bound to intrigue you.

  • Albedo. A measure of how much a body in the universe reflects the sun’s radiation. A lovely name for a cat who loves the outdoors and enjoys sunbathing.

  • Alula. The first double star that is visible from earth.

  • Apollo. The ambitious space program that led to humans visiting the moon. Apollo is the Greek god of sun and light. A name for an adventurous tomcat.

  • Comet. A Greek word that means ‘to have long hair.’ This is an icy body that releases gasses when it passes close to the sun. These appear bright in the sky and leave a ‘tail.’ A name for a cat with long bright hair.

  • Cosmos. The name used to describe the beautiful order of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies in the universe. A name for a meticulous cat.

  • Darker. A tweaked version of the name Dark Matter. This is a form of matter which has not yet been observed directly. A name for a cat with a dark-colored coat.

  • Eclipse. An event that occurs when celestial bodies are blocked or obscured from view, casting a shadow on other such bodies. Such objects appear pitch black. For a female cat with a black coat.

  • Facula. A Latin name that means ‘bright torch.’ It’s used in reference to bright spots on the surface of the sun. A name for a cat with white spots on her coat.

  • Halley. A comet that is visible to the naked human eye. It’s possible for it to appear twice in one’s lifetime.

  • Halo. The solar phenomenon that creates a white ring around the sun. A name for a molly with ginger coat and white patches in the extremities.

  • Phoenix. The spaceship used by the crew in the ”Star Trek: First Contact” film. It is also the name of a mystical bird that rises from its ashes. A fiery name for a cat that never gives up.

  • Sar. From the word ‘Saros.’ This is the period that the sun, moon, and the earth take to be in approximately the same position after an eclipse.

  • U.F.O. Name your cat after the initials of Unidentified Flying Object. A mysterious name for a cat.

Cat Names Inspired by Astronomers

cat wearing astronomer's hat

The much that is known about space has been made possible by astronomers. These are ancient and modern-day scientists and philosophers who have studied the cosmos. It’s only befitting that you consider naming your intelligent cat after these great minds.

  • Alhazen. The Arabian astronomer who determined that the Milky Way was not a part of the earth’s atmosphere. A name for an observant cat.

  • Annie. American astronomer Annie Jump Wolf. She discovered 300 variable stars.

  • Copernicus. Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus proposed a rudimentary solar system model whereby the earth revolved around the sun.

  • Democritus. Name your cat after the man considered to be the father of modern science. He was the first philosopher to propose that the bright Milky Way could be made of distant stars. A name for an intelligent male cat.

  • Drake. Frank Drake founded the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

  • Einstein. A German physicist and one of the most popular scientists in modern times. His works have opened up the possibilities of human space exploration.

  • Hawking. British theoretical physicist Stephen W. Hawking. He was famous for his works on black holes and the Big Bang.

  • Hubble. Edwin Hubble was an American astronomer who was the first person to observe that the universe was made of many galaxies. A space name for a humble cat.

  • Messier. French astronomer Charles Messier who discovered 13 comets.

Wrap Up

orange kitten with a planet ring

Science and technology have led to the exploration of space in ways beyond imagination. Many amazing discoveries have been made concerning the heavenly bodies.

The various constituents of space include planets, stars, asteroids, and comets among others. They have been given names based on various mythologies that reflect their unique characteristics, while a good number have gotten their names from their founders.

Many people have celebrated the space by adopting space-related names for the people and things they hold dear. Your cat can also be a part of space. Pick a name that will remind you of what the astronomers have proven; the sky can never be the limit.

Have you already picked a name? Tell us what inspired you. Which other names did you like? Do you know other space names that are not on our list? We would love to hear from you! If you still couldn’t find a suitable name, then perhaps your mind has the capacity to travel far beyond this galaxy. Try our list of creative cat names because the power of imagination is limitless.

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