Sphynx Cat Names: Unique Names for Your One-Of-A-Kind Furless Baby

two sphynx cats standing on violet background
Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Choosing a Sphynx cat for a pet shows a lot of courage and sovereignty. You’ve moved away from the conventional stereotype, and you see well past the outward appearance. As you already know, the peculiarity of this breed is not only skin deep. Your Sphynx is a unique cat inside and out, and as such, deserves a name from our list of tailor-made Sphynx cat names.

Sphynx cats are well known for their playfulness and agility. They are capable of entertaining themselves as well as their owners for hours on end. They are also very intelligent and have an almost dog-like enthusiasm when it comes to meeting and greeting people. All of these wonderful traits, mixed with their eccentric nudism, offer a plethora of options for a suitable name.

Finding the perfect name for your hairless beauty is not an easy task because it needs to be on par with such an extraordinary creature. But this is also an exciting task. Whether you prefer to acknowledge his/her personality, talkative nature, or go with something funny or inspired by famous figures and characters, we’ve made a list of suitable names and divided it into subcategories for you to choose from.

Names for Sphynx Cats Based on Personality Traits

sphynx cat lying on rose petals

What Sphynx cats lack in fluffiness they make up for in character. Even those friends of yours who were reluctant to pet or even acknowledge this adorable alien walking among us will cave in after just a few minutes spent with a Sphynx cat. Their personality is absolutely mesmerizing.

Here are some naming ideas that catch their cheery essence perfectly:

  • Abasi: if your Sphynx is all about business, this Persian name meaning “serious” is a perfect fit.
  • Aisha: meaning “peaceful,” for those rare Sphynxes that are actually capable of sitting in one place for more than a few seconds.
  • Akil: meaning “the clever one.” Your clever Sphynx might need cat puzzle games to keep his/her crafty mind occupied.
  • Alulo: “one that is child-like.” Most Sphynx cats are throughout their lives.
  • Amisi: your Sphynx is a “beautiful flower,” especially when he/she poses on the windowsill.
  • Aten: a word that means “sun” or “brightness.”
  • Bandit: there are stories about Sphynx cats who like to steal things and make a secret stash. Klepto will also make a nice name for these cats.
  • Beatrice: a lovely Latin name that means “the one who brings joy.”
  • Caria: derived from a Latin word meaning “honesty.” Your Sphynx might make a mess from time to time, but at least he/she takes full responsibility.
  • Ebe: meaning “wonderful.”
  • Esma: derived from an Arabic name meaning “noble, aristocratic.”
  • Kiwu: meaning “well-fed”; Sphynxes tend to come with extra padding, but this is just a part of their genetic makeup, nothing to worry about.
  • Lucas: Latin for “one who illuminates.”
  • Madonna: “Lady” in Latin.
  • Magna: a name for a corpulent representative of the breed. It means “large, big.”
  • Merit: this word has roots in Latin and means “respected, loved.”
  • Miu: a word for “gentle”; perfect for a delicate female.
  • Mkhai: this one means “fighter.”
  • Mramor: a Slavic word meaning “marble.” Smooth and beautifully patterned, it is perfect for a Sphynx with spot skin coloration.
  • Nafrini: this is an Ancient Egyptian name meaning “the bringer of beauty.”
  • Odjit: Persian for “naughty.”
  • Preciosa: derived from a Latin word for “darling or loved one.”
  • Rosalind: a name for one as beautiful as the rose.
  • Saba: this word means “wisdom.”
  • Shushu: “one that is boastful,” as a Sphynx should be.
  • Valentina: a Latin name that means “healthy” or “vital.”
  • Valeria: it means “strong and vigorous.”
  • Wati: “a rebellious one”; perfect for a cat that likes to argue about every little thing.

Names for Chatty Sphynx Cats

sphynx cats talking

Sphynx cats are notorious talkers. They will gladly discuss whatever they need to discuss with you for hours on end. Some chirp, some rumble, and some meow, but you will get an earful without a doubt.

They are quite happy to launch into a monologue, but are much happier if you join in and tell them about your day.

  • Babble: no, they don’t know that you don’t understand a single word they say; just nod and pretend you do.
  • Bacchus: Latin for “one that shouts.”
  • Blabbermouth: this cat never stops talking; sometimes you wonder what’s going on in that bald head of hers.
  • Boca: Spanish for “mouth.”
  • Bono: after the frontman of the band U2.
  • Buka: Slavic for “noise.”
  • Calliope: this name is of Greek origin and means “a woman with a beautiful voice.”
  • Chat: because that’s what they do best.
  • Chatterbox: you know that moment when you just look at them, and they start talking?
  • Chidori: this word means “one thousand birds” in Japanese. You can also give this name to a brooding cat that reminds you of Sasuke. For more Japanese names, try this link.
  • Chirp: perfect for a chirping cat.
  • Coo: some Sphynx cats have such gentle meows that it sounds like they are cooing.
  • Crescendo: they talk a lot all the time, but their singing is at its peak just before mealtime.
  • Crybaby: sometimes you wonder if it’s all just nagging, really.
  • Decibella: beautiful and loud! Maybe she was an opera singer in her past life?
  • Echo: their voice rings in your home like an echo in the mountains.
  • Elvis: he loves the sound of his voice and thinks he is fabulous, which he is.
  • Figaro: from the opera “The Barber of Seville.”
  • Gossip: maybe they are actually telling you about that weird neighbor? They sit on the windowsill the whole day, after all, so they know what is going on outside.
  • HiFi: can you hear them? Loud and clear!
  • Howler: some Sphynx cats have that long meow that sounds more like a howl
  • Mew Mew: her talk is cute and very feminine. Only anime lovers will get this reference. If you’re an out and proud nerd, here’s an article on nerdy cat names for you.
  • Murmur: this name is perfect for a cat that likes to mumble incomprehensibly.
  • Pesma: Slavic for “song.”
  • Screamer: did you ever jump out of your bed in a panic thinking your house was possessed by an angry ghost?
  • Shriek: for those who sound more like prehistoric birds that domestic cats.
  • Sinatra: after Frank Sinatra.
  • Siren: she enchants you with her melodious voice.
  • Squeal: was that a rusty door hinge or your cat asking for lunch?
  • Squeakers: it is hard to take them seriously when they sound like a squeaky toy.
  • Teller: they will tell you everything about anything, and you are bound to listen.
  • Voxie: derived from a Latin word meaning “voice”—a cooler version of it.
  • Whimper: for a cat with a low, feeble voice that somehow sounds sad.
  • Yahzee: from the movie “Wind Talkers.”
  • Yodel: “Yodel – Ay – EEE – Hooo!” Maybe they have relatives in Switzerland that you could visit.

Punny Hairless Cat Names

sphynx wearing orange sweater

These names are plays on words, poking at your cat’s most obvious characteristic—boldness. Sphynxes are gentle and kind but they are also the pranksters of the feline family, so we are sure they would not mind. Actually, if they knew what their name meant, they would probably laugh, too.

  • Alopecia: the scientific word for hair loss.
  • Archibald: this one comes with a cool nickname “Archie.”
  • Balderdash: nonsensical shouting, bluffing, and a playful character? Sounds like a fun name for a joyful Sphynx.
  • Baldina: derived from an old-school camera model. Does your diva-like to strike a pose? This is the perfect name!
  • Baldwin: this is a Germanic name meaning “a brave, bold friend.” See what we did there?
  • Baldy: an obvious choice, really.
  • Barbera: for a lovely bald girl.
  • Bikini: although, in your case, the Sphynx is both topless and bottomless.
  • Boulder: for a Sphynx that is a gourmand, proud of his rounded belly.
  • Buck: as in…buck naked.
  • Delilah: a very sneaky lady. Irony runs strong with this one.
  • Dermis: one of the very first Sphynx cats carried this name.
  • Epidermis: because they show off their skin so pompously.
  • Fluffy: if you like to poke fun at your cat.
  • Follicle: Follicle Frolicking—a perfect tongue-twisting name.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy: just for the laughs.
  • Gillette: you can always make up a fun story when asked about the lack of fur.
  • Hair-e-ette: like Henriette, but fitted for a bald lady.
  • Moon: they are mooning over you all the time if you think about it.
  • Mr. Skinner: a play on words referencing a number of shows: The Simpsons, Ratatouille, and The X Files.
  • Mullet: just for the fun of it.
  • Nude: an obvious one, but a very nice-sounding name.
  • Osbald: like Oswald, but without hair.
  • Patches: some Sphynx cats have small patches of fur.
  • Peachfuzz: the delicate down-like hair that Sphynx cats have reminds us of the tiny hairs on peach fruit.
  • Purrbox: because she will purr away everything that is troubling you.
  • Raisin: because of their adorable wrinkles.
  • Rapunzel: this one is obviously ironic.
  • Razor: this gives you material for endless puns.
  • Rip Van Wrinkle: referencing a short story by W. Irwing, this is a great name for a Sphynx with extra wrinkles.
  • Rogaine: the name of a baldness treatment—not like your Sphynx needs it, though.
  • Samson: a Biblical figure who lost his strength when his hair was cut by Delilah.
  • Scarlet No Haira: just as beautiful as the famous actor, only smoother.
  • Shivers: have you considered buying them a sweater?
  • Truth: as in “Nothing but the naked truth!.”
  • Unique: is there really a cat more unique that the Sphynx?

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Alien Names for a Sphynx

sphynx form star wars

Sphynx cats are dubbed the “aliens of the feline world”. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your geeky side! Let us take a look at some of the most famous alien races that would fit in the Sphynx cat’s skin perfectly.

#1: Aliens from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

  • Grebulon: this alien race is monitoring the Earth, but can’t remember why this was their mission in the first place. Perfect for a Sphynx that loves to watch TV.
  • Hooloovoo: a hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue.
  • Krikkiter: a charming, polite race capable of destroying the universe on a whim. Just like your lovable pest.
  • Oglaroonian: this race was definitely inspired by a cat. They chose to cope with the infinite vastness of the universe by simply ignoring it.

#2: Aliens from “Star Wars”

  • Aiwha: gigantic aquatic mammals from Naboo; perfect for a Sphynx because they do need regular baths.
  • Barri: an enigmatic creature that hitch rides on asteroids, but sometimes also munch on them.
  • Cannok: small, annoying creatures that devour everything in their way.
  • Draagax: they prey on small rodents and are very fierce hunters. Perfect for your indoor hunter.

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Names for Sphynx Cats Inspired by Famous Figures or Charactersevil sphynx cat

Why not celebrate your cat’s uniqueness with an unusual name? Something that is easy for your cat to differentiate but still wacky enough to amuse you. Here is a list of some witty names worthy of a Sphynx:

  • Baldrick: remember him from Blackadder? If your cat is always full of cunning plans, this is a definite favorite.
  • Baldur: a god of light, joy, and purity in Norse mythology. Always in the mood for fun and laughter.
  • Buddha: it is obviously the baldness that connects the Sphynx with Buddha. Add to that the round bellies and the laid-back personality and you have a perfect match.
  • Dobby: just think about it. The resemblance to this Harry Potter character is striking! Besides, your Sphynx can be categorized as a house elf without a stretch.
  • Dr. Evil: if your cat falls into the category of not-so-nice-and-innocent, maybe this bald and ambitious character from “Austin Powers” would be good inspiration for a name.
  • E.T.: bald and an alien—almost like a Sphynx, only Sphynx cats are gorgeous.
  • Eve: the Biblical first woman, she was created naked. The only difference is, your Sphynx will never become ashamed of her nudity.
  • Gizmo: from the “Gremlins”, but this gremlin is slightly more adorable.
  • Godiva: an English legend says that a noblewoman, Lady Godiva, rode naked through the streets of Coventry. If she can be a legend, why can’t your Sphynx show off proudly?
  • Gollum: because your cat is definitely “your precioussss.”
  • Hairy Pawter: he might not be hairy, but how can you know your Sphynx is not a wizard?
  • Hemingway: he loved cats and loved to hunt.
  • Mr. Miyagi: the karate master from “The Karate Kid” movies—witty and deadly.
  • Piglet: the pig from Winnie the Pooh—probably one of the sweetest and funniest cartoon characters of all time.
  • Pinky: the goofy character from the show “Pinky and the Brain.” Preferably, your cat will have a brother called Brain. Sphynx cats are very smart after all.
  • Prune: this is the name of the Sphynx progenitor—the very first kitten with the gene mutation used to start the breed.
  • Saitama: this is an anime character who trained so hard he lost all of his hair. His punches are unbeatable. One puuunch!
  • Smeagle: this notorious and complex character from “Lord of the Rings” has some similarities with the Sphynx.
  • Stripe: from the movie “Gremlins.”
  • Varys: bald, intelligent, and sneaky. It is like this “Game of Thrones” character was inspired by a Sphynx! We’ve even got a whole article dedicated to Game of Thrones cat names.
  • Yoda: look at those big ears, a tuft of fur here and there, and a wrinkly smile on your cat’s face.
  • Yul Brynner: as bold as an egg but an unmatched badass, just like your cat.

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Wrap Up

many shpynx cats sitting together

If you own a Sphynx, you know how well they compensate for their lack of fluffiness. They are incredibly extroverted, buoyant, affectionate, and are considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds. This also means they easily adopt a given name and will definitely come running whenever you call them.

This breed requires some extra attention, and they are strictly indoor cats. But if you take some time and effort to give your Sphynx the proper care and keep him/her safe from the unpredictable outdoors, you will definitely have a lot of fun with them for many years to come.

We hope that the above suggestions were helpful in finding just the right name for your cat. Sphynx cats are something special, and your cat deserves a name that fits his/her unique appearance and personality.

Do let us know which name you decide to give to your little alien. If you decide to go with another name that wasn’t mentioned in this article, we’d still like to hear from you! Before you go, you might want to check out this article on how many sounds a cat can make. As we mentioned, Sphynxes are famous for being chatty; this way you’ll understand what your cat is trying to tell you.

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