Spotted Cat Names: Exotic and Beautiful Names for Your Pet

spotted cat
Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Giving your pet the most fitting name isn’t always the easiest thing to do. One way to do it is to give your pet a name based on hair color. If you’ve got a spotted feline, don’t you think spotted cat names are just the cutest names to choose from?

Giving your spotted cat a name based on their coat pattern isn’t just cute, it’s also fun. Plus, it’s a lot simpler than making up names like Miss Cattie Sweet Paws—although that one sounds cute, too. Cat names based on their spotted coats are just so fitting, they’re simply perfect for your cat.

In this article, we’ll first talk about the different cat breeds that are known for their spotted coats. We’ll then share with you a long list of cat names. We’ll start off with the classic names for spotted cats. Then, just because spotted cats look really exotic, we’ll give you some of the best exotic cat names. We’ll finish off with exotic Egyptian name choices for your cat.

Spotted Cat Breeds

If, as a cat lover, you’ve dreamed of having a big and beautiful wild cat in your living room, these spotted cat breeds can help you achieve your dream. At least, partially.

Bear in mind that spotted cats are not a separate breed. Cats come in all shapes and sizes and having spots on their coats is just one of the many types of distinctive coat patterns cats may have. However, certain breeds, such as the ones we are going to mention below, boast beautiful spotted coats as a distinctive family trait.

#1: Bengal

Bengal cat lying on floor

Looking exactly like a small leopard, Bengal cats have well-defined rosette markings on their coats. This coat pattern is similar to the ones you’ll find on wild jaguars, ocelots, and leopards. Sometimes, Bengal cats may also have a marbled pattern on their coats.

The coat color of Bengal cats may vary. Some will have golden-colored coats while others will have predominantly bronze-colored coats. Gray, mahogany, and silver are also common coat colors for Bengal cats. Other Bengal cats may have spots or marbled coats in brown and black.

Just like the real Bengal wildcats, Bengal cats are also very active, and they often love to hang out on high perches. Despite looking wild and ferocious due to their coat pattern, Bengal cats are actually playful, and they love to interact with people. If you’ve got the patience to teach a Bengal cat some tricks, you’ll find that they can be easily trained.

#2: Egyptian Mau

Egyptian mau standing

Egyptian Mau cats naturally have refined builds and regal bearings. In fact, Egyptian Mau cats are some of the most regal-looking cat breeds in the world, as if these cats instinctively know that they were once worshipped as deities in Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Mau cats typically have green eyes. Their coat colors may either be bronze, silver, or smoke. For Egyptian Mau cats, their spots are distributed randomly, and there’s no distinguishable pattern.

If you want a regal, elegant, and sensitive cat, you can’t go wrong with an Egyptian Mau. They’re known to be sensitive and loyal, and they’re actually very family-oriented, preferring to stay at home with the people they cherish.

#3: Ocicat

Ocicat sitting

The Ocicat breed is popular for having a unique appearance. Their looks are a result of their genetic history, coming from a mix of Siamese and Abyssinian cats. Because of their roots, Ocicats typically look wild and yet domestic at the same time.

Ocicats are very muscular, and they have a powerful physique. Despite their build and wild looks, Ocicats are actually loyal and affectionate. Coat colors for Ocicats come in four accepted variations: chocolate, silver, black, and lilac.

#4: Savannah

Savannah cat lying and playing

If you want a really exotic looking cat, a Savannah cat will be great for you. These giant cats are typically lean and tall, and their dark spots and exotic markings make them look like they really belong in the wild.

In spite of their wild looks, Savannah cats are in truth outgoing and affectionate. They’re very active, and you’ll need to interact with them on a daily basis to keep them happy.

Savannah cats have long legs, tails, and necks. Their markings usually come in bold colors, either black or solid dark-brown. Their spots are either oval, round, or elongated whereas their stripes run from the back of their heads going down over their shoulder blades.

#5: Pixiebob

Pixiebob walking

Pixie Bob cats have a hooded look, and with their muscular and brawny build, they can also look like they belong in the wild. This breed is popular for having bobbed tails. One thing about Pixie Bob cats is that many of them are polydactyls.

A Pixie Bob cat, which can either be long or short-haired, has a very distinctive appearance. Ideally, the spots on a Pixie Bob range from tawny to reddish brown. The spots are small and are heavily ticked.

Pixie Bob cats have either brown or green eyes, and some may have ears with lynx tips. Their tails can be as short as just two inches or reach up to their hocks.

#6: Serengeti

Serengeti cats

Serengeti cats are very similar in appearance to their wild counterparts. This breed started only in the 1990s, with their roots coming from Oriental Shorthair and Bengal breeds.

Serengeti cats have black spots that are randomly scattered and widely spaced. Their coats can range from golden brown to gray or even black. Their eyes are either gold or amber, and they have large ears that are round-tipped.

Serengeti cats are agile and yet friendly. They love being with people, and they are quite vocal.

Classic Names for Spotted Cats

gray spotted cat

Just like Midnight is great for all-black cats and Snow works well for fluffy white cats, there are also pet names that are simply fitting for spotted cats. Take a look at these popular classic names for spotted felines.

Checkersa cute name for a cat with spots and all other sorts of markings
Cheetaha most fitting name for a spotted cat, especially if your pet is a bit ferocious
Cosmothis is a nice name if the spots on your cat's coat look like stars scattered in the cosmos
Dice or Diceythis one's perfect if the spots on your cat's coat look like the spots on dice
Dottiea classic name for a female spotted cat
Fleckiethis is a great name for cats with spots that look like flecks
Marblesa cute and fitting name for cats with flecks and spots
Novathis is another spacey name for cats with spots that look like scattered stars. Do check out our list of space cat names if you like this one
Pebblesan adorable name that's really fitting for spotted cats
Pepperthis is perfect for cats with salt and pepper coats
Picklesa fun name for spotted cats, especially if their spots look like pickle bumps
Polkawhether it's because of the old dance or the dots, it's still a fun name for your playful spotted cat
Specklesthis is another classic name for spotted cats, and a cute one, too
Splattersif your cat's spots look like splattered paint, go for this one
Spot or Spottyone of the simplest and yet most fitting names for spotted cats
Stardustanother spacey name for spotted cats, especially if their spots look like stardust

Exotic Names for Your Exotic Pet

spotted kitten lying

What’s beautiful about spotted cats is that their coat markings somehow make them look exotic. And because their spots are randomly distributed, no two spotted cats will ever be the same. For your unique cat, here’s a list of some of the most exotic and unique pet names you can choose from.

Adhiraa pretty name, it actually means ‘restless’ in Sanskrit; a great one for cats that won't stay still, like a Bengal
Akemibecause your cat is beautiful, she deserves a name that means ‘beauty’ in Japanese
Akirafor bright-eyed smart cats, this one means ‘bright’ in Japanese
Alessandroif you want a romantic name, this one means ‘defender’ in Italian; a great one for the cat that defends your home
Amaraan exotic yet romantic name, it means ‘everlasting’ in Italian
Amoritafor the little one that you ‘love’ the most
Anatolyfor the cat with blazing colors like the sunrise, this one means ‘sunrise’ in Russian
Arifor your little lion, this one means ‘lion’ in Hebrew
Arunfor the cat that brings sunshine to your life, this one means ‘sun’ in Burmese
Baciofor the cat that you dote on, this one means ‘kiss’ in Italian
Balafor your strong and muscular cat, this one means ‘strength’ in Sanskrit
Baosimply because you treasure your pet; this one means ‘treasure’ in Chinese
Chantreaa beautiful name, it refers to ‘the moon’ in Cambodian
Daikiin Japanese, this one means ‘great glory’; a strong name for your pet. Try our list of Japanese cat names if you like this one
Dirka strong and charismatic name for your male spotted cat
Fairuza great name for spotted cats with blue eyes; this means ‘turquoise’ in Arabic
Farfallea pretty name for your pet; it means ‘butterfly’ in Italian
Goyafor your ferocious spotted cat, this name means ‘wildcat’ in South African
Haneulif you've got a spotted cat with eyes as blue as the sky, this name means ‘sky’ in Korean
Inamasimply because your pet looks wild; this name means ‘wild animals’ in Zambian
Indraif you've got a mischievous spotted cat, try naming your pet after the Indian god of rain and thunder
Javierabecause it sometimes feels like your pet is the owner of the house, which is what this name means in Spanish
Kamekofor your superior pet; this name means ‘superior child’ in Japanese
Karimafor your noble pet; this name means ‘noble’ in Arabic
Lenchomeaning ‘lion’ in Ethiopian
Liljaa beautiful name for a graceful cat; it means ‘lily’ in Finnish
Oraif your cat has golden spots, this is the best name for your pet; it means ‘gold’ in Spanish
Ruwasimply because you've got a beautiful pet; this name means ‘beauty’ in Arabic
Sukimeaning ‘beloved’ in Japanese; it's a fitting name for the pet that you love the most
Thaliaa pretty name that means ‘blooming’ in Greek; it's great for beautiful female spotted cats
Ulrichfor your fiery-tempered male spotted cat; this is a strong name meaning ‘ruling wolf’ in German
Zakiif you've got a brave and regal male spotted cat, this is a great name that means ‘lion’ in West African

Beautiful and Exciting Names for Energetic Spotted Cats

spotted cat on a couch

Spotted cats are usually wild not in appearances only, but also because they have strong bodies and personalities. Take a look at these pet names that describe your energetic cat really well.

AabhaBengali for ‘luster or glow’
AabharanaBengali for ‘jewel’; a fitting name for your treasure-like cat
AabhasBengali for ‘feelings’; a strong but fun name for a moody male cat
AadavanBengali for ‘sun’; a strong name for your sun-loving cat
AadhiraBengali for ‘moon’; a pretty name for cats with black markings
AadhrikaBengali for ‘mountain’; a strong name for an unshakeable cat
Adalrikin German, this means ‘noble friend’; exactly what your cat is like. Our article on German cat names will be perfect for you if you like this name
Adanfor your fiery-looking cat; this name means ‘little fire’
Ambera sweet name for female cats, referring to their gold to orange coloring
Daakshia nice Bengali name referring to your cat's ‘golden’ coloring
DaakshyaBengali for ‘brilliance’; a good name for a cat with brilliant coloring
Daaminimeans ‘lightning’ in Bengali; a perfect name for lightning-fast cats
Daanisha Bengali word meaning ‘wise’; a fitting name for smart cats
DaarshikBengali for ‘perception’; a fitting name for cats that love to observe everything that's going on
Gaalavperfect for cats with majestic airs; the word means ‘worship’ in Bengali
GaangiBengali for ‘pure’
Gadadharaa strong Bengali name meaning ‘warrior’
Gajrait refers to ‘a garland of flowers’ in Bengali; a pretty name for pretty cats
Huntersimply because cats are great instinctive hunters
Isithe word means ‘deer’; it's a great name to represent your cat's gracefulness
Jaliyiahmeaning ‘sweet and loving,’ characteristics that most cats have
Jamillein Arabic, the word means ‘beautiful’; exactly what your cat is like
Kandisswhat they used to call Ethiopian queens; a perfect name for your regal female cat
Laalityaa pretty Bengali name referring to your cat's loveliness
Laavanyaa beautiful Bengali name referring to your cat's ‘grace and beauty’
LadliBengali for ‘cherish’; simply because you cherish your cat
Leopard or Leobecause your cat exactly looks like a baby leopard
Maddalenefor your magnificent cat; a pretty German name meaning ‘magnificent’
Nainsiin Irish, it means graceful, which perfectly describes your cat. Check out our list of Irish cat names for more inspiration
Nakomain Native American, it means ‘great warrior’
Sheridanin Irish, it means ‘untamed’; great for cats that look like they belong in the wild

Egyptian Names for Your Spotted Cat

two spotted cats

The Egyptian Mau is one of the most well-known spotted cat breeds. In fact, some say this is the only naturally-domesticated spotted cat breed, and all other domestic spotted cat breeds are descendants of the Egyptian Mau. Therefore, Egyptian-inspired names are apt for all spotted cats, no matter the breed.

Abasiit means ‘serious’ in Egyptian
AishaEgyptian word for ‘peaceful’; a pretty name for gentle cats
Akila fun name for intelligent pets, it means ‘smart’
Amentiin reference to the Egyptian goddess of the land of the west; a fitting name for your goddess-like pet
Ammonmeaning ‘mystery’; a great name for cats simply because they're mysterious creatures
Amunin reference to the Egyptian chief of gods and fertility
AnkhsiEgyptian name meaning ‘she who lives’; perfect for your lively pet
Annipemeaning ‘daughter of the Nile’; a fitting name for female Egyptian Mau cats
Anukismeaning ‘goddess of the Nile’; a pretty name for goddess-like cats
Atenmeaning ‘sun’; for the pet that brings sunshine to your home
Azizait means ‘precious’; a beautiful name for your precious pet
Azizimeaning ‘precious’; simply because your pet is very precious to you
Bastet (or Bast)for the ancient Egyptian cat-headed goddess who represents protection, fertility, and motherhood
Chioneit means daughter of the ‘Nile’
Cleopatrasimply because your pet is as beautiful as the famous Egyptian queen
Dalilameaning ‘sweet’; a cute name for your sweet and loving cat
Horusin reference to the Egyptian sun god
Imhotepit means ‘peace’; a fitting name for gentle and loving cats
Kahotepit means ‘peaceful’; a strong name for innocent and peaceful cats
Kamilahmeans ‘perfect’
Kepiif you've got a fiery-tempered cat, this name means ‘tempestuous’
Kufufor your regal cat; it refers to one of the pharaohs
MauEgyptian word for ‘cat’
MenhitEgyptian war goddess; a perfect name for your fierce cat
Mihosfor the lion-headed son of Bastet
Mkhaifor your warrior-like cat; it means ‘fighter’
Mshaia pretty name for your active cat; it means ‘wanderer.’ You might want to install a DIY cat door so your cat will be able to wander freely
Nefertitia beautiful name in reference to one of ancient Egypt's most famous queens
Nilein reference to the famous Egyptian river
Nomtiit means ‘strong’
PakhetEgyptian word referring to ‘one who scratches’; is there a more fitting name for cats than this?
Pharaohsimply because your cat is regal
Sekhmetan Ancient Egyptian warrior goddess depicted as a lioness
Sphinxin reference to the famous Egyptian mythical creature that has the body of a lion and the head of a woman

Wrap Up

spotted cat with green eyes

Having a spotted cat means living with a beautiful and unique pet. So, you’ll want to give your cat the best name befitting their appearance and personality.

We hope you’ve found inspiration from the pet names we’ve shared with you. If you have any other ideas for great names for spotted cats, please share them with us. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

One thing to remember about spotted cats is that they usually have a lot of energy. If you don’t have much time to exercise your cat, check out our article on how to build a DIY cat exercise wheel.

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