Stupid Cat Names: Ridiculous But Funny Names For Your Cat

stupid cat
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

As a devoted cat parent, you don’t really want to give your cat a stupid name. But sometimes, when you’re all alone at home with your pet, and your pet’s doing all sorts of antics, stupid cat names just come to mind. And you somehow end up calling your pet by a ridiculous name. Isn’t that fun, though?

Just like how some people give their significant others ridiculous and childish nicknames like Sweety Pumpkin Bunny, cat parents also tend to give their pets weird and stupid but fun names. It’s actually a sign that you’re really doting on your pet. In this article, we’ll make sure to give you a great list of stupid pet names you can have fun choosing from.

First, we’ll take a look at some names that are great for cats that are not quite stupid but not smart, either. Then we’ll give you dumb but cute names for your ridiculous pet. We’ll also take a look at some hilarious names cat parents call their beloved pets. Lastly, we’ll give you a great list of Warrior Cat names that don’t make sense, simply because it’s fun to call your cat a crazy name every once in a while.

Cute Names For Not-So-Smart Cats

sexy cat

Some cats are so smart you can almost say they’re wiser than you. Others, though, are not so blessed. But you don’t really call your cat stupid, right? Here are some cute names you can give to your cat without calling him/her stupid right in the face.

Barbieif you've got one beautiful and sexy pet who’s a bit of an airhead, this one works best
Biffperfect for well-muscled male cats that prioritize brawn over brain
Bimbettea cute nickname for pretty female cats
Bimbousually associated with sexy but not so smart women, the name also refers to a male baby in Italian
Blondiegreat for golden-coated cats
Bo-Boin Spanish, bobo is synonymous with tonto or ingenuo, meaning ‘silly or stupid’
Bubbaa cute nickname for someone who's ‘like a brother’; the name has Southern American roots
Budallameans ‘stupid’ in Albanian
Deweyin urban slang, the name refers to a cool and attractive guy; perfect for your male cat that acts like he owns all the queens in the neighborhood
Dillonan Irish name meaning ‘like a son’; young boys can be reckless at times, but we still love them
Ding Batrefers to an eccentric or a stupid person
Dipstickslang for an inept or stupid person
Dizzyfor a cat that always looks dazed
Dudethe word originally referred to someone who's stuck up but extremely well-dressed; perfect for your handsome but not down-to-earth cat
Dumboinspired by the cute elephant with gargantuan ears from the Walt Disney animation; Dumbo can be clumsy at times, but still cute. Don’t forget to check out our list of Disney cat names
Flakeyslang for someone who's unreliable, flighty, or absent-minded
Forrestthe slow-witted main character played by Tom Hanks in the movie Forrest Gump
Glupmeans ‘stupid’ in Croatian
Goofusperfect for a cat that loves to goof around
Goofya cute nickname for a careless or eccentric cat
Gumpfrom Forrest Gump, the not-so-smart movie character who managed to make a difference in the world
Hammerheadslang for someone who's unable to grasp ideas right away
Harry or Lloydinspired by the hilarious characters in Dumb and Dumber
Marblesa great nickname for a cat who lost all his marbles
Mr. Beanjust because he's known for his foolish antics
Prostmeans ‘stupid’ in Romanian, even though it sounds so cool
Sluggisha lot of cats are smart, but there are also those whose minds are, well, a little sluggish
Stulbsmeans ‘stupid’ in Latvian
Stultusmeans ‘stupid’ in Latin
Turtlejust because turtles are slow

Dumb Names For Ridiculous Cats

black and white kitten

Some cats just love to do ridiculous things; you can’t help but give them dumb names to match their antics. Here are several funny yet endearing names you can choose from.

Bazingaif you like The Big Bang Theory, you know this means that your cat has fooled you once again
Cutesy Poosimply because your cat is cute even when they’re doing number 2s
Cutie Patooteyan excellent name for your cutie cat
Gassy Geezerif you happened to pick up an old stray cat that likes to fart all day long, this would be the perfect name for your pet
Loudmouth Lardassperfect for that fat cat that loves to meow all day and all night
Love Bugsimply great for that cat you love to pieces
Ninja Samuraiperfect for a cat who always knows how to infiltrate all the places where you've hidden the treats. Perhaps you need to make more, so check out our article on DIY cat treats
Panda Bearjust because your black and white cat is as cute and cuddly as a panda
Ping Ponga dynamic name for your pet who loves to run and bounce off walls
Psycho Killergreat for cats who love to push and pull—sweet one moment and ferocious the next
Qwertyfor cats who love to stay with you while you're typing away on your laptop
Rap Sheet Rockoan excellent name for any pet who's always committing crimes like tipping over the food bowl or scratching and breaking your precious valuables
Twinkle Toesa pretty name for a cat that's always tiptoeing around the house
Upchuck Chuckthis is a great name for cats that love to, well, upchuck
Wiccaperfect for a cat that always wrestles with the broom

Hilarious Names Inspired by Ridiculous Puns and All Things Wacky

cowardly cat

Now we go to the really fun part. This is where you’ll find the most ridiculous and wackiest cat names that are just perfect for your silly but amusing pet. Some of these names might sound over the top, but let’s admit it—when we’re feeling extremely cuddly-snuggly with our pets, all sorts of names just come up, right?

Ali Cata great name for a cat that you picked up off the streets
Anderson Pooperperfect for a male cat that loves to poop
Bing Clawsbyfor music-loving cats or for those who love to vocalize all night long; inspired by the great American singer and actor, Bing Crosby
Bob Meowerlyanother great name for music-loving cats; especially perfect for the ones with a lot of swag
Brad Kitta great one for your handsome cat
Butch Catsidyfor your good-looking male cat
Cameowjust because your cat loves to meow
Cat-man-doa pun on Kathmandu; perfect for exotic cats
Cat-titudethe best name for any cat with an attitude
Cat Damonif you've got one handsome cat, this name will be perfect
Cat Sajakif you like Wheel of Fortune, this will be a cute one
Catapultgreat for a cat that loves to leap around
Catastrophesimply because your cat's antics are sometimes catastrophic
Catpernicusa nice name for cats that love to explore
Catsanovathis one's for the tom of the neighborhood
Catzillafor the monster that's pretending to be a cute cat
Chairman Meowif you've got an alpha cat, this will be the most fitting name
Chew-baccathis one's perfect for extremely hairy cats
Chicken Pantsa cute name for a cowardly cat
Cindy Clawfordperfect for your elegant and graceful cat. Ever wondered how cats always land on their feet?
Clawsomesimply because your pet is awesome
Count Wigglybuttfor a cat that's always wriggling his butt
Dalai Clawmaperfect for any gentle cat
Disco Cheetahperfect for a cat that loves to dance
Dog The Catfor the cat that thinks he's a dog
Domesticatthis one's for a cat that doesn't want to go out of the house
Draco Meowfoyinspired by the Harry Potter villain, Draco Malfoy
Fleas Witherspoonif you've had to battle flea infestations more than once
Hairy Pottera cute name perfect for hairy cats
Humphrey Bojanglesif you think your pet's as handsome as Humphrey Bogart
Isaac Mewtonanother one for cats that love to explore everywhere
Jabba The Butta nice one for cats with really heavy butts
Jean Luc Picatthis one's if you're a Star Trek fanatic
Just Kittinif your cat always plays pranks on you
Kit-teacupa cute name perfect for teeny-tiny kittens
Kittin Aroundanother one for cats that love to mess around
Leonardo DaFuzzyif you've got one handsome fuzzy cat
Lickersa nice one for a pet that loves to wake you up with his/her tongue
Little Booty Ham Sandwicheither because your pet looks like a hamster or his/her booty is simply too cute
Lucifurrbecause sometimes your cat is just like the devil
Luke Skywhiskera cute name for cats with cute whiskers
Meowly Cyrusa cute name for a pretty and daring cat
Meowsicala nice name for cats that love to sing along to music
Miraclawthe most fitting name for a cat that came to you through a miracle
Monochromaticatthis is a great one for an all-black or all-white cat
Motley Croutoninspired by the famous American heavy metal band
Mrs. Meowgiin Neko Atsume, Mrs. Meowgi is a rare cat with an extremely high power level
Ninja Killer Nine Thousandthis one's only for the nimblest ninja-like cats
Obi-Wan Catnobia Star Wars-inspired name for your Jedi-like cat
Oedipussfor literati cat parents, this is a cute name to give your pet
Pawdrey Hepburnthe most elegant name for the most graceful cat
Pawssanovajust because your cat is a casanova
Pistachio Buttonsif your pet is as cute as a button, this one's a good name for him/her
Pocket Changea perfect name for cute, tiny kittens
Princess Fairy Bootsa pretty name for a princess-like kitten
Purrfectsimply because your pet is purrfect in every way
Reece Whiskerspooninspired by the actress Reese Witherspoon
Santa Clawsbecause you got your cat as a Christmas present
Sassy Oil Spotthis one's for a sassy cat
Scratchy Sir Purra great name for male cats that love to scratch anything and everything. Better make some DIY cat scratchers to divert his attention
Sergeant Snugglesa cute name for a cat that loves to snuggle with you
Sir Boots N Pantsa knightly name for your handsome cat in shining armor
Spartacus Creamsiclethis one's for a warrior-like cat
Stinky Poo Poosjust because your pet's poop stinks
Sugar Britchesa cute one for a sweet cat
Sunny Summersunburstfor a cat with a sunny personality
The Little Muffin Manfor your handsome and sweet male cat
The Princess Sofia Beanif your cat is a princess, this one's a really great name
Thumbs Hemingwayfor a cat that's all thumbs
Toothless Trufflefor your adorable but toothless cat
Trouble Boogersfor a cat that's always causing trouble
Tumtum Mcpuffthis is a great one for cats with big tummies
Tybalt Copperpota tough name for copper-colored cats
Wendy Wondercatan adorable name for your wonderful cat
Whiskerus Maximusa fitting name for cats with prominent whiskers
William Shakespaw or Shakespurranother one for literature-loving cat parents
Winston Purrchillinspired by Winston Churchill, the cat-loving British Prime Minister

Weird but Adorable Warrior Cat-Inspired Names

cat sneezing

Warrior Cat names are just so descriptive and poetic, many cat parents follow their prescribed naming rules. Sometimes, though, it’s exciting to make fun of your cat using a nonsensical or weird Warrior Cat name.

Bumblestripea cute one for cats that are striped like bumblebees
Fartfangthis one's the best for cats that are always farting
Featherwhiskera fancy name for cats with soft whiskers
Fuzzypeltan adorable name for cats with fuzzy coats
Heavystepif you've got a heavyweight cat, this is a really fitting name
Hollowbellyan excellent name for cats that are always hungry
Lostfacea great one for a cat that always looks lost. Get tips on how to make a cat happy so he won’t feel lost anymore
Loudbellyanother excellent name for cats that love to release gas
Lovesoulan adorable name for a cat that's full of love for you
Sneezekitthis one's for a cat that always sneezes

Wrap Up

stupid orange cat

Choosing a name for your pet is so exciting, you’re going to need all the inspiration you can get. Sometimes, though, the funniest names are the ones that seem to fit your pet the most.

We hope you were able to get some inspiring ideas from the names we’ve shared in this article. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them with us by leaving your comments and suggestions. Your cat may be a bit slow on the uptake, but you can still teach him/her tricks.

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