Tabby Cat Names: Unique Names for Your Uniquely-Patterned Cat

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Jeremy Vaughn
Written by Jeremy Vaughn

We all love tabby cats for their enticing patterns. The stripes, swirls, and dots add extra personality to our feline friends and make them stand out from their brothers and sisters. Special tabby cat names have been around forever, and they have only increased in number as more and more people imagine new ones to bestow upon their tabbies over the years.

With so many choices, it can be a lot of pressure trying to choose the right one! After all, your cat will be known by this name for many, many years to come, so you probably want it to be perfect. But you don’t have to worry anymore!

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In this article, we will share our favorite tabby cat names. As always, we want to make things simpler for you, so we have categorized them according to gender. So whether your cat is a boy, a girl, orange, grey, brown, or some other color, we have got you covered. Read on to find the perfect name for your perfect pet!

Male Tabby Cat Names

No matter where you live, or where you go in the world, you are very likely to come across male tabby cats of all kinds.

head of bengal tiger cat

So if a certain handsome sweetheart has caught your attention and you’re planning on getting your own, here are some male tabby cat names that you should consider.

  • Ash: This is definitely a name for grey tabbies with any kind of It’s also the shortest name there can be; just one syllable! For other grey cat names, check out this article.
  • Ashton: You love the Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher? Your own little heartthrob is no less attractive in any way! If Ash is too common for your liking, Ashton provides that extra fancy factor for grey tabby cats.
  • Binx: This name doesn’t mean anything, but it was too adorable to not include in the list. Just imagine calling him Binx every day.
  • Blaze: Thinking of a blazing fire? Blaze is a unique name that you might not have heard too much of, if at all. It will really suit tabby cats with blazing orange or yellow eyes.
  • Butterscotch: Here’s a delicious name for soft brown cats, with any pattern at all. Butterscotch might be a little long for a name, but it sounds so sweet. Plus you can always shorten it to something like Scotty if you’re into nicknames.
  • Caramel: Brown tabby cats with swirly patterns always make us think of warm caramel being drizzled on some delicious dessert. This is definitely one of the sweetest names you will hear!
  • Cheeto: We know we’ve probably made you a little bit hungry by making you think of Cheetos. We all know the color of these delightful snacks. Name your cat Cheeto if he’s orange and you love these cornmeal puffs.
  • Cloudy: Love the rain or overcast weather? Then you probably also love the grey clouds that bring the promise of rain. Here is another really cute name for grey cats whose swirly patterns make you think of clouds.
  • Cocoa: Does he have tones of brown in him? Does his dotted fur remind you of cocoa beans? Then Cocoa will be one of the cutest choices to consider. It’s an added plus if you’re a chocoholic because we know you probably can’t get enough of your beloved cat either!
  • Comet: What’s better than naming your tabby after something out of the solar system? Comets have streaks of all colors on the spectrum. Moreover, comets are fascinating things that light up the sky, just like your fur baby lights up your life!
  • Dorito: Now that we’ve mentioned Cheetos above, let us mention Doritos too! We think Dorito makes a very cute name for a fur baby who is bright orange or is patterned with large dots or spots.
  • Dusty: This is a neutral name that can be given to any tabby at all. If his fur has a slightly dusty look about it even when he’s squeaky clean, this name will surely be a right fit.
  • Echo: Here’s a cool name that is short and easy to say. We think it will work best on cats with swirly patterns that look like echoes of each other.
  • Fury: I’ve got an interesting, true story for you. My aunt spent a lot of time in Bengal many, many years ago and she knew of a tiger there. Guess what he was called. That’s right. Fury! Therefore, I believe this name suits a beautiful Toyger
  • Garfield: If you’re looking for orange tabby cat names, then this name is quite popular! We have all seen or at least heard of this favorite comic character, who just so happens to be an orange tabby cat. We also know that he is known for being extremely lazy, with a special love for food. If your new fur baby shows a love of sleep and food and is striped, then we can say that he’s a lot like Garfield!
  • Ghost: Millions of people around the globe have fallen in love with this name due to it being the name of Jon Snow’s dire wolf in the popular show, Game of Thrones. Even if you don’t follow the show, you can still consider this name for your cat because cats are naturally quiet animals that move around as silently as ghosts.
  • Koala: We love koalas! They are grey, soft, fuzzy, and look like the perfect cuddle buddies. If you love cuddling with your fur baby, Koala can be it!
  • Leo: The zodiac sign Leo is depicted by a lion. Leo can also be short for leopard if your cat has leopard-like patterns.
  • Mac: This name is short for mackerel, which are fish that typically have vertical stripes on their backs. It can even be short for macaroni if your orange or brown cat has a pattern that resembles this kind of pasta.
  • Onyx: Onyx stones are known for their varying colors and bands. You can pretty much give this name to any tabby cat, regardless of color or type of patterns. This is one of the coolest names on the list too.
  • Rocky: Is he brave and bold? Are you a Rocky Balboa fan? This name is typically given to orange or brown cats for some reason, and it surely suits them too.
  • Sandy: Sandy is another common name for light brown cats. Short, simple, and sweet!
  • Shadow: Here’s a name that works well with grey tabby cats who have patterns that resemble shadows on their fur. Shadow sounds quite mysterious, and will suit a cat who loves to silently follow you around the house!
  • Spark: This name is fresh and modern, as well as unique. We are sure that your new fur baby has sparked an everlasting love in your heart. Want to know how to show your cat how much you love him? Try this link.
  • Spot: Think of Spot if your tabby has one big spot of a specific color, among other colors and patterns. It’s the first thing that probably comes to your mind too when you see him, so why not just call him that!
  • Sylvester: Whenever we hear this name, we think of Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. It’s no wonder people all around the world choose this name for their feline friends. You can be one of those people, and bestow one of the most popular cat names in history upon your newest pet.
  • Tiger: Domestic cats look a lot like the bigger members of the cat family. In fact, some striped orange tabbies look just like mini tigers. So why not give your fur baby a powerful name by just calling him Tiger? It sounds quite magnificent.
  • Tigger: Remember the cute, happy tiger from Winnie the Pooh? Yes, you can also name him Tigger if he loves bouncing around the house. Make sure he knows better than to jump onto your table, though, because that’s where you eat. Need some tips on how to teach him that? Find all that you need here.
  • Twister: Now that’s what we call a rare name for a furry friend. If you want to be adventurous about naming your new tabby, consider this for sure!
  • Zorro: This name is taken from the renowned Zorro movies, and can be given to a cat whose fur patterns make him look like he has a mask around his eyes.

Female Tabby Cat Names

Now that we have covered names for male tabbies, it is time we move on to our second category of the article.

Playful Tabby Cat Resting on Cat Tree

Here is an extensive list of names that you should go through if your new sweetheart is a girl!

  • Abby: Thought of naming her tabby but then realized it’s too common? How about Abby? It certainly rhymes with tabby, and sounds pretty cute too!
  • Amber: Amber is very obviously meant for ginger tabbies. It is a lovely color, and a popular name among humans too!
  • Autumn: Shades of orange remind us of autumn leaves. Plus this name sounds fancy too, and we can bet that not many people have cats named after seasons.
  • Ember: This sounds quite similar to Amber, but means smoldering remains of a fire. Ember will suit your cat if she has a very lively personality and is full of life.
  • Fruitcake: We personally know a tabby cat with mixed colors called Fruitcake, and she is the most adorable thing ever! Her combination of orange, grey, and white really does look very yummy. Plus we don’t think you’ve heard of too many pets with this name, so definitely keep this as an option if you are inclined towards something different.
  • Ginny: Here is one of the most popular orange tabby cat names females will be happy with. Ginny, apart from being the name of Harry Potter’s significant other, is a short form of ginger. So if you’re also a Harry Potter fan, this is quite the catch for you!
  • Goldie: Goldie is derived from golden, so it is definitely meant for fur babies who are light in color, have a lovely golden tinge, or spectacular golden eyes. You can even name her this if she’s the golden treasure of your life.
  • Honey: How sweet is this name? It will be perfect for your tabby if she has a light golden tinge to her fur. Even if she doesn’t, honey will suit any sweet cat at all! Imagine calling her that for all her life.
  • Marbella: Does this make you think of marbles? That’s what we meant! Striped patterns on tabby cats certainly remind us of yummy marble cakes. Plus Marbella is one of the most beautiful names that can be given to your cat.
  • Misty: This name instantly diverts the mind to many shades of similar colors. If your cat is a washed-out grey color or is light in color, Misty is definitely one of the best grey tabby cat names.
  • Patches: Some cats have both dots and stripes, or have different colors like grey, orange, black, and white. If your new kitten has patchy fur, think no further!
  • Pebbles: We promise we weren’t just thinking of the cute little baby from The Flintstones! This name is traditionally meant for cats that have round pebble-shaped marks on them but can be given to any tabby at all.
  • Pepper: This too is a very popular name for grey tabbies, for obvious reasons! Pepper fits all shades of grey, whether you have a light grey cat, a dark grey cat, or a mix. Plus if you decide to get another pet who just happens to have light fur, you can name him Salt. Salt and pepper; the perfect duo!
  • Smokey: Smokey instantly makes us think of darker colors. So this name can certainly be a potential choice if your cat’s fur has some black or grey patches, even if she’s not grey all over. If your cat is predominantly black, do check out our article on black cat names!
  • Summer: Here’s another name for an orange tabby cat. Soft orange tones remind us of beautiful sunsets at the beach when the weather is nice and warm. So consider this soft-sounding name for your soft, warm fur baby.

Wrap Up

We have reached the end of our list of names for male and female tabby cats! We know that choosing the right name for your pet is quite difficult, but we hope that we have made things easier for you by providing a short description with each name.

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If you have other names in mind and think that we have missed out on some popular ones, please do share them with us in the comments section below! Also feel free to share the descriptions that go with these names, and don’t forget to go through our website to learn all that you need to know about cats. In fact, we’ve got another interesting and informative article prepared right here for you: How Do Cats See?

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