Tortoiseshell Cat Names: For Your Multicolored Marvel

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Jeremy Vaughn
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Tortoiseshell is a compound name that can be used to describe the color or appearance of a cat’s coat that has patches of red and black. The ‘red’ ranges from orange to yellow. Splotches of grey or tabby are also accepted as the ‘black’ variety. If your kitten fits any of the above descriptions, you have the option of giving her a name that befits her beautiful coat pattern. There is quite a number of tortoiseshell cat names that you can choose from.

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The name that you give to your cat should be personalized. It should be attached to or inspired by something that carries some meaning for the both of you. We have selected names pertaining not only to your cat’s coat color and pattern but also to her personality. You will be amazed by the number of tortoiseshell names you can get by just looking around you.

Are you a lover of nature? There are lots of nature-inspired names for your kitty. Would you rather be inspired by the media or just settle for an odd name here and there? Whatever works for you; we’ve got you covered below.

Tortoiseshell Cat Names Inspired by Nature

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Nature is awash with different inspirations for tortie names. From rivers to flowers, animals to space, nature has a lot to offer in terms of the unique blend of reddish and black colors. Sample several of them below:

  • Agate. A gemstone whose name is inspired by the place where River Achates was found in ancient Sicily. It is mainly brown with other color bands. This gem is known to have healing powers and is sometimes used as a talisman. A name for a valuable tortie.
  • Aloe. A plant that is cultivated for its medicinal value. It’s also used in the making of beauty products. While it is mostly green, some of its leaves can be grey with irregular spots or patches. A name for a soothing tortie.
  • Amber. Name your cat after the beautiful fossilized tree resin. It’s usually translucent with an orange glow. This name can be used for a tortie with a predominantly orange coat.
  • Aquila. Latin for ‘an eagle.’ These majestic birds have beautiful feathers of different shades. A name for a tortie who loves bird-watching. For such cats, you should try making a DIY window perch.
  • Aurora. This is a beautiful light display in the sky that is only visible in high latitudes. This natural occurrence fills the sky with beautiful colors.
  • Canna. This is a collective term for some flowering plants that have many colors. Some are orange, others dark red and yellow. It would make a cute name for a tortie.
  • Caramel. A sweet name for a tortoiseshell cat whose coat is more on the brown side.
  • Carrot. A simple name for a tortie whose coat is predominantly dark orange in color.
  • Clover. If you believe in superstition, then this is the name for your cat. Ancient Celts believed that torties brought good luck just like the four-leaf clovers.
  • Cocoa. The mature beans of a cocoa plant have yellowish-orange skin. This would be a unique name for a mostly brown tortie with yellow eyes or a hot temper.
  • Copper. This is a soft metal that is used as a building material for electrical and heat conduction. Its ore is reddish orange in color. A name for a tortie who spends his time perched on the radio or the T.V.
  • Coral. A name for a colorful tortie who loves to play in the water. Such torties will certainly appreciate it if you build a DIY cat water fountain for her.
  • Cosmos. Greek for ‘world and order.’ It signifies the orderly manner of the universe and other faraway galaxies. Heavenly bodies come in all colors and shades, making this a fitting space name for a tortie.
  • Dahlia. An exotic name for a tortie. It refers to a group of different flowering plants native to Mexico.
  • Ginger. A name for a tortie with a pale orange coat with black patches.
  • Ladybug. These little beetles have a variation of colors just like a tortie. They are associated with luck as well.
  • Marble. Crystalline rocks that come in different shades and colors.
  • Marigold. These are beautiful flowers that are used mainly for their health benefits. They are also used as bug repellants. A name for a tortie who gets rid of vermin in your house.
  • Marmalade. Fruit preserve made from the juice of citrus fruits. It’s a viscous orange or yellowish liquid.
  • Paprika. Paprika comes in a myriad of colors. A name for a tortoiseshell who spices up your life.
  • Peaches. Fruits that can be white and sometimes yellow. They also have a reddish brown seed at the center. A cute name for a tortie.
  • Pebbles. A collection of smooth stones, most of which are differently-colored.
  • Quasar. Celestial bodies that are bright with a beautiful hue. A cute space name for your tortie.
  • Rainbow. For a beautiful tortie.
  • Saturn. A planet that appears yellowish with brown shade. It’s named after the Greek god of agriculture. A great space name for a tortie. For many other space names for cats, visit this page.
  • Shubunkin. A fancy name for a tortie. This is a valuable Japanese-bred goldfish whose scales have shades of red, grey, and black.
  • Sunset. A name inspired by the dark orange appearance of the clouds as the sun disappears on the horizon. It could be a good name for a tortie whose day starts after sunset.
  • Talisman. Many people believe that owning a tortoiseshell cat leads to good luck.
  • Tangelo. A citrus fruit that is juicy and mildly sweet. A name that suits a tortie with a predominantly orange coat with white patches.
  • Tiger. Choose this for a tortie with a mostly-orange coat with black stripes. A name for a brave cat or one who still has some ‘wild’ left in her.
  • Tortuga. An island in Haiti. The name means ‘turtle.’ Name your cat after an entire island.

Names Inspired by Tortoiseshell Cats in Films and Television

tortoiseshell-cat sitting

Cats have been featured in many movies and television shows since the invention of film. They are the pets that are often used to bring out the personalities of the characters they act alongside. There are also many instances where they are the focus of the entire movie.

This has led to the emergence of heroic cats that have human traits. They can walk, talk, and even reason like their human companions. We have put together a list of 14 tortoiseshell cats whose names have appeared in television and film production.

  • Abigail. An orange tabby cat from the “iCarly” television show.
  • Balthazar. A dark tortie in “Torture Garden,” a film directed by Freddie Francis. The horror film features a cat who is a familiar. A name for a cat who gives you the creeps. For many other evil cat names, try this link.
  • Clovis. The sheriff’s pet cat in “Sleepwalkers,” a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. A name for a mischievous cat.
  • Johnie. The tortie in “Panic,” a film by John Gilling. This could be a good name for that very rare male tortoiseshell cat.
  • Kitty. The pet tortie cat of Amy from “Straw Dogs (1971),” a film by Sam Peckinpah
  • Lucinda. The beautiful tortie owned by Isabel in “Bewitched (2005)”, a film by Nora Ephron. For a cat who brings love to your life.
  • Mac. Chuck’s pet cat in “The Man without a Face,” directed by Mel Gibson. She is very protective of her owner and even attacks any perceived threats. A name for a protective and child-friendly cat.
  • Milo. The orange tabby in “The Adventures of Milo and Otis,” a film by Masanori Hata. A name for a curious and adventurous cat.
  • Mr. Fuzzypants. A tortoiseshell cat in “Nine Lives,” a film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. A name for a mysterious cat.
  • Mrs. Norris. The pet cat of Angus Filch in the “Harry Potter” films adapted from J. K. Rowling’s novels.
  • Sassy. A tortoiseshell of Himalayan breed from “Homeward Bound.” She and her animal friends trace their family across America. A name for a kitty who is a good tracker.
  • Strangeways. A tortie who keeps the three convicts company in “Two Way Stretch.” A name for a cat who likes to roam the outdoors.
  • Tjorven. The cat in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” a film directed by David Fincher.
  • Vito. A name borrowed from the owner of the cat in “The Godfather,” a film by Francis Ford Coppola. A name for a bossy cat.

Other Tortoiseshell Names for Cats

tortoiseshell-cat sitting on leaves

Torties have long been associated with good luck and were coveted in the ancient times. In some regions, they are referred to as ‘money cats.’ These beautiful cats are also associated with mysticism.

Below are some names that are related the color, temperament, and mystical aspects of torties. You will also find names that are wordplays as well as some lovely and exotic names.

  • Adhira. A name inspired by the high energy levels that torties have as compared to other cats. An Indian name that means ‘restless.’
  • Akemi. It means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese. The different tones of a tortie’s coat are unquestionably breathtaking.
  • Bala. An exotic name for a cat. This name takes into account the unknown ‘strength’ that is often associated with tortoiseshell cats. This is an Indian name.
  • Bangle. This is a rigid piece of jewelry that is worn on the wrists. They come in many color combinations just like a tortie.
  • Bao. Inspired by baozi, a Chinese bun made of differently colored fillings. For cats that love to eat. How about trying out some of our homemade cat treats recipes for her?
  • Brindle. A name for a fearless tortie. This is a coat color that resembles a tiger’s stripes.
  • Butterscotch. You can name your cat after this sweet confection that comes in a mixture of all colors.
  • Caliby. A name for a tortie with large white patches.
  • Canvas. A name for a cat whose coat looks like a painted piece of art.
  • Checker. This is a multicolored board game that requires strategy to win. A good name for a smart tortie.
  • Churi. The name of colorful bangles in Bengali.
  • Crumpet. A muffin or a flat cake that is spongy with brown patches on top.
  • Dice. For a tortie with a dark brown coat or more of a reddish shade. Can also be for cats that have darker patches on the extremities. It’s also a good name to use to tap into the lucky nature of torties. A name to ensure you always have a ‘lucky dice’ by your side.
  • Dottie. A better-sounding tweaked variation of ‘dot.’
  • Dusty. A tortoiseshell with a dark coat and brown patches sure looks dusty.
  • E.T.C. An abbreviation of the Latin word ‘etcetera.’ It’s used in a sentence to show the inclusion of similar things in a list—just like the way the colors of a tortie seem to go on and on.
  • Farfalle. Italian for ‘a butterfly.’ This exotic name paints the beauty and free-spirited nature of a tortie.
  • Filo. A dough used in the making of pastries. It’s made of thin layers that are baked to have a shining crust with brown patches.
  • Freckles. For a tortoiseshell whose coat is heavily dotted.
  • Glimmer. A name for a tortoiseshell with a dark undercoat and patches of a lighter shade.
  • Glitter. Small particles that reflect light differently. For a tortie with sparkling eyes.
  • Gretel. German for ‘pearls.’ They come in many colors, including multicolored ones just like your precious cat. For other German cat names, you can click on this link.
  • Harlequin. A character who provides comic relief in a theatre production. Such an actor is usually dressed in multicolor tones. This would suit a tortie whose antics leave you in stitches.
  • Jigsaw. Doesn’t a tortie’s shell look like one messy jigsaw puzzle? It could be a name for a cat with a complicated personality—one that you can’t seem to unravel.
  • Kaleid. A tweaked variation of the word kaleidoscope. This is an instrument or a toy that produces beautiful optical patterns by the use of multicolored glass pieces.
  • Kameko. A name inspired by the strong personality that is associated with tortoiseshell cats. It’s Japanese for ‘a superior child.’ Bonus: kame means tortoise in Japanese.
  • KitKat. A popular wafer with many of its layers covered in chocolate.
  • Maze. For a tortie whose coat color resembles a furry maze. This name can also fit a sneaky tortie.
  • Motley. Cloth made of fabric of different colors. Come to think of it, a sleeping tortie looks just like a pile of multicolored garment.
  • Motte. A pattern made of marks or blotches of different colors.
  • Muddle. The jumbled up or disorderly patterns of a tortie’s coat.
  • Muesli. A dish that is made of raw oats, grains, and nuts mixed with milk. It’s sweet and nutritious, but it unmistakably looks like a tortie!
  • Nibbles. These are different pieces of food that you serve between meals. An assortment of these treats boasts different colors. A cat is also known to enjoy ‘nibbling’ on her treats.
  • Pie. Name your cat after colorful and delicious pies.
  • Pixel. For a tortie who can’t keep off your electronic devices. Her coat resembles pixels of different colors. You should probably download some of the best apps for cats for this tech whiz.
  • Rangsey. A Cambodian name that means ‘seven colors.’
  • Ribbons. The name brings to mind colorful bands of material.
  • Rusty. This nickname is used to refer to people with red hair. Why not adopt it for a cat who has red or orange patches on her coat?
  • Shelly. A name that brings out the shell-like nature of a tortie’s coat.
  • Siri. ‘Tiger’ in Nigerian. An exotic name for a big and brave tortie.
  • Snickers. A popular brand of chocolate bar which is made of a mixture of caramel, peanuts, and sugar covered in a layer of milk chocolate.
  • Sprinkle. For a tortie whose coat appears like a canvas sprinkled with colorful paints. The name can be shortened to Sprink.
  • Streak. A name for a tortie whose coat is covered with long stripes of distinct colors.
  • Tank. Not only are military tanks lethal, but they are also heavily camouflaged in dark colors. A name for a strong cat.
  • Tortelli. Playing around with the word tortoise.
  • Tortellini. A fun name for a small tortie.

Wrap Up

tortoiseshell kitten looking at the camera

Among the different criteria used in naming cats, coat color stands out. Tortoiseshell is a name given to cats with coats that come in patches ranging from red to black. There are several color variations in between with the resulting pattern being that of a tortoiseshell. These cats can be as different as any two cats can be since they are not of the same breed.

To differentiate among their various characters, personalities, and traits, several names can be given to them while still maintaining the originality of their coat color and pattern.

These names can be drawn from nature while others can be borrowed from the media. Still, it is very common to find beautiful and befitting names from other unique and exotic sources that include and are not limited to space, foods, and puns.

Do you feel like your needs have been met? Let us know the name that you chose and what influenced your choice. Also, do share with us any other tortoiseshell names that you might know about. If you couldn’t find a good name from the lists above, how about checking out our article on Hawaiian cat names? Names from this beautiful place will certainly be colorful enough for your tortie.

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