Tough Cat Names: The Right Moniker for Your Tough-as-Nails Cat

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We can all agree that cats are some of the toughest pets around. We see them jump down from high places and hang out with dogs several times their size all the time. Taking this fact into consideration, one can’t help but be tempted to pick from a list of tough cat names to find a fitting moniker for these tough-as-nails badasses.

Unfortunately, “tough cat names” is a tough theme to go with. It is a very broad topic. So many names can be categorized as tough; where do you even start? The answer is: right here.

This article will give you a lot of tough cat naming ideas to choose from. We have tough cat names according to gender, names inspired by movies and TV shows, names inspired by real-life badasses, and exotic tough cat names. By the time you are done reading this article, you should have shortened the list to just a few favorite tough cat names.

Tough Cat Names According to Gender

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If you have a male cat who likes to perform outrageous stunts, then you can give him any of these names:

  • Admiral: pertains to a naval officer of the highest rank; this could be an apt name for your tough cat.

  • Aslan: short and unique, this is a Turkish word meaning ‘lion.’ If you are familiar with the movie “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” you may also realize that this is the name of the magical lion in the said flick.

  • Avalanche: this could be earth, snow, or ice that slides down a mountainside. Avalanches gain speed and power when it reaches the end of a slope—two qualities that your rough cat may have.

  • Bandit: we all know that this is another word for an outlaw. But it can be a playful name when given to your tough cat.

  • Blaze: this is a word that pertains to a strong and bright flame. It may also be a good name to give to your cat.

  • Bolt: this name is said to have originated from the Old Norse name “Boltr” which pertains to a powerful person.

  • Brock: a one-syllable name that is not only short but also easy to recall. It also happens to be the name of MMA and wrestling star Brock Lesnar.

  • Bruno: it is a classic name that won’t go out of style. It is a German word that means ‘armor or shield.’ Find many other German cat name suggestions here.

  • Buzz: this is the name of the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He’s also the inspiration for the name of the character in the popular animated movie “Toy Story.”

  • Czar: another short and sweet name for cats, this is a Russian word for ‘emperor or ruler.’

  • Hawkeye: this is the name of the superhero who’s a part of the Avengers group in Marvel Comics. It is a name often given to someone gifted with excellent eyesight—such as your cat.

  • Khan: if you’re a history buff, you may know Khan as the Mongolian term for ‘leader or ruler.’ There was Genghis Khan who ruled almost half of the world during his time. This is thus a great name for your tough cat.

How about female felines? Female cats can be as tough as their male counterparts. If you have a badass female cat, then you should consider giving her any of these names:

  • Adira: exotic, simple, and short enough to be remembered, this is a Hebrew name which means ‘strong.’

  • Amelia: this is a name that is often linked with feminist symbols such as the famous aviator Amelia Earhart and civil rights leader Amelia Boynton Robinson. This is a German name meaning ‘work.’

  • Andrea: the feminine equivalent of the name Andrew, it means ‘strong.’

  • Audrey: the name may not sound tough at first, but it really means ‘noble strength.’ Of course, you may associate this name with the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn. There was also a saint during the Middle Ages who had this name.

  • Bernadette: just like Andrea, this is a common name used for brave girls. It is a German name that means ‘strong and brave like a bear.’

  • Brighid: this is the Irish equivalent of the name Bridget. It means ‘strength’ and was derived from the mythical goddess of fire. If you’re interested in Irish cat names, find many more recommendations here.

  • Carla: this is a Portuguese name that sounds romantic at first, but wait until you learn its meaning to understand why you should use it. Carla means ‘one who possesses strength.’

  • Gabriela: this Italian female version of the name Gabriel means ‘God is my strength.’ This is one of the most popular baby names for girls.

  • Philomena: a charming Greek name which means ‘lover of strength.’ This was also the name of an Athenian princess in Greek mythology. The said princess was transformed by the gods into a nightingale.

  • Trudy: short and sweet, this is a German name that means ‘spear of strength.’

Tough Cat Names Inspired by Movies and TV Shows

gray cat rambo with red ribbon on head

You can also refer to characters from hit TV shows and movies if you are still searching for a name for your strong and resilient cat. Here are some tough, famous cat names that you may want to consider:

  • Cersei: this name should ring a bell if you’re a fan of the hit TV series “Game of Thrones.” It is the name of the female character who currently sits on the Iron Throne. Cersei is a strong woman who won’t let anyone or anything get in her way. We’ve also got a whole another article dedicated to Game of Thrones cat names.

  • Daenerys: another name straight from “GoT.” Daenerys is best known for being the Mother of Dragons. She’s proven herself to be one tough cookie—coming out of nowhere to lay claim to the Iron Throne.

  • Elektra: this comes from the Marvel Comics character who has also been featured on the big screen where she was portrayed by Jennifer Garner. Elektra possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility.

  • Katniss: this is the name of the female protagonist in the “Hunger Games” franchise. Aside from being strong, the character has exemplified other desirable traits like loyalty and compassion.

  • Mystique: from one of the lead characters in the movie series “X-Men” and played by Jennifer Lawrence. This shape-shifting character is quite interesting because she can be an ally of the X-Men one day and turn into an enemy the next day.

  • Scully: the name of the female lead character in the hit TV series “X-Files.”

  • Xena: the name comes from the “Warrior Princess” who had her own TV series in the ‘90s. The character has since become a feminist icon and a symbol of female empowerment.

For male cats, here are some name suggestions that you may want to consider:

  • Brutus: this is a popular name commonly on dogs, but it can be a great name for your cat as well. This name became popular thanks to Popeye, as this was the name of the bearded strongman who was Popeye’s nemesis.

  • Hulk: the name alone connotes toughness and strength. We all know who the Hulk is. He’s that green superhero from Marvel’s The Avengers. Not only is this name appropriate for a tough cat, but it is also short and easy to remember.

  • Rambo: Stallone made Rambo a household name. This name is often associated with individuals and pets who are tough and courageous.

  • Rocky: this is another popular choice. The character Rocky catapulted Sylvester Stallone to fame and has since then been associated with grit.

  • Thor: the Norse god of thunder known for his strength and courage. Like the Hulk, Thor is another superhero who has become big thanks to The Avengers movies. He also has his own movies.

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Tough Cat Names Inspired by Real People

two orange cats boxing

Of course, there are also real people who have shown toughness in many instances and thus can provide inspiration for you. Here’s a short list of real-life tough people you can name your cat after:

  • Douglas: this refers to the American general Douglas McArthur who liberated the Pacific from Japanese forces during the Second World War. He also fought during the First World War and the Korean War.

  • Holyfield: there are many reasons why Evander Holyfield is one of the toughest boxers of all time. He spent nearly three decades boxing—enduring 57 brutal fights in the process. Second, he is the only man to win the heavyweight championship belt four times. And third, he showed mental and physical toughness after his ear was bitten off by another champion, Mike Tyson.

  • McGregor: after MMA superstar Conor McGregor who is known not only for his arrogance but also that he has the toughness to back it up in the octagon.

  • Ronda: after another MMA superstar, Ronda Rousey, who is arguably the greatest female competitor in mixed martial arts. It is a nice name that you can give to a tough female cat.

  • Serena: the first name of hands down the greatest female tennis player of all times. Serena Williams is not only known for being physically gifted but also for her mental toughness—qualities that have made her a champion.

  • Shaq: the nickname of retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is short and easy to remember. O’Neal was one of the toughest players during his time—a seven footer blessed with amazing agility.

  • Sullivan: after the great bare-knuckle boxing champion, John Sullivan, whom for nearly a decade ruled the most brutal sport in American history. Sullivan was also known as the “Boston Strong Boy.”

  • Tyson: Tyson is best known for his superior power that made him the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

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Exotic Tough Cat Names

orange cat lion

You can also gain inspiration from foreign words or names that connote toughness, strength, and durability. We have listed some of the best tough cat names from foreign languages below:

  • Ebba: this is a German feminine name that means ‘the strength of an animal.’

  • Edrei: an Israeli name or word for ‘strong and powerful.’ The name has also been mentioned in the Bible as one of the towns in the Kingdom of Bashan.

  • Emersyn: a French name which is the feminine equivalent of Emerson. It connotes bravery and strength. The name was brought by the French to England during the Norman conquest. It has since then spawned other names like Emma and Emmy.

  • Ethan: an Australian masculine name that means ‘strong and firm.’

  • Gesa: a unique name which means ‘strength of a spear.’ It has Dutch origins and is widely used in the Netherlands.

  • Jaiyana: an Arabic name that means ‘strength.’

  • Karleen: an Old German name which can be translated to ‘womanly strength’ in English. It was also a popular name in Germany back in the 1980s.

  • Lenna: don’t be fooled by this name. It may sound meek at first, but you should learn its meaning, which is ‘lion’s strength.’ This is certainly a good name to give to a female cat who is tough as nails.

  • Leonie: a German name which can be roughly translated to ‘one who is as fierce as a lion.’

  • Nakhti: an Egyptian name that’s short and sweet; it literally means ‘strong.’ Try this link if you’re interested to read more about Egyptian cat names.

  • Ricardo: it is an Argentinian name which means ‘one who rules.’

  • Vanshni: an Indian name which means ‘strong.’ It has an old-fashioned feel to it. This one is a perfect choice if you want your cat to have an antiquated name.

Wrap Up

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Cats are some of the toughest pets around, and it is only fitting that we give our feline friends tough names that befit their personality.

Were you able to find a name that suits your cat? Please share it with us by writing in the comments section below. You can also share this article on your social media account; let’s see what your friends think about your pick. By the way, does your tough cat tend to get into fights? If so, you might want to learn how to clean cat wound just to make sure you’re prepared to help him/her.

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