Tuxedo Cat Names: Classy Names for Your Sharply-Dressed Cat

A gorgeous Tuxedo Cat lying on the floor
Stella Noble
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What did Einstein, Shakespeare, and Sir Isaac Newton have in common? The answer is: their impressive contributions to mankind and their love of tuxedo cats. If you have just adopted a tuxedo cat like the aforementioned important figures, congratulations! However, perhaps you’re now nervous as to what you should name such a unique cat. It can’t be denied that tuxedo cats have a special kind of charm to them, and no other but equally special tuxedo cat names will suit them.

A prominent bi-color combination that mostly signifies formal wear for men, the first word that usually comes to mind when we think about tuxedos is “class.” This is fitting because cats are elegant and graceful creatures in the first place. Give your cat any one of the tuxedo cat names you’ll find in this article, and no doubt your cat will steal the spotlight wherever he/she goes.

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There are many naming options you can go for when it comes to your cute tuxedo. This post will give you a list of names divided by gender, names inspired by popular black and white food, and names inspired by cartoon or movie characters that are commonly seen wearing a tux.

Tuxedo Cat Names by Gender

Is your tuxedo cat male or female? Well, there’s nothing to worry about because regardless of the gender, if your cat is a tux, you’ll find no shortage of names to choose from below.

#1: Male Tuxedo Cat Names

This post will begin by suggesting some attractive names for male tuxedo cats.

Tuxedo Cat lying on the grass

Since tuxedos are commonly worn by men, there are only too many names that fulfill the criteria of being in this category, but we’ve chosen only the most relevant ones to make things easier for you.

  • Beethoven: a classical musician hailed for creating some of the most beautiful and inspiring music. We suggested Beethoven not just because he’s classy and certainly no stranger to tuxes, but also because Beethoven once owned a tuxedo cat.

  • Gatsby: we all know that the word “Gatsby” is synonymous with the glamorous life. If your feline friend enjoys the finer things in life, naming him Gatsby will really be apt.

  • Phantom: perhaps you can name your kitty after the white mask worn by Phantom in the famous “Phantom of the Opera.”

  • Tux: Tux is a straightforward name that’s commonly awarded to tuxedo felines as a way of complementing them for their cute combination of black and white colors. If you like to keep things simple/black and white—like your cat’s coat pattern—this is a great pick.

  • Yin-Yang: We gained the inspiration for this name from ancient Chinese philosophy. Yin & Yang is a black and white symbol. It’s usually used to describe how opposite forces complement each other in the world. If you have two tuxedo cats, naming one Yin and the other Yang would be great!

#2: Female Tuxedo Cat Names

If your feline friend is a female tuxedo cat, wouldn’t it be great if you could give her a cute pet name that would reflect her personality, intelligence, and affectionate nature?

Close-up of a female tuxedo cat

If you’re wondering which name to give to your feline, this section will provide you with a list of amazing female cat names that will make your tuxedo cat feel like a real queen.

  • Crystal: what’s one thing that you’ll see a lot of when you’re attending a classy event? Crystal. To name just a few, there’s the crystal chandelier, the crystal chalice, and many others.

  • Lady: since Tuxedo cats are always ready for a special occasion, naming her Lady will really be a perfect choice.

  • Magpie: is your Tuxie an intelligent, playful, and chatty feline? If that’s the case, try naming her Magpie. This black and white bird is widely considered as one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

  • Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn Monroe was a professional singer, actress, and model famously known for her iconic “blonde bombshell” characters. Hailed for her artistic performances in the 1950s, naming your cat Marilyn Monroe will really bring out the glamorous lady in your cat.

  • Rose: men often wear a boutonnière—that is, a lapel flower, typically a rose—on their tux when it’s a very special occasion.

  • Sassy: the cool combination of black and white colors really give your female cat a beautiful appearance—so much so that she might see it as her obligation to act a bit sassy.

  • Tango: The Tango is a romantic and sophisticated type of dance that is mostly performed by a couple with the male wearing tuxedos. Mostly seen at weddings and romantic ceremonies, Tango is a sweet and romantic name that suits most female tuxes.

#3: Unisex Tuxedo Cat Names

While some pet parents prefer searching for either male or female cat names depending on the cat’s gender, there are others who prefer unisex names.

tuxedo-cat lying on the floor

With that said, this post will proceed to give you interesting unisex cat names that will suit your Tuxie regardless of the gender.

  • Barcode: your friends will certainly laugh and ask why you gave your cat this name before they realize that the reason is obvious.

  • Butler: perfect for cats who love to groom their tails, because butlers wear tailcoats.

  • Chess: if your Tuxie is intelligent or a real problem solver, naming him or her after this complex game is an appropriate idea.

  • Crescent: this is an elegant name indeed. Perfect for cats that sleep during the day and prefer to roam the night.

  • Domino: Domino is a classic black and white game which can make a nice tuxedo cat name.

  • Einstein: recognized as a genius, naming your cat after Einstein is apt considering tuxedo cats don’t just dress smart, but they are also undoubtedly very intelligent.

  • Jazz: if you like classical music, you’ll know that men tend to wear a tux to a jazz music performance.

  • Keys: for music enthusiasts who enjoy playing the piano, naming your Tuxie “Keys” after the black and white keys of the piano is a great idea.

  • Newton: tuxedo cats aren’t just a favorite of Beethoven’s. Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton also owned a tuxedo cat?

  • Night: not just because the black and white contrast reminds us of quiet nights, but also because tuxes are mostly worn at nighttime.

  • Shadow: a cool name if your tuxedo cat tends to use his/her color to blend into the background and melt into the shadows.

  • Shakespeare: known as the father of literature, William Shakespeare has contributed a lot to the world of literature with writings such as the love story Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare also owned a tuxedo cat. Does the popularity of tuxedo cats among famous historical figures know no end?

  • Snap: are you a photography or film enthusiast? Well, you can try naming your tuxedo cat after black and white snapshots.

  • Spade: do you enjoy playing cards? If you do, Spade can really stand out as a great cat name.

Tuxedo Cat Names Inspired by Food

Special occasions and good food are two sides of the same coin.

tuxedo-kitten lying on the floor

In this section, we will highlight some of the most fabulous, delicious, and creative Tuxie names inspired by famous black and white delicacies.

  • Coffee Cream: do you enjoy taking a comforting cup of coffee during those chilly mornings? If so, you can show your feline how much you treasure them by naming them Coffee Cream.

  • Oreo: we simply can’t forget to mention Oreos. These cookies make a sweet unisex name for all tuxedo cats.

  • Peppermint Patty: a name derived from a candy made with black icing on the outside and white on the inside. This name is perfect for female felines.

  • Whoopie Pie: giving your special Tuxie this delicious name will really make her feel loved.

Tuxedo Cat Names Inspired by Classy Characters

The Tuxedo universe is really vast.

Two tuxedo cats lying down

Not only can you draw inspiration from famous historical figures such as Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton, but you can also name your cat after delicious foods we all love, as well as famous cartoons and movie characters.

  • Betty Boop: an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, Betty Boop doesn’t wear a tux herself per se, but her attire certainly suggests that she needs a male counterpart who wears one.

  • Cary: inspired by Cary Grant. Cary is a vintage cat name that should really suit your black and white feline. Cary Grant always looked wonderful in his tux—something which makes this name perfect for pet parents that adore vintage movies.

  • Charlie Chaplin: famous for his black and white films, Charlie Chaplin is an icon of the silent film era.

  • Cruella: are you a diehard fan of animated movies? Well, another cat name you can give to your feline friend is Cruella. A character created by Dodie Smith, Cruella has been featured in the novel A Hundred and One Dalmatians and its consequent Walt Disney animated film adaptations.

  • Daisy: named after the Book and Movie “The Great Gatsby,” Daisy was Gatsby’s sweetheart, and it’s a cute name to give to a female tuxedo cat. For those with a pair of Tuxies, naming them Daisy and Gatsby will really make them a perfect match.

  • Dear Daniel: Surely, you’re familiar with Hello Kitty. A fictional character designed by the Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a female bobtail cat with a red bow and notably no mouth. Did you know that Hello Kitty had a boyfriend called Dear Daniel? He’s commonly seen wearing a cute tux.

  • Felix: Felix the Cat was famous in the silent film era. He’s one of the most famous tuxedo cats of all times.

  • Grace: drawing inspiration from the highly admired and emulated Grace Kelly, naming your Tuxie Grace will really make her feel proud and motivated.

  • James Bond: if you love James Bond movies, what could be a better way to pay tribute to your favorite spy than by naming your Tuxie after him? We all know that Bond looks really professional and sharp when wearing a tuxedo.

  • Marty: Marty is the name of the zebra in Madagascar. Zebras are notably known for their black and white stripes, so they resemble your tuxedo cat.

  • Mickey: Mickey Mouse is a black and white famous cartoon character that greatly resembles your tuxedo cat. Don’t worry; your tuxedo cat won’t feel insulted about being named after a mouse.

  • Minnie: if you have a pair of Tuxies—one male and the other female, naming them Mickey and Minnie will be apt.

  • Penguin: penguins are widely-regarded as a tuxedo-wearing animal as well. We’re not saying that you should name your cat “Penguin.” Rather, why not name your cat after one of the many penguin cartoon characters? To name just a few, there’s Mumble from Happy Feet and Kowalski from Madagascar.

  • Sylvester: Sylvester is a black and white cat that’s always chasing after the famous Tweety bird.

Wrap Up

Tuxedo cats are famous for sporting elegant black and white coats. However, not all black and white combos qualify as tuxedo cats. For instance, a black cat covered with white spots doesn’t count as a tuxedo cat, but will most likely be named a “cow cat.” If your cat does qualify as a tuxedo cat, then he/she is really special and should be named accordingly.

While some pet parents might prefer to name their feline friends after delicious black and white sweets, others might be inspired by famous movies or cartoon characters. Famous fictional tuxedo cats include Pussy on Boots, Sylvester, Mr. Mestofellees, and Figaro (owned by the woodcarver who crafted Pinocchio). Others might prefer to name their Tuxies after famous tuxedo cat owners such as William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

a Tuxedo male cat sitting in front of the door

Now it’s time to choose a prim and proper name for your tuxedo cat. We sincerely hope that there’s at least one name from the lists above that has really caught your attention.

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding tuxedo cat names in the comments box below. If none of the names above did it for you, we recommend that you take a look at this other article regarding Russian cat names. Posh Russian names will certainly complement your handsome tuxedo cat nicely!

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