Vocal Cat Breeds: Which Breed to Get if You Want a Chatty Cat

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Jeremy Vaughn
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Cats are known to communicate with their human parents through their body language. But there are certain breeds that are known for being vocal. Do you want to adopt a chatty cat? Then you’re in the right place as we will run down the most vocal cat breeds in this post.

Chatty cats can be fun and amusing to take care of. Their vocalizations can annoy some people, but for cat lovers like you, these are music to the ears. Their meowing, purring, and yowling will energize you with cuteness overload every time you are with them. In this post, we will enumerate the cat breeds known for being extra chatty.

We have gathered 14 of the chattiest cat breeds in this article. By the time that you are through with this post, you should be able to identify the right cat breed for you. And you’ll be more in awe of the friendly, affectionate, and conversational nature of these vocal cat breeds.

Why Do Cats Sometimes Vocalize a Lot?

cat screaming

Before we run down the list of the most vocal cat breeds, let’s clear something first—being talkative should not be seen as something unusual or uncommon for cats. Throughout the years, our feline friends have adapted with their human companions in a bid to fulfill their needs, and vocalizing is one of those ways for them to get the attention of their human.

Think of a series of meows from your pet who wants to say ‘hi!’ to you. When you acknowledge the greeting by nodding your head or even playing with them, then your cat will learn that the best way to get your attention is to meow incessantly.

Certain breeds, however, are known to be especially fond of vocalizing. Siamese and Orientals are notorious for being extra talkative.

However, cats meow not only because they want to get your attention. There are other possible explanations behind a very talkative cat, such as:

  • Being in pain. If a cat is noisier than usual, then it could indicate that they are in pain or suffering from distress. If your pet has suddenly become more expressive, or there’s a noticeable change in their meowing, then perhaps you can schedule a trip to the vet.

  • The cat is in heat. Female cats will go into heat several times a year. It is during this period that they will yowl in a bid to get a mate. The yowling can be very disturbing and loud. The only way to prevent this behavior is to spay the cat.

  • Loneliness and boredom. Some cats prefer having people around, and they can get upset when they are left alone for long periods. A bored or lonely cat may become chattier because of anxiety or simply in an attempt to seek attention.

  • Old age. Senior cats become more talkative, especially at night. This can be attributed to the changes in their sleep-wake cycles and subsequent decline in cognitive function, resulting in disorientation. Increased meowing may also be due to hearing loss or illness.

Top Vocal Cat Breeds

While we have learned that it is normal for cats to be expressive, you should also know that certain cat breeds are more vocal than others. Asian cat breeds, for example, have been observed to be more talkative than others.

If you really want to be around a talkative cat, then go over our list of the top vocal cat breeds below:

#1: Siamese Cat

siamese cat screaming

You might have heard how people-oriented the Siamese cat is, so perhaps you have a clue on how chatty this cat breed can be.

It’s true that a Siamese cat has no problem meowing all day long. What’s also impressive about this cat is their distinct vocalization which some people compare with a human baby’s sobs.

Because they can be very talkative, a Siamese cat can keep you company for the entire day. Unfortunately, some Siamese cats can’t keep their mouths shut at night which can disturb and prevent you from getting enough sleep.

#2: Oriental Cat

Oriental Cat with her mouth open

Another breed which is known for being very chatty is the Oriental cat. You will love them for their loud and raspy voice. Like the Siamese cat, they are very people-oriented felines who expect to be given attention.

This attitude can cause problems at times because they don’t want to be left alone for extended periods. They can also be a bit cranky when you go home late.

Aside from being talkative, you will love that the Oriental cat is cute, friendly, and easy to groom.

#3: Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese kitten lying

The Tonkinese cat is yet another feline who’s notorious for talking. Genetics can be a factor why this breed is like that. It is a cross between a Siamese and Burmese, which are two other feline breeds known for being chatty.

The typical Tonkinese cat loves being around humans so they can talk, talk, and talk. They are also the type of cats who will not have any problem greeting guests, playing with other pets, and just being the center of attention.

When they fail to get your attention, the Tonkinese will make sure that you notice them by following you around. They will also try to ride on your shoulders if you still don’t give them the attention they crave.

#4: Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat with her mouth open

The Singapura is not only one of the tiniest cat breeds, but it is also a very talkative cat who won’t hesitate to roar loudly if you have not been giving them time and attention.

Their tendency to talk too much is heightened by their high energy levels. They are naturally curious and frisky. Like the other talkative cats in this list, they love being the darling of the family.

Singapuras are talkative, but surprisingly, they hate loud noises. One way to shock them is to surprise them with loud and unexpected noise. That’s something you should be wary of especially when you have young children or other pets in your household.

#5: Maine Coon

Maine Coon meowing

One of the biggest feline breeds on the planet is also one of the chattiest. The Maine Coon is a long-haired feline breed that is also referred to as the “Gentle Giant.”

Maine Coons won’t back down from an opportunity to chat with people. They are particularly chatty with their favorite humans. Their meows are not thunderous enough to cause an alarm in the household. If you listen closely to their meows, you may even suspect that the Maine Coon is always voicing a question.

The Maine Coon’s chatty ways are highly useful whenever they are around adult guests, children, and dogs. They like goofing around to win your attention. Give them enough care and time, and they will show you their fun side all the time.

#6: Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat meowing

The Burmese cat is clingy and chatty. They love being cuddled and played with. They will not hesitate to meow and even sit in front of you just to make sure that you give them the attention that they often crave. They will also follow you around wherever you may go.

Aside from being very talkative and affectionate, the Burmese cat is known for being fearless and energetic. They will not say no to a game of fetch. They are also naturally curious.

#7: Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one breed that will not hesitate to speak their mind at almost any given time. It seems that they will try to say ‘hi!’ to any human they come across.

The Turkish Angora is also very comfortable being around other pets like dogs. They are a good addition to any household, especially with children. Just train your kids to be nice to them and avoid doing things like pulling their tail.

#8: Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat outside

The Siberian cat is not only big and beautiful; they are also very talkative. This cat gets along well with most pets and children. They are playful, too. In fact, you may be the one to feel tired first when you play fetch with them—proof of how boundless their energy levels can be.

Siberian cats are also noted for being like dogs. Apart from being fond of playing fetch, they also like greeting guests. They will not hesitate to greet people who knock on your front door.

#9: Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat meowing

The Bengal cat is undoubtedly best known for their looks; they can be mistaken for a miniature tiger with their fancy coat. However, there’s another thing you should know about the Bengal cat—they can also be very talkative just like the other felines in this list.

Looks can be deceiving, and this belief certainly rings true for the Bengal cat. They like to meow back whenever a human companion says something; it is as if they are eager to get involved in any conversation. They also can’t help but chirp at any bird they see.

Bengals are also high-energy felines who are always ready for a game of fetch. They have the tendency to be mischievous sometimes, but this can be attributed to their innate desire to be the center of attention.

#10: Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats are not as demanding as the Siberian or the Bengal cats, but they can be chatty too especially when they are hungry. They can be very vocal whenever it is time for their meals so make sure that you give them their meals on a regular basis. If you fail a Devon Rex, be ready to hear a lot of angry meows.

Devon Rex cats are also very expressive whenever they are upset. They will yowl and howl when they don’t like how they are being treated—for example when they are left alone in the house for a long period of time.

#11: Turkish Van

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van will not only impress you with their good looks, but you will also be amazed by their talkative behavior. Say hi to them, and you will likely get a meow in return.

But unlike the other vocal cat breeds in this list, the Turkish Van is not meant to be a lap cat. They have so much energy that they won’t like sitting in one corner. They would instead spend their time running around and looking to start conversations. Unfortunately, they can also be noisy at night and in the wee hours, which can affect your sleep.

#12: Sphinx

Sphinx cat meowing

Many cat lovers know the Sphinx for their unique appearance. The chatty nature of this cat breed is not as well-known, but it is true. The Sphinx is the type of feline who will not hesitate to make their meows be heard. They will also talk back whenever you start a conversation.

#13: Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

Unlike the other Asian cat breeds on this list, the Japanese Bobtail won’t annoy you with their yowls. They have a soft and sweet voice that can be likened to that of an opera singer. The voice quality also lessens the disturbance or annoyance directed towards their talkative nature.

Japanese Bobtails love communicating through meows and chirps. They are outgoing felines who will get along well with dogs and other pets. Children love them, too, because of their friendly disposition, high energy levels, and curiosity.

#14: Korat Cat

Korat Cat

The Korat cat may not be as popular as their more illustrious cousin, the Siamese cat, yet they can match up pretty well if we are to talk about chatting. This breed is one of the oldest on the planet and considered as a ‘good luck cat.’

Korat cats are stocky, heavy, active, playful, and adventurous. They won’t hesitate to talk whenever they are surrounded by people they know.

Wrap Up

cat speaking

It can be very fun and entertaining to be around talkative cats. They can keep you company the entire day. They can make you laugh with their antics, too. And nothing beats the feeling of having a feline appear to talk to you just like any ordinary person.

Now that you have learned the top most vocal cat breeds, you can start planning which cat breed to adapt or take care of. Regardless of your choice, we bet you would love being around a chatty cat!

Which chatty cat breed is your favorite? Do you know of another chatty cat breed that we didn’t mention in this article? Share your knowledge with us by posting a comment below! You may be interested in reading our article on what do cats think of humans next. When they chat with us, do they see themselves as humans too?

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