Warrior Cat Names: Positioning Your Cat as a Protector, Fighter, and Survivor

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Martha Harvey
Written by Martha Harvey

Which qualities of your cat make you think of a warrior? Picking one out of many warrior cat names is definitely something, but choosing a moniker that perfectly suits your kitty is even better.

A warrior stands out in the ability to protect, fight, and survive but there are other qualities, both negative and positive, that define them as a person. The same goes for your cat; a name should represent his/her true identity.

We have looked for quite a number of these warriors and gathered enough information behind each. We have summarised their personalities, characters, and the special talents that set them apart. You will be surprised at some of the things that these men and women had to do in the course of their service as warriors.

The names are from different societies across the globe, so whichever side you choose to lean on, there’s definitely a name for your kitty. If you are a fan of media, we also have you covered. We have compiled a list of warrior characters that you are sure to love.

Real-Life Warrior Cat Names

Is your cat male or female? We have enough names on both genders.

#1: Female Warrior Cat Names

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This list comprises of women who defied all odds to rise and earn their spots in male-dominated societies.

From disguising themselves as men to using intelligent tricks to training other warriors to giving their all in the battlefields, these women backed down at nothing to defend their own and eliminated anything that threatened their loved ones. Keep their memories alive by naming your female cat after any of them.

  • Agrona. A name derived from an Old Celtic word that refers to ‘battle’ or ‘slaughter.’ In the folktales, Agrona was the Brythonic goddess of war. Agro will do as a nickname.

  • Ahhotep. A queen of Ancient Egypt. She rallied her armies to protect her kingdom in the 16th century B.C. She was also a loving and caring monarch who took care of fugitives and citizens alike. A name for a brave and likable molly.

  • Aife. A maiden warrior from the Scottish mythology. She was a sorceress who taught love and war to noble young men. A name for a molly who can get along with any tomcat.

  • Alcibie. A Greek name which means ‘strength’ or ‘force.’ In the mythologies, Alcibie was an Amazonian warrior who fought on the side of Troy against invading Greek armies. The moniker will do for a molly who is protective of other pets.

  • Aminatu. A warrior name with a nice ring to it. The moniker belonged to a 16th-century queen of Hausaland, a region in modern-day Nigeria. She excelled in war and politics. During her reign, the kingdom expanded and became an important trading post for the Saharan trade routes.

  • Artemisia. Name your female cat after the warrior queen of Ancient Greek state of Halicarnassus. She joined forces with King Xerxes I of Persia in invading other Greek states. She was a famed naval commander who had five ships under her command. Nicknames: Tems and Misia.

  • Bellatrix. A Latin name that refers to a ‘female warrior’; it is also the name given to one of the brightest stars in the Orion constellation. Bella, Trix, and Ella are some cute nicknames that go with it.

  • Blenda. An Old Germanic name which means ‘glory.’ The legendary Blenda was a Viking noblewoman who rallied women to defend themselves against the Danish army.

  • Boudica. A Brythonic name which means ‘victory.’ It was made popular by 1st-century queen of the Britons. She led a revolt against the invading Roman Empire. Her courage in the face of adversaries saw her dubbed the bravest queen in British history.

  • Chilonis. Name your heroic cat after an ancient Greek princess who took the whole warrior thing to a new level; she stormed the male-dominated Senate with a sword and later fought with a noose around her neck. She opined it was better to die by her own hands than to be captured by the enemy!

  • Chrysame. She was a priestess of Thessaly in the 11th century B.C; she may not have seen combat, but she used her ingenuity to annihilate a legion of invaders by using the mad cow disease as a biological weapon. A name for a cool but ruthless cat.

  • Emmeline. Not all women had to be in literal battlefields to show their warrior spirit. Emmeline Pankhurst was one such woman; she founded and led the suffragette movement. Her fight for women’s equality in politics and workplace during the Victorian era England got her arrested and jailed several times.

  • Harriet Tubman. An African American slave who freed herself and others from the plantations. She joined the Union army and fought in the American civil war. She is said to have been one of the bravest women in the conflict.

  • Joan. A name which means ‘God is gracious.’ One of the most popular possessors of the moniker was a French peasant girl who became a saint. She masqueraded as a man to join the fight against the British. She rose among the ranks to become a general who led her troops to many victories. Click here for many other epic cat names.

  • Makeda. A legendary Queen of Sheba. She was a brave monarch who killed a mythical serpent king to claim the kingdom of Axum which became modern day Ethiopia.

  • Malala. A name borrowed from a living heroine. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani who has been on the forefront on the fight for women rights since she was a teenager. Her efforts in fighting for the education of girls earned her a Nobel Prize among other accolades.

  • Nefertiti. An Egyptian name which means ‘a beautiful woman.’ She ruled alongside her husband in the 14th century B.C. She is depicted as a woman of courage, often in a chariot fighting alongside her husband. A name for a beautiful and strong molly.

  • Newcume. A lady disguised as a man to join the American army in the fight against the Mexicans in 1847. She served for ten months before she was dismissed. Her efforts were, however, applauded, and she got pay and land equal to her male counterparts.

  • Olga. The name is borrowed from an Old Norse word that means ‘holy’ or ‘blessed.’ One of the popular bearers of the name was Olga of Kiev, a 10th-century noblewoman who led her tribe in defending their homes. She used pigeons to burn down her adversaries inside their homes.

  • Opha. A cute feminine warrior name for your furry friend. Opha M. Johnson became the first woman to enroll in the US Marine Corps in 1918. A name for an ambitious cat.

  • Romavo. A variant of the name Ranavalona. The moniker belonged to an 18th-century queen of Madagascar. She galvanized her country to resist colonial rule during her reign.

  • Yuenu. A 5th century B.C Chinese warrior and swordswoman. Her prowess led to her being hired by the reigning king to train army officers. She is credited with introducing swordplay into Chinese martial arts. Click here for many other Chinese cat names.

  • Zenobia. The 3rd century Queen of Palmyrene Empire which was located in modern-day Syria. She led a successful rebellion against the invading Roman Empire. The moniker means ‘the life of Zeus.’ Variants of the name include Zenovia, Xenobia, and Xenovia. Zena would be a catchy nickname for your molly.

#2: Male Warrior Cat Names

cat with a soldier

Men were brought up to provide security across all societies. These men took this responsibility a step further; they made it their sole purpose.

With great skill and strategy, they fought and conquered battles. With selflessness and determination, they risked their lives to keep others safe. No wonder they have earned a treasured spot in the books of history!

Let your kitty share in these important parts of history.

  • Alexander. A Greek name which means ‘defender of men.’ The most famous bearer of the name was 4th-century king after whom Alexandria City is named. He conquered the known world at the time; from Macedonia to India. He was an apt general whose conquests earned him the designation ‘Alexander the Great.’ A name for a tomcat who ‘rules’ your home.

  • Andreas. A modern Germanic name derived from Ancient Greek variant for Andrew. It means ‘man’ or ‘warrior.’

  • Arluin. A French name which means ‘noble warrior.’ If your cat is strong on the inside but has a cool demeanor, then it will suit him perfectly. You can go with Al for a nickname.

  • Audie Murphy. A Texan sharecropper whose selflessness and bravery during WWII saw him become the most decorated American soldier in the war. He was also feted by the French government with several medals. His fame rose after the war when he became a film producer and actor.

  • Boian. A variant of Bojan. It is a Romanian name which means ‘battle’ or ‘warrior.’

  • Boris. This moniker will best fit a brave Dwarf cat. It is derived from a Turkish word for ‘short’ or ‘small.’ The Russian variant refers to a fighter or a warrior. It was used by several Bulgarian and Russian monarchs. Its most famous holder was 11th-century martyr St. Boris. Nicknames: Boro, Bor, Borut, and Borya.

  • Bushi. A surname that was commonly used by Japanese samurai. The moniker is derived from the codes of honor or ‘bushido.’ These were the rules that guided these highly trained martial arts warriors as they fought to defend their lords.

  • Clancy. A nickname for Clarence. It is an Irish name which means ‘red warrior.’ It will do for a brave cat with a reddish or fiery coat.

  • Hector. He is known for his bravery, nobility, and leadership. He was a prince of Troy and leader of the defense in the Trojan War. Though he lost against Achilles, the greatest warrior in Greek, he fought bravely till the end. The name is great for a cat that never gives up.

  • Hercules. He is the son of Zeus and Alcmene in the Greek mythology. He is famed for his courage and extraordinary power. The name suits a cat that is full of energy.

  • Jason. Another name from the heroes of Greek mythology. He led 50 heroes in a quest to find the golden fleece from a magical ram. The fleece was the only way his uncle would give him back the kingdom that he had stolen from him. He founds the fleece amidst great struggle and grave danger. The name is great for a brave cat.

  • Leonidas. Name your cat after one of the most famous Greek leaders of all times. As a king, Leonidas led an impoverished army against the formidable invading Persian army. His exploits with only 300 royal guards remain an inspiration to date. A name for a headstrong feline.

  • Lionheart. The nickname of King Richard I. He was a 12th-century English monarch who rose to the throne by prevailing over his father in fierce battles. Now that’s a name for an ambitious feline!

  • Miyamoto. Name your cat after one of the greatest samurai warriors of all times. Miyamoto Musashi was a swordsman in the 17th century Japan. He won over 60 duels. He wrote “The Five of Books Rings,” which covers his military tactics and exploits in battle.

  • Odysseus. He was a great warrior and king of Ithaca who helped the Greeks to win the Trojan War. On his way back from the journey that took him about ten years, his intelligence and craftiness saved him from attacks by monsters. The name suits an intelligent cat.

  • Perseus. He is the son of Zeus and Danae. He is known for performing dangerous feats with skill and swiftness. One such feat was beheading Medusa while watching her reflection in the mirror since coming face to face with her would turn him to stone. If your cat likes impressing his audience with killer feats, you have the right name for him.

  • Saladin. The name of one of the most revered heroes in the Middle East. He was a sultan who managed to unite the Arab forces against Christian Crusaders in the 12th century. His bravery and victories in battle led to a peace treaty that left the holy land in his control. A name for a decisive tomcat. Nicknames: Sal, Din.

  • Spartacus. A warrior name for a tomcat who never gives up no matter the odds stacked against him. It’s borrowed from a Roman slave who rose to become the most famous gladiator of all times. He led seventy of his fellow slaves in a revolt that shook the mighty Roman Empire around the 1st century B.C.

  • Sun Tzu. It takes an accomplished soldier to pen down military strategies that are still relevant 17 centuries after he passed. This Chinese general wrote “The Art of War” which has been adopted by both Asian and Western militaries in different conflicts over the years. The text has recently been adopted by business schools.

Fictional Warrior Cat Names

female cat warrior

Who is your favorite warrior character? Did you know that there are numerous others that would greatly intrigue you? Whether based on written works of history or fiction, these characters keep your excitement levels at an all-time high. It is only normal to name your cat after your favorite.

Here is some information about some of the most famous fantasy warriors.

  • Aang. Name your kitty after the cheerful warrior from “Avatar: The Last Air Bender.” In this American animated TV series, Aang has the ability to manipulate natural elements, a gift he uses to unite four warring nations.

  • Arya. The youngest daughter of the House of Stark in the “Game of Thrones” TV series. She is a sword-wielding warrior with a grudge to settle. The moniker will do for a vindictive female cat. Check out this article for more Game of Thrones cat names.

  • Bildo. A hobbit from the “Lord of the Rings” books. Despite being a dwarf, he fought in battles alongside his friends. He was also in possession of the ‘One Ring,’ a powerful artifact which he was able to give up voluntarily. His adventures in Middle-Earth make him one of the bravest warriors in literature and TV.

  • Eowyn. A name for a fearless molly. In the “Lord of the Rings” saga, the young maiden warrior slays the witch-king of the Angmar kingdom. The moniker means ‘horse lover’ in Old English. A name for a brave molly who gets along with other pets.

  • Gandalf. Fans of the “Lord of the Rings” books say he is the greatest warrior wizard of all times. With an impressive hat and a beard to match, he leads the hobbits through battle using magic instead of swords. The name will do for a feline with long white hair.

  • Harry Potter. The boy wizard from J. K. Rowling’s novels of the same title. He defends his school and friends from countless attacks by evil creatures in the Hogwarts universe. A name for a resilient tomcat.

  • Katniss. The protagonist in “The Hunger Games” novels by Suzanne Collins. Armed with a bow and arrows, she leads an uprising against the dictatorial government based in District 1. A name for a female cat who loves bird-watching considering the character’s call sign is the Mockingjay bird.

  • Khaleesi. A fictional character from the “Game of Thrones” TV series based on George R. R. Martin. She is a fearless and ruthless ruler who won’t stop at anything to conquer the seven kingdoms of Westeros. A name for a molly who dominates over other pets in your household.

  • Korra. Name your furry friend after the water bending heroine from the animated TV series, “The Legend of Korra.” She is witty and brave, making her name a suitable warrior name for an intelligent and fearless molly.

  • Ofelia. A name derived from an Ancient Greek word that means ‘who helps.’ She is the protagonist in Guillermo Del Toro’s film “Pan’s Labyrinth.” She goes to great lengths to protect her friends from her fascist stepfather.

  • San. If you love Japanese fantasy films, then you have a winner. San is a girl who was raised by a family of wolves. She fights off vicious animals and humans alike to protect her home and bring peace to her universe in the “Princess Mononoke” film.

  • Sasannah. The gunslinger heroine in Stephen King’s novel “The Dark Tower.” She keeps her adopted family safe from the horrors plaguing the mid-world universe. Nicknames: Sasa, Sanah.

  • Wildcat. A warrior name which has ‘cat’ in it! This fictional character from DC comics universe wears a cat costume as he fights evil. Apart from being a world class boxer, he has magical nine lives just like your furry friend.

  • Xena. A Greek feminine name which means ‘welcoming’ or ‘hospitable.’ In the “Xena: Warrior Princess” TV series, she is a fearless warrior who journeys through ancient Greece fighting personifications of mythical beings.

  • Ygritte. A character from the “Game of Thrones” novels and TV show by George R. R. Martin. She is a red-haired wildling warrior who is skilled in archery and swordplay. The moniker will do for a brave molly with a reddish coat.

Wrap Up

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Warriors are known for their ability to protect, fight, and survive through life-threatening situations. However, they are also known for their different personalities, both desirable and otherwise. A warrior cat name is therefore not only a depiction of your cat as a warrior but also a true representation of his/her character, personality, and uniqueness.

There are many warriors of both genders from which you can borrow a name for your cat. They were and are still part of all societies across the globe.

Amidst many of them, some did extraordinary things to deserve mention in the books of history. Some of these exceptional warriors have formed the basis of today’s literary works and visual media. Whether you prefer real or fictional warriors, you are spoilt for choice with our list. Keep the spirit of the warriors alive!

Did you like our list? There are definitely many more warrior names not included in our list; feel free to share some that you know. We look forward to hearing from you, so do not go without leaving us your feedback below. Finally, if your warrior cat gets into fights often, you might want to know how to tell if a cat has a broken leg.

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