Weird Cat Names: A Kooky Name for Your Favorite Weirdo

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Steve Corelli
Written by Steve Corelli

Cats are puzzling. Every cat owner knows that this is an undeniable truth. In many cultures, cats are considered mysterious creatures that connect this world to the next because of their unique behavior. This is why we believe that giving weird cat names to your cat makes sense, although the cat might not see anything weird about the name you choose.

If cats were humans, they would probably be mad scientists, eccentric conceptual artists, or awkward loners who don’t really mix with the rest of the crowd. Every feline has at least one inexplicable habit that leaves his or her owner amused and confused at the same time. No one really knows why they do the things they do, but one thing is certain: their minds work in a very fascinating and peculiar way.

We thought it would be fun to celebrate this unique feline design by composing a list of weird cat names. In the first section, we are going to take a look at names that describe some weird cat behaviors, and then we are going to present you with a list of weird names that match your interests and lifestyle. Lastly, we will offer you a list of names based on weird characters from movies and shows. We are sure you are going to find a perfect match!

Names Based on Weird Cat Traits

cat standing on its back legs

Some cats find it relaxing to stare at the wall for hours on end. Others are afraid of cucumbers. Some even steal very odd items to impress their owners. What does your cat do that makes you raise your eyebrows?

Here are some names relating to weird cat behaviors we would like to share with you.

  • Blank. Let’s face it; you don’t know what to think about your cat’s mental prowess. You can’t decide whether she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you or if she just doesn’t think of anything.

  • Box. Cats love boxes, and that is no secret. If your cat thinks box is life, this is a perfect name to choose.

  • Buttkiss. Cats and their perfect spine… Their amazing body structure lets them reach almost every part of their body with ease. So give credit where credit is due and honor a feline trait most humans will never be capable of. It makes you wonder how many bones do cats have, if any.

  • Catatonic. They say cats are vigorous predators, always on alert. Funny, all your cat does is sleep. The only time she is lively and agile is when it’s feeding time.

  • Catattack. If your cat thinks that every situation, every human foot, and hand are just an opportunity to show his war skills, look no further.

  • Catserole. Your cat will eat anything, and even that is an understatement. This is a perfect name for a chubby tabby.

  • Cattitude. She is a total diva, and everyone is aware of that. Only a cat can combine outlandish behavior with a smirky attitude and get away with it.

  • Choofta. A Turkish word for meatballs. Because calling your cat Meatball really gets old.

  • Granny. Bald cats like the Sphynx can be very wrinkly. Combine that with their loving character and weird everyday behavior, and you’ve got yourself a grandma.

  • Hydrophobe. Most cats hate water. With the exception of the Turkish Van, you probably won’t see a cat swimming in your lifetime. There are many theories trying to explain this, but we still have no definite explanation. Let us just say it is a part of their weirdness.

  • Invader. Most people get their cat from the shelter or a nearby litter of kittens, but not you. Your cat showed up on your doorstep one day and decided to move in. Technically, you are the one who was adopted, not the other way around. Be proud; you are the chosen one!

  • Kitler. There is a type of black and white cat that has a unique black mark on their nose, which makes them resemble a very unpopular historical leader.

  • Meercat. A perfect pun for cats that like to stand on their back legs like it is a perfectly natural way to chill. Maybe they are just trying to fit in with the humans?

  • No-kill. Although he likes to hunt, he leaves his prey intact and unhurt because a bowl of food is much more pleasant than a mouthful of fur or feathers.

  • Portal. No matter how much you keep an eye on your cat, she always finds her way to the other side of the door. Maybe she has a hidden portal?

  • Quantum. Some cats seem to be able to be in multiple spots in the house simultaneously. As you walk from one room to another, you will find your cat sitting calmly as if she has always been there… But she was napping on the chair in the kitchen just a second ago! Don’t be confused; everyone knows that cats can break the laws of physics.

  • Silent. Have you ever heard your cat’s footsteps while she moves around the house? No? Maybe she is levitating instead of walking, but you wouldn’t know because you can’t hear where she is.

  • Solar. No matter how hot it is, you can always find your furry buddy sunbathing. After a while, you started thinking that sunbeams spontaneously generate cats. But cats can get overheated too—check out this article to learn how hot is too hot for cats.

  • Thud. Thud is for the sound your majestically ungraceful cat makes when jumping off of the kitchen table.

  • Thumbelina. Not because she is small, but because she thinks she can fit in the tiniest of places, like a cup or a bowl. Needless to say, she doesn’t care if the butt doesn’t fit at all.

  • Tipsy. Cats with cerebral paralysis need extra care and attention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t address her funny swag.

  • Whiskerlicious. Your cat’s long and lush whiskers draw the attention of everyone around.

  • Zoom. Most animals get zoomies from time to time, but not your cat. Zooming through the house is the only way he moves, period.

Weird Cat Names that Reflect Your Lifestyle

fat black and white cat

If your cat’s eccentricity is outshined by your own, it might be a good idea to celebrate that unique lifestyle with a weird name. Whether it is just to show off your wittiness or you feel that a certain name totally fits your cat, take a look at this list we’ve made.

  • Blah. Your cat is chatty, but you are pretty sure all she says is downright gibberish. So let her know that you are aware of it and call it like it is.

  • Doggie. Calling your cat a dog? Preposterous. Well, maybe not so much if you have a breed like the Maine Coon who are known for their dog-like behavior.

  • Eight Ball. A perfect name for a black and white cat with a tendency for lumpiness. If your cat is a bit rounder than a basketball, this is a perfect weird name for him.

  • Galacticat. You are a die-hard fan of Battlestar Galactica. You also suspect that your cat’s preternatural behavior can be explained in only one way: she is a Cylon.

  • Guess. Yes, you are a joker, and all of your friends know it. Beware of the ramifications in “What’s its name?”

  • Ichabod. Ichabod is a biblical character. He was a malicious priest known for trickery and deceit. Your cat always seemed a bit creepy and malevolent… Especially when he stares at you while you sleep.

  • Qwerty. Some cats have an unhealthy obsession with laptops and especially enjoy sitting on the keyboard while you work. He has sent countless nonsensical messages to your colleagues, so why not give him a suitable name?

  • Shitz. A Slavic word that is used for shooing off a cat. Sounds cool, though.

  • Tar. A perfect name for an all-black cat. Find our other unique black cat name suggestions here.

  • Terabyte. If you are a coder, this is a good name for a big cat.

  • Tokamak. This is a device used for producing fusion reactions in plasma. Extra points if you are a physicist and already know this. If you are on your way to becoming a mad scientist, make sure to save the sidekick position to your cat.

  • Wigglebutt. Your cat has a weird case of butt wiggle when she is happy.

Names Inspired by Weird Fictional Characters

cat crazy about chocolate

Some fictional characters are so eccentric and out of this world that we immediately start to love them. In this section, we will give you a list of some of our favorites, and we hope it will help you find a perfect moniker for your kooky feline friend.

  • BMO. A Tetris-like character from Adventure Time. Not that other characters from the show are not weird, but this one has some very cat-like logic loops.

  • DeLarge. The protagonist of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” is one of the most famous fictional sociopaths. While cats are loving and cuddly with humans, everyone who ever saw them tormenting their prey knows how disturbing it can be. This is a fitting name for a vicious hunter, especially if he likes a good fight with other tomcats from time to time. If Beethoven is your favorite composer and you have a pet snake, you should definitely go with this name!

  • Dr. Caligari. If you are a fan of old movies, you definitely remember The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The main character is a dark, melodramatic hypnotist who uses a sleepwalker to carry out his malicious deeds. Does your cat like to stare at you ominously as if he was trying to hypnotize you? We are sure he is just trying to sway you into giving him a second dinner, but make sure you are wide awake if you give in to this.

  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter. This outlandish mad scientist is the icon of the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A funky black Cornish Rex would carry this name with pride.

  • Eep. This character’s name from The Croods is a perfect moniker for a shrieking cat. It is kind of weird, and you get the satisfaction of shrieking right back in your cat’s face.

  • Freaky Fred. An insane and freaky character from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

  • Iracebeth. Of course, you know the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. The Burton’s version of the queen is so grotesque and eerie that her screaming “Off with their heads!” sounds almost benign.

  • Scissorclaws. A pun on the movie character Edward Scissorhands, this is a lovely name for a socially awkward black cat. If his claws should be considered a lethal weapon, you’ve got yourself a perfect match.

  • Tonto. You surely remember this adorable but somewhat dark character from The Lone Ranger, played by Johnny Depp. He is a Comanche Native American, very theatrical and funny, which suits a jokester cat perfectly.

  • Two-Face. This character from The Batman franchise is chilling, to say the least. This would be a perfectly fitting name for your little chimera.

  • Wednesday. This lovable but creepy daughter in The Addams Family movie depicts a seemingly fragile girl that overcomes all obstacles using her incredible wit. A perfect name for a small black cat that can outsmart you in a heartbeat.

  • Wonka. After Willy Wonka, the eerie owner of a chocolate factory, although cats should not be allowed to eat sweet food. As long as you don’t run into an Oompa Loompa dancing and singing around, everything is fine.

Wrap Up

weird calico cat

There are so many unusual and weird names you can give to your cat. The good part is that it is easy because your cat will inspire you almost every day. The downside is that you might get some surprised looks when you call for your cat, but then again, it is all in good fun. We are sure that your cat will not hold this choice of name against you because it takes a lot more than that to weird out a cat.

Have you just adopted a cat? What kind of weird behavior does he/she exhibit? Do you think any of the names above will suit him/her? Let us know your choice in the comments section below! Our list of punny cat names may also appeal to you.

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