What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats: Messages From Subconscious Kitties

Dreams are mysterious, and there have been many attempts to decode their meaning and purpose. Dreams are possibly a way for our subconscious to talk to us using a language of symbols and emotions. Animals are a huge part of this symbolism since humans share a strong bond with other earthlings, and cats are very prominent in this realm. So what does it mean when you dream about cats?

Many cultures see cats as an important part of the spiritual domain; some even see them as deities and vessels for higher beings. Depending on the connotation, dreaming of cats can be interpreted in many different ways—either beneficial or detrimental for the human. One thing is for sure: it’s always significant.

This article is going to tackle the idea of cat dreams from different perspectives. Every culture has its own logic behind dream decoding, but when it comes to cats, it’s surprising how detailed they all are.

Dreams About Cats and Their Meanings

Generally speaking, to dream of cats can mean many different things. Cats are usually associated with independence, creativity, and family. The context of the dream is also an important factor, and emotions that followed the “plot” should always be taken into consideration.

Symbols that occur in dreams should never be isolated as single entities, because no matter how incoherent or nonsensical the dream might seem to you, there is a lot to untangle.

Another thing to consider is—how do you feel about cats in your waking moments? Are you a hopeless cat lover, or would you rather avoid contact with them? Your attitude will help you make sense of those ominous night visions as well.

So let’s take a look at some common themes people report when it comes to cat dreams.

#1: Cat appearing in the background of a dream

This one really depends on your attitude in real life. People who own or just admire cats usually say that having a cat somewhere behind the main event of a dream brings them a reassuring feeling of comfort and safety.

On the other hand, people that are not great cat fans usually interpret such dreams as trouble waiting in the wings.

#2: Dreaming about kittens


Whether you like cats or not, you have to admit that kittens are adorable. When it comes to dreams, kittens usually symbolize purity, innocence, and fragility. Dreaming about kittens might also signal that your nurturing needs are unfulfilled, because your mind is compensating by showing you these tiny creatures.

#3: Dreaming of an angry cat

Cats are usually seen as independent creatures who don’t abide by human rules. That being said, angry and aggressive cats usually symbolize dangers and stress that you can’t control.

It can also be a metaphor for your own anxiety chipping at your self-esteem, since you feel like you have no control over it and don’t know how to fight it successfully.

There is another interpretation of this, which revolves around the idea of cats representing a feminine aspect. Women dreaming of angry cats can interpret it as a signal of oppression, neglecting the gentle, graceful side of their personality.

This is a very common interpretation in the western world where women often try to be everything at once—successful career women, great mothers, and providers.

On the other hand, a man dreaming of angry cats can be interpreted as a cry for help. In many cultures that celebrate the macho image, men are ridiculed for expressing their emotions and appreciation for beauty, women, and family values.

We all need to be loved, understood, and complimented. Taking that away from one sex just because it looks “wimpy” can take a great toll on the psyche, and then you got an angry dream cat busting your ass.

#4: Dreaming of a large group of cats

group of cats

People usually report these dreams to be confusing and even scary. No wonder, because dreaming of cats in great numbers usually means you have many emotions you need to address.

All of these suppressed feelings and thoughts have to get out somehow, and since we don’t want to let them out all at once causing havoc, they “materialize” in our dreams as something chaotic, overwhelming, and uncontrollable. What better way to show it to you than using a bunch of cats?

#5: Dreaming about injured cats

As we’ve already said, cats can symbolise your feminine side, creativity, or need for independence. Dreaming of an injured or suffering cat means some aspects of your personality are suffering.

Maybe you feel trapped at your job, or a mundane lifestyle is chipping at your creativity. Does your relationship feel like a dead end? Dreams like this can help you figure out what parts of your life need change.

We all need security and predictability to cope with life being life, but on the other hand, there is a great need for adventure and exploration in all of us. Finding a healthy balance between the two is very important.

#6: Black cats in dreams

black cat lying

Dreaming of black cats usually means that you have some unresolved fears and anxiety. Western society has a long history of seeing black cats as evil and ominous.

Even though we moved from such prejudice, it’s still something we hear about early on, and our mind might use black cats to symbolize fears, danger, and emotional peril.

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#7: White cats in dreams

A white cat, at least in western dream encyclopedias, indicates that a person dreaming it will encounter a hard period in life. Maybe it has something to do with a very old notion that white cats are connected to change and big movements in social structures. New beginnings are always difficult and involve a lot of struggle.

#8: Dreaming about cat eyes

cat eye

Whether there is a cat with prominent eyes or you’re dreaming that you are the one having them, this is a good sign. You will find your way through a difficult period and solve problems that are troubling you. However, it also means that you have to look at things from a new perspective.

#9: A cat running away from you

This is another classic example of a struggle for independence. If you’re dreaming of a cat that is running away from you, jumping out of your arms or refusing to stay with you in a certain place, you might be sacrificing your freedom and creativity for something that is making you feel down.

Think about your priorities and take some time for yourself; it will do you good.

#10: Holding a cat’s tail

cat's tail

Dream dictionaries say this is a very good sign. You are in control, and whatever life throws your way, you’ll be able to handle.

You should also try to remember details about the cat, such as color, attitude, and the background of the dream. All these combined can give you a more complete picture of what your subconsciousness is trying to tell you.

#11: Dreaming of a dirty cat

Some very old beliefs tell us that this symbolizes a friend getting out of a sticky situation. It can be an illness, money issues, or difficult life circumstances. Either way, it’s a reason to be hopeful.

#12: Dreaming of a cat meowing

cat meowing

From the old times, a meowing cat means that your intuition, subconsciousness, or whatever you want to call it, is trying to warn you about something. It’s usually interpreted as having false friends or dishonest people around you.

#13: Dreaming of cats playing

Cats playing with each other or toys means that you need to stop doubting yourself. Whatever you think is stopping you in the waking life might be just your own construct. Cats playing is a symbol of overcoming difficulties and seeing problems from another perspective. Maybe things are not as dire as you think they are.

#14: Dreaming of cats fighting

cats fighting

This is a good sign about your plans and current struggles, because it means you are going to come out of a situation as a winner. If you think logically and listen to yourself, failure is not an option.

#15: Being scared of a cat in a dream

Since cats represent intuition, freedom, and our own independence, being scared of one can be seen as an internal conflict that has little to do with outside factors.

For example, it might mean that you have insecurities which have nothing to do with reality. Also, it might mean that the fears haunting you are completely irrational, and you need to face them to move on. In more severe cases, it can mean that the only enemy you have is yourself.

#16: A cat biting you in a dream

cat biting

This is usually connected to your conscience, because there is something you feel guilty about. In many cultures, a cat biting in a dream means that the person dreaming has repressed guilt.

Maybe you were selfish and inconsiderate recently? Or have you hurt someone’s feelings by overreacting, hiding your own faults, and manipulating them? Think about your actions. They may be coming back to bite you, just like the dream cat.

#17: Dreaming of harming a cat

This is another warning that your bad decisions might bring you unpleasant situations. If you recently had such a dream, keep it in mind. Think twice about your actions and don’t rush into anything risky—you might regret it.

#18: Killing a cat in a dream

Although just reading this sounds horrible, in the old times, it was considered a good omen. It symbolizes revelation of some kind, possibly finding out someone’s true, sinister intentions. This is never pleasant news, of course, but you will be able to react and stop them in time.

#19: Selling a cat

selling a cat

This means that you will lose money or other assets due to bad judgement. If you are being persuaded to invest in something, be careful. Double check your sources and ask for legal advice from someone unbiased.

#20: Dreaming of an unknown cat in your house

In many cultures, this is considered to be a sign of a baby being born in the family. This is probably taken from the belief that a stray cat walking into one’s home shouldn’t be chased away, because various gods disguise themselves as cats to roam around unnoticed. If such a visitor chose your home, you should be honored, not hostile.

#21: Dreaming of a black and white cat

black and white cat

In the middle east, this means that a man close to you, usually one of high status, has ill intentions. This person is described as well respected but rotten at their core.

#22: Dreaming of a cat chasing a mouse

This is a sign that your household might seem chaotic and unruly to you, but everything is, in fact, in its right place. When the initial confusion over certain events settles, you’ll realize that everything is the way it is supposed to be.

#23: A cat following you in your dream

A cat following you in your dream indicates that you are loved more than you think. No matter the circumstances, your heart is in the right place, and people around you know it.

Wrap Up

kitten sleeping

Dreams are a precious resource. They are a tool to get to know ourselves better. According to some psychologists, our subconsciousness is like a closet we keep shoving things into. It needs to be organized from time to time. If we don’t do it willfully, our mind will remind us to do so in ways that might not be as pleasant as we’d like.

One of the ways of processing information, emotions, and experiences is through having dreams. We simply don’t have enough waking hours to do it all.

Although dreams might seem very chaotic and confusing the moment we wake up, the meaning is somewhere there, hidden in the symbols. It’s a good idea to have the “Dream Book” where all dreams, especially the vivid ones which cause a lot of emotions, should be written down.

Sometimes we don’t see the meaning right away. Keeping a journal might help because rereading them in another state of mind can bring more clearance. It can also help us in retrospective, studying our emotions and struggles in the past.

Dreams revolving around cats are about intuition, creativity, sense of adventure, and security. Of course, these are all just rough guides, since the dreamer is the only one who can truly untangle the meaning of a dream. We are just here to help a bit.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know all about your dream and what you think it means in the comments section below! Also, check out our other article on what do cats dream about. Yes, they dream too!

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