White Cat Breeds: Choose Your Own Feline Beauty with a Snow White Coat

white cats with brown eyes
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Cats come in a variety of different colors and patterns, and that wide diversity is what makes them even more interesting. Although each cat has a unique story, nothing can quite beat the charm and elegance embodied in white cat breeds.

The absence of melanin pigmentation is what is causing the lack of any other coloration and results in a pure white and magnificent coat. Usually, white cats have deep blue or vivid green eyes, and that spark of color makes them even more irresistible.

Many cat breeds can produce a completely white cat, and even domestic cats can be born with completely white fur. The gene for the white coat isn’t so widely spread through the cat population, but if you are really set on getting a white cat, you won’t have much trouble finding one, especially once you’ve read our article on white cat breeds.

In this article, we will list all short-haired and long-haired white cats. Furthermore, we will mention some health issues that are associated with white cats so you’ll know what to expect if you decide to adopt a snow-white feline beauty.

Most Popular Pedigreed White Cats

The gene that causes a cat to have a white coat is, in some cats, recessive, which means that the pigmentation can skip a generation. However, when a cat has a dominant gene for the white coat, it will mask other colors and patterns, and you can expect this trait to repeat in every litter.

This gene isn’t exclusive for purebred cats, and it can also be found in mixed breeds and domestic cats, making it easier for you to find a pure white feline to take home.

The following list of cat breeds that can have white coat will help you narrow the choices down and find the perfect white cat for you.

#1: American Curl

white American Curl

The American Curl is best known for their uniquely shaped ears that curl backward and give this breed a sweet disposition. The Curl is an American made breed that is the result of a naturally occurring mutation that so far isn’t found anywhere else in the word.

The Curl is known for their people-loving personality and playful spirit. This breed can have both short and long coat that is easily cared for. This breed has a silky coat that can come in a variety of exotic colors. On occasion, an American Curl cat will be born completely white.

The white coat, combined with striking blue eyes, and distinctively curled ears, give off the impression of a magical being that has just emerged from a fairyland.

#2: American Shorthair

white American Shorthair

This breed was cherished for its hunting abilities and is still considered to be a great mouser. These cats’ good nature and calm temperament make them valuable family companions.

The American Shorthair isn’t a demanding or attention seeking cat, but they are more than capable of showing affection to their owners. With a gentle nature and a playful spirit, these cats get along with children and everyone else who enters their home.

Even though the silver tabby is the most famous color of the American Shorthair, this cat can also be completely white. When this thick coated and chubby cat is dressed all in white, they look like a gentle snowflake.

#3: British Shorthair

white British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a mellow and easy-going breed that makes an ideal companion for people who want an undemanding cat. When meeting strangers, the Shorthair can sometimes be full of British reserve, but they will quickly warm up to them.

This is a cat that likes following their owner around and cozying close to them on the empty sofa. The British Shorthair can come in any color, and the most famous is the gray-blue coat color that is also referred to as British Blue. A completely white British Shorthair looks like a cuddly polar bear.

#4: Cornish Rex

white Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex cat is famous for their soft, wavy coat that is the result of a genetic mutation. This is a charming and highly intelligent cat breed that has a sense of humor and likes being in the center of attention.

The Cornish Rex remains kittenish for their entire lifetime and enjoy all sorts of activities and games that give them the chance to use both their agile body and very smart brain.

The wavy, soft, and suede-like coat of the Cornish Rex cat comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. However, none looks more elegant and mesmerizing than white, which makes this cat look like a true movie star.

#5: Devon Rex

white Devon Rex

This cat is often described as having an elfin appearance because of their big ears, high cheekbones, and large, luminous eyes. The Devon Rex is a cat that is deeply involved in the daily activities of their owner and never misses a beat.

Furthermore, this cat considers themselves to be a real member of the family, and thanks to their lovable personality, the Devon soon becomes the favorite of all family members.

This breed also has a Rex coat that is famous for its fine velvety texture and waves. The coat can be found in a range of different colors and patterns including white. A completely white Devon looks far gentler than they really are, and this only contributes to their overall charm.

#6: Japanese Bobtail

white Japanese Bobtail

The feature that makes the Japanese Bobtail easily recognizable is their short “bunny” tail that can come with curves, angles, or kinks, and can also be flexible or rigid. This is a chatty breed that will surprise you with the range of different sounds they are able to make.

The Japanese Bobtail is a highly adaptable breed that likes company and loves being busy playing with various toys. When this cat decides it is time for a well-earned rest, they will curl in their owner’s lap and take a nap.

This breed is famous for their tricolor calico pattern, but can also come in a wide range of solid colors and other patterns. These cats can also be completely white and usually come with odd eyes which only contribute to this breed’s overall beauty.

#7: Maine Coon

white Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a tolerant and good-natured breed that likes being with people without being needy of their attention. This breed possesses excellent hunting skills that can be honed with hunting games around the house.

The Maine Coon is a laid-back cat that gets along with children and doesn’t mind being the object of their playing sessions. This breed has a smooth, long, shaggy looking coat that can come in a variety of different colors and patterns. The Maine Coon as a white fluffy cat breed looks like they have just emerged from a blizzard.

#8: Norwegian Forest Cat

white Norwegian Forest Cats

This cat is fond of their people and enjoy company. However, they can be a bit wary of strangers and take some time to warm to them. This isn’t an attention-demanding cat, and they are pretty content just being in the same room with their owner.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an athletic breed that likes jumping on higher places and observing their surroundings. Overall, this is an independent cat that doesn’t mind being alone for longer periods of time.

This breed has a thick and waterproof coat that can come in various lengths and many different colors. A white Norwegian Forest cat can have blue or odd-colored eyes; that only accentuates the winter wonderland this breed embodies.

#9: Oriental

white Oriental Cat

The Oriental cat is a talkative and opinionated breed that isn’t afraid to tell you what they think using their wide vocabulary to get you to do their bidding. This is an attention seeking cat that doesn’t like being left alone for longer periods of time and enjoys any bit of affection you are able to give them. This is an intelligent and active cat and a busybody that will meddle in every aspect of your life.

The Oriental has a fine, medium-length coat that is silky to the touch and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. White-coated Oriental cats usually have blue, or one blue and one green eye which only make them look even more classy.

#10: Persian

white Persian Cat

The Persian cat is known for their sweet expression and docile personality. This is an affectionate breed that likes human attention. However, they reserve it only for the members of their family.

The Persian enjoys being in serene surroundings, and while they like to play, the Persian cats prefer ruling over their household, lying in their favorite chair.

The long, thick, shiny coat is what completes the Persian cat’s royal appearance. This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including pure white.

#11: Scottish Fold

white Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat is easily recognizable because of their folded ears. This is a sweet cat that enjoys being with their people and bask in the attention they receive.

The Scottish Fold is a laid-back breed that loves sleeping in strange positions and is happy to play when you are. This cat has a short, dense, plush coat that comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. White Scottish Fold cats look really sweet and have either blue or odd-colored eyes.

#12: Siberian

white Siberian kitten

The Siberian is a people loving and affectionate breed that likes to be involved in the lives of their owners. This cat will follow their owner’s every step and offer their help with the daily chores.

The Siberian cat isn’t afraid of strangers and makes a graceful host. This is a playful and intelligent cat that finds things to occupy their mind.

This cat has a triple-layered coat that serves as a protection from harsh Siberian weather conditions. The coat comes in all colors and patterns including white, and these cats usually have blue or odd-colored eyes.

#13: Turkish Angora

white Turkish Angora

Elegant looking Turkish Angora remains a kitten at heart during the entirety of their lives. This breed loves to play and will do anything to get you to play too. The Angora is devoted and affectionate towards their owners and use their significant charms to get their way.

This breed is best known for their long, silky, shimmering coat that usually ends in a fully plumed tail. Many Turkish Angora cats have a white coat, so people believe that it is the only color of this breed. However, these cats can be found in any other solid color and various patterns.

#14: Turkish Van

white Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a highly social and affectionate breed that attaches to their family members but are also known to pick a favorite person or two. This is a funny and playful breed that retains these qualities even when they reach adulthood. They are very smart and can easily learn tricks and games.

The Turkish Van has a semi-long silky white coat with spots of color. However, some cats are born completely white, and their unique appearance is accompanied with differently colored eyes; in most cases, one is blue and the other green.

Health Problems Commonly Seen in White Cats

white cats' health problems

Unfortunately, all cats have predispositions to develop some health issues at one point or another in their lives. This is especially true for pedigree cats that don’t have a very large gene pool.

The white coat is associated with some health problems. Not all white cats develop them. Still, it is better to familiarize yourself with any potential risks to provide the best possible care for your white feline beauty.

#1: Deafness

Scientists have discovered that white cat with blue eyes breed has a higher likelihood of experiencing hearing loss than other cats.

The cats that are born with a dominant white gene mutation lack the melanin-producing cells which are responsible for the color of the coat and the eyes. These cells also have a function of creating a cell layer in the ear that is very important for hearing.

Without the melanin-producing cells, the cat will have a completely white coat and blue eyes, and they may also be deaf.

What is important to note is that not all cats with white coats and blue eyes are deaf. However, scientists have proven that a large number of cats with one blue eye is deaf. In some cases, when a cat has odd eyes—for example, one is blue the other is green—the cat won’t be able to hear out of the ear which is on the same side of the head as the blue eye.

If you have a white cat and it seems that she is experiencing hearing loss, take her to the vet to have her checked out. Deaf cats can have the same quality of life as any other cat. However, they should be kept inside where they will be safe from cars and other possible accidents.

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#2: Sunburns

Due to no melanin production, white cats have sensitive skin that shouldn’t be exposed to the harsh sun. You should limit your cat’s outdoor outings during the hottest parts of the day, and if that isn’t possible, invest in a cat-safe sunscreen lotion.

Just as pale people can get sunburns easily, your fair coated kitty can get them as well. Since cats groom themselves all the time, the sunscreen may have to be applied frequently to provide protection.

In the end, the best way of protecting your cat from sunburns is to keep her inside, where she will also be safe from all the other dangers of the world.

#3: Cancer

The delicate ear, nose, and eyelid skin of pure white cats are highly susceptible to skin cancer. The first symptoms of this disease can appear as red, ulcerated, and dry spots on the affected areas. If they are ignored, they can put your cat’s existence at risk. It is imperative to take your cat to the vet right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

Wrap Up

white cat with her mouth open

The gene that causes a white coat is a dominant one; however, not a lot of cats have it. Still, the elegant and delicate white cats aren’t so hard to find. Besides pedigreed white cat breeds, this coat color can be found in regular domestic cats and mixed breeds.

The Persian, Maine Coon, American Shorthair, and Devon Rex are some of the most well-known and beloved breeds that can, besides other colors, sport a completely white coat. This trait makes the cat look pure and innocent, and additionally contributes to their extensive elegance and charm.

However, it is important to remember that white cats are prone to some health issues and that they need special care. The delicate skin of these cats doesn’t tolerate harsh sun, and some white cats are born completely or partially deaf. Thus, it is imperative to keep your snow white beauty indoors and safe from all the things that can harm her.

Do you know about any other completely white cats? Let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out our article on white cat names if you’ve made up your mind to adopt a white cat.

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