White Cat Names: Beautiful Names for Your Angelic Feline Friend

white cat with yellow eyes
Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

The color white has always been synonymous with innocence, beauty, and purity. That’s why most pet parents name their white cats based on these traits. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s more to white cat names than you ever imagined.

It’s unwise to give your cat a name that’s too popular or common because it could lead to confusions. While the color white is often considered basic and plain, if you take the glass half full approach while looking at it, you’ll find that the color also symbolizes infinite possibilities. You can get as creative as you want on a white canvass, and creativity is precisely what we promise to bring into the picture with this article.

This post will preview some of the best and most interesting cat names for your white cat. We have names divided by gender, names inspired by your cat’s fluffiness, and celebrity-related names. This list is by no means exhaustive, as the sky is the limit when it comes to white cat names, but as you all know, one thought may lead to another. Our list of names might serve as a stepping stone for you.

White Cat Names by Gender

white female cat with flowers

Whether yours is a male or a female angel, this section will give you some of the best gender-specific names that will do your white feline friend justice.

#1: Female White Cat Names

Looking for a fitting name for your beautiful lady? This section will provide you with some of the best female cat names that highlight her luxurious, pristine coat.

  • Angel: an Angel is a supernatural being and an intermediary between God and humans. Since angels are known to be gentle and pure, giving your white cat this name will make her feel proud and motivated.

  • Aspirin: great for a cat that always knows how to soothe your pain and weariness.

  • Buttermilk: because either butter or milk is way too common a cat name already. But combine the two, and you’ve got yourself something fresh and new (pun unintended). If you are a buttermilk aficionado, we trust that you’ll find this name satisfactory.

  • Clara: derived from the Latin word clarus, this name means “clear, bright, and famous.”

  • Coconut: the inside of a coconut consists of a layer of creamy white meat. To show your feline friend how much you love and treasure her, try naming her Coconut.

  • Fiona: Fiona is a feminine name that is largely used in poetry by famous poets across the globe. It is a name that means “white” or “fair.”

  • Isa: Isa is a Norwegian name that represents the stillness and purity of ice. If your feline has a pure, untainted heart, then naming her Isa will be apt.

  • Kenzie: Kenzie is a Scottish name meaning “the fair one.” This name suits female cats with a gentle and loving personality. Perfect for a Scottish Fold or a Scottish Straight.

  • Moscato: Moscato is a type of white wine famous for its sweet flavor. Perhaps you can name your feline after this sweet wine, or you can select from our other list of alcohol cat names.

  • Snow White: surely, you know the story about Snow White and the seven dwarves? If so, you can try naming your fluffy feline Snow White. If you think your cat’s personality resembles some other Disney character instead but you can’t quite recall the name, try this article on Disney cat names.

  • Vianca: cats have different personalities. If your feline friend is the kind of cat that makes everyone around her “happy and bright,” Vianca will be a great name for her.

  • Yuki: Yuki means “snow” in Japanese. This name can also be given to male cats.

#2: Male White Cat Names

white cat in hat with different eyes

When searching for male white cat names, there is a wide pipeline of options you can consider—depending not just on the color of his coat, but also on his personality or character.

Is your cat vocal or does he enjoy resting in a cool, quiet setting? Does he climb a lot or is he the type of cat that enjoys helping you with your daily chores?

To make sure we cover all the bases, we’ve assembled a list of white male cat names that not just symbolize an angelic personality, because we know there’s much more to your cat than that.

  • Abe or Abraham: did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to keep a cat in the White House? Well, his first two cats were named Tabby and Dixie. If you have two cats, you can decide to name them Tabby and Dixie or just Abe in case you have one male white cat.

  • Arctic: the polar region located in the northernmost part of the globe.

  • Bear: when you think of a polar bear, a lot comes to mind. Depending on your cat’s character and personality, you can use this idea as a platform and brainstorm cute polar bear names from animated characters such as Bernard, Maxie, Ted, Muk, or Lars.

  • Casper: is your cat a friendly, pleasant, and extremely personable character? Well, if so, you can try naming him Casper after the famous Casper the Friendly Ghost.

  • Galaxy: try naming your white feline after the Milky Way Galaxy we live in.

  • Jack Frost: since the color white is commonly associated with ice and snow, you can opt to name your feline Jack Frost after the main character of the animated movie Rise of the Guardians. If you have a female cat around, you can name her Elsa from the famous Disney movie Frozen.

  • Sirius: for those of you that love nature, you can consider naming your feline after the famous bright star. This name is more commonly given to dogs since Sirius is also known as “the dog star.” That makes it a great name for dog-like cat breeds.

  • Snoopy: Snoopy is an iconic fictional character featured in the Peanuts movies and television specials. You can also name your cat Charlie after the owner. Snoopy is a dog, so this is another name that’s great for dog-like cat breeds.

  • Tommy: a young character that was badly in need of a kitty (in the horror movie Santa Claws), Tommy can make a really nice cat name for your male feline friend since he is a tom by all definitions of the word.

  • Yeti: is your cat the mysterious type? Name him Yeti after the mythical ape-like creature that is said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal. Also great for huge cats like a Maine Coon or a Siberian.

White Cat Names Inspired by Their Fluffiness

white fluffy cat

What could be more fun than snuggling your white cat? Thanks to their “fluffalicious” fur, it will make you feel like you are hugging a piece of white cloud. We have handpicked some names that we believe will suit your snow-white feline for you.

  • Cottonball: as you know, cotton balls are known to be white and very fluffy.

  • Fluffernutter: a concoction of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut, Fluffernutter is a very delicious type of sandwich. Great name for a cat that loves to eat, although, you shouldn’t overdo it. How much is too much? Figure out how many calories your cat is allowed to consume per day by reading this article.

  • Furby: Furby is an American toy that was designed by Tiger Electronics. Designed to resemble a fluffy owl-like creature, naming your fluffy feline Furby will really work out.

  • Marshmallow: are you a candy enthusiast? If so, you can try naming your sweet white cat after these spongy and delicious treats.

  • Nimbus: do you always derive your inspiration from nature? If so, you can name your white feline after these rain clouds.

  • Powder Puff: have you ever hugged your white cat and buried your face in the soft, fluffy white fur? Those who have will know that the sensation is similar to rubbing your face with a powder puff when applying cosmetics.

  • Snowball: a great name for a fun-loving cat, because nothing beats the feeling of throwing snowball after snowball at our friends. In case Snowball sounds a bit old-fashioned, you can opt to name your cat Snowy or Snowflake.

  • Snuggles: since we all enjoy petting our fluffy cats, naming them Snuggles will be a great choice.

White Cat Names Inspired by Their Striking Eyes

white cat with blue eyes

A white coat tends to make a cat’s eyes look incredibly striking. This should invoke a strong desire to find a name that will reference this unique and outstanding trait. Among the names you might gain inspiration from include:

  • Azure: Azure is a cool sky-blue color that will portray your cat’s humility and affection, but it can also refer to a cloud computing service that was developed by Microsoft for testing, deploying, and managing apps. Therefore, this is a great name for smart cats. Is your cat smart enough to learn how to walk on a leash? Learn how by reading this article.

  • Bluebell: a bulbous perennial plant found in the British Isles, Bluebell is a spring flowering plant that produces beautiful flowers. If your cat has blue eyes and you love flowers, don’t hesitate to give your cat this cool name.

  • Glory: is your cat the type of feline that enjoys waking you up every morning? If so, why not name him or her after the spectacular blue flowering plant called Morning Glory?

  • Sapphire: Sapphire is a typically blue precious gemstone that can feature as a perfect name for white cats with blue eyes. If your feline is the most precious and valuable pet you’ve got, consider this name.

White Cat Names Inspired by Celebrities

celebrity white cat

There are nearly infinite ways of landing on a great name for your white cat. While some people are inspired by their cat’s fluffy coat or striking eyes, others gain inspiration from celebrities.

Since celebrities do get downright creative when naming their pets, I think this list of will give you an added inspiration when naming your white feline.

  • Ashley: did you know that Regis Philbin owns a snow-white cat named Ashley?

  • Benedict: Benedict Cumberbatch has amazingly striking eyes, just like your white cat.

  • Choupette: Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, was one of the most iconic cats that have managed to take the fashion industry to a new level. If you feel like your cat has inspired you in many ways, then try giving her this special name.

  • Frank or Sinatra: Frank Sinatra was an influential singer, actor, and producer. Nicknamed the “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” naming your feline friend Frank or Sinatra will really make him stand out.

  • Little Man: Cameron Diaz is an American actress and producer. Did you know that Cameron also owns a white cat named Little Man?

  • Malcolm: another celebrity who owns a white cat is Mia Fallow. Her cat is known as Malcolm. This is a really sophisticated name.

  • Pebbles: Susan Boyle named her white cat after these small rocks.

  • Simone: Audrey Hepburn was a British musician, actress, and dancer. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Audrey owned a white cat named Simone.

  • Taylor: Taylor Swift is a blond-haired American singer, songwriter, and a leading contemporary recording artist in the United States. Known for her striking eyes and undoubtedly great love for cats, Taylor is a cute name to give to your white feline friend.

Wrap Up

white kittens with blue eyes

We hope you successfully found the perfect name for your feline friend after reading this article. In case you’re not yet 100% sure that the name you picked is the right one, we would advise you to take a walk, watch a movie, or simply listen to music for a while to relax your brain and allow the name to sit.

You should also try calling out to your cat using that name to see if he or she reacts to it. In case the name you were looking for wasn’t in the list above, we hope we at least managed to get your gears turning so you can get creative and start painting on the white canvass on your own in search of that elusive, perfect name.

Did you manage to find a suitable name for your feline friend? If you’ve selected the best name that you feel is “the one,” we would love to hear it as well as the story of how you came to choose it. Please feel welcome to post your views in the comment section. In case your cat isn’t pure white—perhaps a seal point like a Siamese cat, do visit our other webpage on Siamese cat names.

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