Why Cats are the Best: 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Help But Adore Them

Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Cats are today’s superstar pet. Their popularity has even surpassed that of dogs by quite a large margin. A dog person would perhaps wonder how these arrogant and lazy creatures managed to capture so many people’s love and affection. A cat person would answer without a moment of hesitation that those perceived flaws are also the reason why cats are the best.

While some argue that cats aren’t cute because they treat humans as their servants, others refute that statement by saying that cats simply don’t offer blind loyalty. Instead, you will have to work to earn their love and affection—and that’s why when a cat finally approves of you, it gives you a sense of happiness and achievement. This is only one of the many reasons why we all love cats.

Image showing a little cat-playing

This post will focus on why cats are the best to have as pets. Truthfully, there are so many reasons that if we tried to explain them all, it would take hours. Although we’re sure you wouldn’t mind gushing over the awesomeness of cats for an extended period of time, to keep this article concise and to the point, we’ve come up with ten most important reasons why you should definitely get a cat as a family pet if you haven’t already.

10 Reasons Why Cats are an Absolute Joy to Keep

I didn’t like cats. I used to think they were haughty and nasty. But I changed my mind after I’ve experienced firsthand what living with them is like. Cats are a marvelous addition to any family, and this is why:

They Are Great with Kids

For family units with kids, getting a pet that can without much of a stretch adapt to the playful and curious nature of children is always recommended. Of course, dogs are also known to be very friendly to kids. But dogs can be too energetic and rambunctious. A dog’s explosive energy may be too much for children to handle.

Mother with her baby playing with pet on the floor at the kitchen at home

On the contrary, cats are usually very calm and accommodating around kids. Naturally, not every one of them is great with kids, but most cats will allow your kids to carry them around or even lap-sit and stroke them.

Cats are also less harmful. Even if they get pissed and aggressive, you will never need to worry about your kid getting harmed or mauled by a cat like you would with a dog. You should know that cats are a blessing to have in a home with children. Not only will these little creatures be a source of love and excitement for the entire family, but their presence can also help your kids learn about responsibility.

They are Independent

It is quite rare for cats to become nagging or clingy. In as much as they do enjoy your attention and companionship, they can, in any case, adapt well when these two things are absent. And because of this independence, you can easily leave a cat alone for a few hours or days without causing them stress.

Image showing a cat sitting the windown looking outside

These animals can cope alone in the house when you are not around as long as you leave them with enough food, water, and toys. As a matter of fact, cats sometimes need their own space. Your being away will allow them the opportunity to nap, play alone, and explore their witty and curious nature. Don’t think for a second that their independence means they don’t care about you. Your cat will still miss you and be happy to see you when you finally get home.

They are Clean and Neat

Another reason why cats as pets are the best is because they are very clean and neat. Cats routinely bathe themselves. That’s why they don’t smell. Even if you couldn’t find the time to give them a bath for weeks or months on end, they will stay clean and won’t stink up the house—although you should still endeavor to give them a bath when you can.

Image showing mother cat cleaning her baby

On very few occasions will you find a cat rolling in a messy puddle the way dogs do. Instead, they actively stay away from messes. They make use of the litter box when the urge comes, so your house stays clean.

In fact, they may even scold you if you’re too lazy to clean. Whenever my cat circles around my legs and shepherds me in the direction of his litter box, I know that it’s not up to his standards anymore and it’s time to clean it.

They are Calm and Quiet

Cats don’t make a lot of noises. A cat’s meow has a very soft and pleasing intonation. At night they won’t talk unless they are distressed, want attention, or are hungry. They won’t bother your sleep and won’t get you in trouble with your neighbors also.

Image showing a cat relaxing on the ground

Although some cat breeds can get quite chatty, as their owner you won’t ever have to worry about getting into trouble with your landlord for noise pollution. This is actually one of the top reasons why you should consider getting a cat for a pet if you live in a strict neighborhood or have people constantly visiting your home. This is also the reason why many apartments allow their tenants to keep cats but not dogs.

They are Easy to Take Care Of

Cats don’t need much. As long as you give him food, water, a litter box, some freedom, and the occasional cuddling sessions, your cat will thrive. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats do not need you to take them for a walk every morning, afternoon, or evening—which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. Cats do need some exercise, but they usually can handle this themselves by playing with their toys. Or, you can just let them roam free outside.

Handsome man kissing and holding a cat

Cats are smart, and they know how to be safe while roaming the outside world. Before you let him go too far, though, first you should let him play in the backyard. Once he has gotten used to being outside, he will explore his surroundings. He may even pay your neighbors a fun visit. And when he’s had enough, he will always come back home. How reassuring!

They Don’t Cost a Lot to Keep

Keeping a pet isn’t cheap. That’s the indisputable fact. However, compared to purchasing cats from pet stores, adoption is always considered the cheaper option—particularly for cats since there are quite a lot of stray cats out there in need of a loving home.

Once you’ve adopted them, maintaining a cat is also less expensive compared to caring for a dog. For starters, cat food is very affordable. Moreover, cats self-regulate their feedings. All you have to do is place a bowl of cat food on the floor and leave your cat to it. The cat will only eat a reasonable amount and then leave the rest. After that, you only have to refill whenever you notice that the bowl is empty or if your cat asks you to.

Cat eats from a plate canned food

Therefore, compared to dogs that will keep eating without stopping for as long as you’re still refilling his food bowl, the cost of feeding a cat is much cheaper. Another good thing about cats is that they know how to play and have fun without expensive toys. If you choose to provide toys for them, it will only be because you want to and not because it is a necessity.

Why, one time my cat even refused to play with the mouse toy I bought him and chose to attack my balled-up socks instead. Alternatively, you can make handmade toys for them which are obviously less costly. Of course, with cats, you will have to invest in some extra supplies that you won’t have to with dogs—such as a scratching post and a litter box—but these are usually quite cheap, and they are one-time investments.

They Take Up Very Little Space

Not all dogs can stay with their owner in the main house—especially if the dog belongs to a larger breed. You will usually have to build or buy him a dog house. With a cat, this is not necessary. You can accommodate as many as five cats in a small apartment. The only thing you need to do is to keep the place clean and habitable.

They are Easy to Clean Up After

If you have ever had to potty train a kid or teach them how to sit and walk, then you know how much of a chore it is. Thankfully, you won’t have to go through this with cats as they seem to be born with the instinct to use the litter box.

A cat sitting near the Simply Clean Automatic litter box

If you do not want to get frustrated with cleaning pet urine and poop, get a cat and ensure that you always have a clean litter box somewhere in a quiet corner. As long as you clean their litter box periodically, the other parts of the house will stay spotless. Also, cats have this natural instinct to bury their mess so that the smell won’t permeate the house.

They are Entertaining

Have you ever come across a funny video featuring a cat’s hilarious behavior? If not, head over to your favorite video website and search for ‘cat videos.’ You will laugh your lungs out. A cat can find even the most trivial things to be amusing and will entertain themselves with things that you would find silly.

A shoelace, a matchbox, or even a toothbrush can be objects of great entertainment to a cat. And if you happen to see them play, you will definitely have one of those ‘aww’ moments. While this entertainment can be good, you might want to be careful with what your cat plays with lest he hurts himself.

Shot of a beautiful young woman enjoying a cuddle with her cat

Also, have you ever heard of ‘if it fits I sits?’ It’s quite a popular meme today. There’s something about boxes that draws cats to them. Cats will always try to fit themselves inside—nevermind that the box is really too small for them. It usually leads to some hilariously awkward situations.

Plenty of cats today are internet celebrities with millions of views on their videos. So imagine having one of the hilarious creatures in your home. They will keep you entertained and happy 99% of the time. You just need to ensure that that they are well taken care of with regards to feeding, grooming, and are given the necessary attention.

The Way They Purr is Soothing

A cat’s purr is said to be one of the most delightful and therapeutic sounds. Its therapeutic effect is as good as a warm, scented Jacuzzi bath. Oh! Yes, it is. You would find yourself wanting to listen to it after a long day at work.

Image showing a cat purring when her owner touch her

It’s even good for your health. It is said that this sound can lower your stress levels as well as blood pressure. It also makes you all warm and fuzzy inside because it’s proof of how much your cat loves you and enjoys your company.

Wrap Up

So if you are looking for a true companion, get a cat. Besides being famous for their grace, cats are cute, quiet, less aggressive, affectionate, respectful, and fun. To say the least, having a cat as your pet will bring you endless joy and a meaningful companionship.

A cat will greet you at the door when you come home from work—swaggering elegantly all the way as he then leads you to his food bowl to ask for a refill; you won’t be able to resist shaking your head at his antics fondly.

Image showing a cat and a kid playing together

Now you see why cats are the best. Did we miss anything? I’m sure that we missed something. Cats are really creative after all, and even after living with them for more than five years, my cats still find new ways to surprise and delight me every day! If you have any fun stories about cats, by all means, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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