Wiccan Cat Names: Supernatural Names for Your Very Special Kitty

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Stella Noble
Written by Stella Noble

Cats have always been revered and sometimes worshipped as gods. This did not just pop out of thin air; apart from their perceived ability to sense and influence electromagnetic energy, it is believed that cats can see ghosts as clearly as humans see other humans. It is therefore not surprising that people would want to give them names that are related to the supernatural. Wiccan cat names will thrill you to bits.

You don’t have to be a Wiccan to adopt these names for your cat. Wiccans believe in the concept of polytheism that suggests the existence of other deities apart from their moon goddess and horned god. This concept concludes that all goddesses and gods are really one entity.

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Giving your cat a Wiccan name will add him/her to the long list of objects, people, places, and pets that have been given names inspired by the supernatural. It’s unique, yes, but far from being a strange or unknown practice.

We have incorporated names inspired by various deities, witchcraft, supernatural beings, beliefs, and practices that are all characteristic of the Wiccan culture for you. To help you get an even deeper understanding and make an informed choice, we have included explanations on what each of the names represents.

Wiccan Cat Names by Gender

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As we mentioned previously, pagan beliefs generally revolve around a moon goddess and a horned god. There’s one for each gender so you won’t have to worry about not having enough options to choose from whether your cat is male or female.

#1: Male Wiccan Cat Names

Male Wiccan names spell authority and territory. With these two comes the need to defend, scare away, or conquer. It is time to make your kitty feel at the top of his game.

  • Astral. The soul of a person. The name is derived from a paranormal concept that stipulates that an individual can dissociate his/her soul from their physical body. If your kitty can act like a space cadet sometimes, name him Astral.

  • Grimoire. A book that contains symbols and descriptions on how to perform spells, rituals, and other magical practices. These books are also thought to have magical powers of their own. If your cat likes to obstruct your line of view when you’re reading, name him Grimoire.

  • Heka. Egyptian for “magic.” Another meaning terms it as “the supernatural power of the gods.” It is only by devouring a god can another gain this power.

  • Hex. A wish that leads to misfortune upon the person or object that it’s directed at. It would be a nice way to ‘hex’ the rats in your house.

  • Imp. From the Old English name for a child, impa. In the witchcraft world, the name stands for younglings of demons.

  • Revant. A visible corpse that has been restored to life. It returns to the world of the living to torment or haunt those who had wronged it. Some cats are quite messy, and it may seem like they exist to torment you; such cats deserve to be named Revant. If your cat torments you by pooping on the floor, learn how to stop him now by reading this article.

  • Shaman. A person with the ability to tap into the realm between the natural and the supernatural. This power allows them to produce magical cures. A shaman is also a medium through whom the living can communicate with the dead

  • Soda. A variation of the name sodalite, which is an ornamental gemstone. It is blue-gray in color and worn as a talisman to enhance psychic abilities. It boosts creativity, which makes it a good name for a cat that acts as your muse.

#2: Female Wiccan Cat Names

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Female names have beauty, charm, and power behind them. However, they can also come with viciousness, malice, and wickedness. You better consider each one carefully before you settle.

  • Grimalkin. An old, nasty female cat. In the witchcraft circles, grimalkins are considered supernatural beings in disguised forms. They help in the preparation of spells and increasing the power of sorcerers.

  • Jade. A green ornamental mineral that is worn as a talisman. It has healing powers, enhances friendships, and is also said to attract good fortunes upon the wearer. Name your green-eyed cat Jade and let providence flow your way.

  • Jinn. An Arabic word meaning “to hide or conceal.” Persian mythology depicts them as wicked female spirits. Other worships recognize them as guardians and helpers to mankind. For a cat that you can’t quite figure out, this name is apt.

  • Malachite. A gemstone whose green color resembles the leaves of a tree. The Ancient Egyptians associated it with resurrection and fertility. Nowadays it’s worn as a talisman that breaks into pieces in the face of imminent danger.

#3: Unisex Wiccan Cat Names

Most of the names below are borrowed from beings, practices, and vocabulary that cannot be associated with either gender. They would be great for both boy and girl cats.

  • Bokor. A voodoo sorcerer who serves spirits that link the good deities to humanity. Their specialties include the creation of talismans and the reanimation of corpses. Bokors can be either male or female.

  • Jinx. An old English word for “a spell.” It is a curse aimed at bringing bad luck to the intended victim. Jinx the vermin in your house by giving your kitty this name.

  • Juju. A type of poisonous beans that grow wildly in West Africa. It is also the name of a native spiritual religion. It involves the use of witchcraft by medicine men and women.

  • Myth. These are folk tales on the history of people or phenomena that are supernatural. Make your cat a living legend by naming him Myth.

  • Picatrix. An Arabic book of 400 pages that contains astrological magic. This is the study of how to tap into the cosmos for magical powers and the creation of amulets. You can tweak the name to have Picat (male) and Trixie (female) for sibling cats.

  • Sathan. The familiar cat of Agnes Waterhouse—the first witch to be executed in England. The cat could speak to her and helped her in the making of spells and cures. It also instructed her to be praying in Latin and forbade English.

  • Spook. Another name for a ghost. A name befitting a cat who lives in the shadows and only makes appearances when he/she is in need.

  • Taboo. A custom of prohibiting the association of a person or use of something. It is meant for a cat who is still in touch with his wild side and doesn’t allow petting. Want to know how to get your cat to like you more? Find more info on that here.

  • Wraith. The apparition of a person that appears shortly before or after their death.

  • Zemi. A sculptural object that is used to house a god or an ancestral spirit. These are mostly found in native South American cultures. The small ones were worn by warriors for protection in battles. The large ones were kept in the house to ward off evil. Zemis can hold either male or female spirits.

Wiccan Cat Names Inspired by Gods and Spirits

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In the Wiccan way of life, gods are responsible for the preservation of life—which includes plants and animals. They also take care of the afterlife. Which god would you love to name your cat after?

  • Apollo. Greek god of the sun, music, and light.

  • Cupid. The son of Venus and Mars in ancient Roman beliefs. He is the god of desire. Another name for him is Amor (Spanish).

  • Domovoi. A male house spirit from the Slovak mythology. He is said to be a protective spirit that can abandon the house he inhabits if it is not taken care of. Domovoi is husband to Kikimora. There’s a similar type of spirit in Japanese mythology, and it’s called the Zashiki Warashi. Great name for a Japanese Bobtail who’s said to bring in good fortune.

  • Hermes. Greek god of the trade who was also a messenger of gods. A trickster immortal who used wit to bend others to his will. A wonderful name for a cat who knows what he wants and devises ways of getting it. The Romans know him as Mercury.

  • Jove. Another name for Jupiter, Roman god of sky and thunder. He has a thunderbolt that he uses to strike at enemies. For a male cat that is very protective of you.

  • Kelpie. A water spirit from Scottish mythology. This entity has the power to shapeshift into any animal or human. This spirit inhabits many bodies of water in Scotland and is credited with the numerous sightings of the Loch Ness monster. This makes it a suitable name for a cat that loves bathe or play in the water.

  • Liber. Roman god of wine. Comedies have been performed in his honor. A name for a cat who brings humor into your life. The Greeks referred to him as Dionysus.

  • Mars. Roman god of war. The Greeks called him Ares.

  • Pixie. Childlike creatures that are mischievous and play in groups at night. They stem from Celtic mythology. It is believed that they are the spirits of children who were un-baptized at the time of their demise.

  • Pluto. Roman god of the underworld—also known as Hades in the Greek mythology.

  • Poseidon. Greek god of the sea. A moody immortal that causes hurricanes. His Roman name is Neptune.

  • Vulcan. Roman god of fire—also known as Hephaestus in the Greek mythology. He is a kind and peaceful god. A name for a cat who stays in seclusion from all the activity around him. If you think you need to help your cat open up a bit, here’s an article on that.

  • Zeus. Greek god of the sky. He can assume any disguise, including cats, to mingle with the mortals. His Roman name is Jupiter.

Wiccan Cat Names Inspired by Goddesses and Witches

havanna brown can be named Cassandra

Goddesses are generally associated with fertility, love, beauty, life, and growth. They also act as role models for women. Witches, on the other hand, are known to exchange their humanity for power. They can be exceedingly beautiful or loathsome.

  • Artemis. Greek goddess of the moon and protector of young girls. She dresses in white and silver—complementing her silvery eyes. A female cat with a shiny white coat and silvery eyes will do this name justice.

  • Athena. Greek goddess of wisdom and war. A good name for a courageous cat. The Romans called her Minerva.

  • Banshee. An old English name for a fairy woman—a female spirit of death from Irish mythology. She wails loudly when death is about to befall a member of the house. Animals are known to sense impending danger, making this a perfect name for your cat.

  • Bessie. A witch from Lynn, Scotland. She could conjure ointments to heal diseases in humans and livestock.

  • Carmilla. A female vampire. A seductress who uses her beauty, charm, and sexual appeal to enslave and control men. A name for a cat who is a charmer and knows how to bend you to her will.

  • Cassandra. A prophetess in Greek mythology. She was a queen of Troy. Her hair and eyes were brown—attributes that you can use to choose this lovely name for your cat (perhaps for a Havana Brown).

  • Circe. Daughter of Hecate—god of witchcraft in the ancient Greek religions. She is a sorceress who turns those who wrong her into animals by the use of a magic wand.

  • Coven. A gathering of witches usually in groups of thirteen. They are usually for communal worship or to invoke a combined power.

  • Demeter. Greek goddess of agriculture. She taught men how to grow corn. Her Roman name is Ceres.

  • Hera. Greek goddess of marriage. Romans call her Juno.

  • Kikimore. A female house spirit from Slovak mythology. She is said to live in the cellar or behind the stove. If not taken care of, she causes insomnia, nightmares, and bad luck to the houses’ occupants. A name for a cat who causes destruction when things don’t go her way. If you’ve had enough and would like to know how to keep your cat off furniture, here’s an article on some quick fixes for you.

  • Mambo. A high priestess of voodoo. Her specialty is creating talismans and maintaining a balance between this world and the spirit world. A cute name for a cat who brings balance into your busy life.

  • Nike. Greek goddess of speed and victory. A name suitable for a strong and fast cat.

  • Sorginak. Witches and priestesses from the Basque mythology. They are said to have the ability to change into animals—especially cats. You never know; you could be living with one.

  • Venus. Roman goddess of fertility and love. The Romans called her Aphrodite. A name for a cat with whom you share unconditional love.

  • Vesta. Roman goddess of domestic life. She is also known as Hestia in the Greek religions.

Wiccan Cat Names Inspired by the Media

bombay cat can be called Dr. Bombay

The media is a very good source of names for your cat—especially if you know what you are looking for. The following are some Wiccan cat names drawn from fictional characters in films, televisions, and literature.

  • Ariel. A character in William Shakespeare’s play, ”The Tempest”. He is a spirit bound to serve Prospero who saved him from imprisonment by a witch.

  • Binx. A teenager who was turned into an immortal speaking cat by witches in the film “Hocus Pocus.” If your cat is the chatty type, this is probably the best name for him. Your cat may not be able to speak for real like Binx, but you can still understand what he’s saying if you learn from this article.

  • Cleo. In the film “The Mummy,” cats are the guardians of the underworld. Cleo the cat is able to repel evil. Name your cat Cleo if he is an expert at smelling something fishy from afar.

  • Dinah. A blue-eyed cat that belongs to Alice in “Alice in Wonderland.”

  • Dr. Bombay. A witch doctor and womanizer in “Bewitched.” A great name for a male Bombay cat who is quite the ladies’ man. For more black cat name suggestions, visit this page.

  • Endora. A witch and a dominating mother who cannot stand humans in “Bewitched.” It is a befitting name for a cat whose social skills are wanting.

  • Esmeralda. She is Stephen’s maid in “Bewitched.” She is an amateur in magic and is quite clumsy. She gets invisible when she is anxious. The name suits a cat that shies away and hides from people.

  • Jinni. Also spelled as Genie. He is a magical being in “Aladdin” confined inside a lamp but has the power to grant three wishes to the one who holds the lamp.

  • Ling Ling. A Siamese cat that Samantha turned into an exotic and seductive Asian woman. She did this to help her husband who needed her for an ad campaign in “Bewitched.”

  • Lucinda. A tortoiseshell cat owned by Isabell in “Bewitched.”

  • Merlin. A character in “Merlin.” He was a warlock of Arthurian legend. He was a close companion and adviser to King Arthur and was known to take different human forms.

  • Moriah. A massive black cat in the “Forgotten Beasts of Eld” by Patricia A. Mckillip. He is a master of charms and spells. Is your cat the charming type? Look no further.

  • Prospero. The main character of “The Tempest” who uses skillful manipulation and illusion to make things work to his advantage. A suitable name for a cat who has learned the art of manipulation.

  • Samantha. The protagonist of “Bewitched.” She is sensible, respectful, and able to navigate through both the mortal and immortal aspects of her life calmly. The name is perfect for a smart and content cat. You know your cat is content when she is purring. Ever wondered how cats purr?

  • Serena. Samantha’s cousin and lookalike who is self-centered, irresponsible, and mischievous. She is also referred to as “Pandora Spocks,” a spin on the phrase “Pandora’s box.” Serena and Samantha would fit two sibling cats who are totally different from each other.

  • Tabitha. The daughter of Samantha and Darrin in “Bewitched.” She has supernatural powers.

Wrap Up

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Wicca, which is also known as Pagan Witchcraft, has adopted some religious and non-religious practices and incorporated them into their religion. These include the worship of deities, witchcraft, the belief in an afterlife, rituals, rites of passages, and magic.

Cats are believed to possess some paranormal abilities and have also been used in supernatural practices as familiars. That’s why picking a Wiccan name for your cat is apt. Names are very important for Wiccans. It is for this reason that each name we listed above came with an explanation. You should fully understand the names before making a decision.

How do you feel about giving your cat a Wiccan name after reading this? Which name did you settle on and why? Do you have other Wiccan names that you can share with us? Let us know your concerns, compliments, or comments below. If, rather than witches and gods you think you’d prefer princesses and fairy godmothers, try our other article on Disney cat names.

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